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Heidi Klum's Bikini Body Is the New Black

8/5/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

"Project Runway" host and mother of four Heidi Klum turned a yacht into a catwalk by rockin' a bikini in Italy yesterday.


The 37-year-old supermodel can stomach any competition.


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Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

Seeing her belly button's frown is an indicator that she has not had a tummy tuck ... yet. Good to see that she takes good care of her body and works hard for it after each pregnancy.

1539 days ago


You guys?? Nothing happened to her just bought the illusion. Do you really think that all that boobage you see in magazines and on TV is real? Lots of duct tape baby, lots of duct tape.

1539 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

I challenge these people to have ONE kid and try to look half as good as Heidi!

Posted at 9:04 AM on Aug 5, 2010 by Lindsay



These "jelis h8rz" need to go back to drowning themselves in the H8orade their drinking.

1539 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

Bah! they're, not "their".

1539 days ago

Eli Bowen    

that is just nasty i guess she left her tit's in her other swimsuit she needs to gain about 20 lbs so people will not think she is dieing of aids or something

1539 days ago


I'm not hating-seriously. But-she ain't what she used to be (body wise). I do think she is quite pretty though.

1539 days ago


I can't help but wonder why people think they even have the right to critique her body? She is not going out asking people to look like her. Why is there no picture of her husband Seal up there for the world to take a stab at? Would we ever think it is just or rightful to comment negatively on the scaring on Seal's face? She is a 37 year old mother of 4, and a business woman...period.

1539 days ago


You can be in your 60 and have 4 kids and look better than that if you work out and eat right. Trust me she needs to move into a one piece. Take Demi Moore she too has had several kids and about 9 yrs Heidi senior. She puts Heidi to shame. Obvious Demi works out and eats right. Heidi appears to skipped some measures. Appears she went under the knife and it didn't give her the results she need for a 2 piece. Take it from a mother of 2 in her mid 40s that puts that body to shame.

1539 days ago


WHERE ARE HER BOOBS??? In her professional modeling shots where do they come from, she's flat like a iron board.

1539 days ago


She looks great, but then again, anyone with money can look good. Kudos to the surgeon who gave her the tummy tuck. He did a great job. Although, her belly button looks a little weird.

1539 days ago


Her boobs did just completely disappear. It's not just called "duct tape" and "push up bras" because she used to do nude shots where she had awesome boobs. Maybe she's constipated. A lot of the anorexicos who don't know how to properly lose weight, or have a good doc and don't try, are. They're skinny but completely haggard and toxic a lot of the time. Their circulation is screwed and everything droops.

1539 days ago


A lot of 37 year old women have much better bodies than that. Four kids will wreck even a supermodel's body!

1539 days ago


She's built like an ironing board. My grand father currently has bigger ta-ta's than this shrike--and he's been ded twelve yers.

1539 days ago


I've never looked that good a single day of my life. Neither have most of the people who have commented.

1539 days ago


She's on vacation....she can wear what ever the heck she wants!!

1539 days ago
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