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Heidi Klum's Bikini Body Is the New Black

8/5/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

"Project Runway" host and mother of four Heidi Klum turned a yacht into a catwalk by rockin' a bikini in Italy yesterday.


The 37-year-old supermodel can stomach any competition.


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If any of you got f'd by a Seal for the last few years, you would look beaten down too.

1542 days ago


When did having a body that resembles a boney old lady become sexy. She is disgusting!

1542 days ago


While she may have a good body for a 37yo, a one piece definitely would've been more flattering...

1542 days ago


I dont get this? I like her, and think she looks good, but do not get the super-model status. Seriously, there are tons of women who look much better in a swimsuit, and are prettier. Guess once you make a name for yourself- thats it.

1542 days ago


Yeah...I'm inclined to agree with those who say a one piece would have definately been more flattering.

1542 days ago


There you white people go again, thinking this type of crappy body is "it", its not, and neither is she.

Looks like somebody just stretched skin over her body and sent her on her way.

Posted at 12:29 PM on Aug 5, 2010 by Zoe#1

Oooowee, you wrong for that lol. But I C your point.

1542 days ago


I bet 99 percent of the people calling her body gross probably way more than 300 pounds. Stop hating, Heidi looks great for someone who has given birth to 4 children.

1542 days ago


I don't see that as attractive (and didn't she change her last name?) and I could easily take "Lindsay's" challenge to have one kid and look half that good. I had one kid when I was 39 and I looked MUCH better post-pregnancy than this woman does. Breastfeeding doesn't change boobs, sister, pregnancy does. Whether you nurse or not, they grow, and then they have to contract. I nursed for 2 years. Anyway, I had a C section and looked better than Heidi does. Not that I care, I just thought your challenge was lame.

1542 days ago


You people have obviously never had kids. Let alone four of them. She obviously hasn't had a tummy tuck. It's exactly what the stomach of a woman who has had four kids will look like. I have had two kids, and although I have my six pack back, you can tell I have had kids. Just by looking at my belly button area. It's saggier than it used to be.
And since she breastfeeds, some women's boobs get smaller with each baby. Although yes, this picture isn't flattering. But she definitely looks fabulous for her age let alone a woman her age that has had four kids.
Let's not hate people.

1542 days ago


As a woman who birthed 4 babies she looks good, as a supermodel she doesn't look so hot.

1542 days ago


I think most women look AWFUL in strapless bikini tops and she is no exception.

1542 days ago


OK she had four babies, so what ? Her body is far far far from looking like a young Brigitte Bardot body at the same age. But then NOBODY ever had the body of BB, our French bébé, the most beautiful woman in the world, ever. Heidi Klum is not bad, it's true, but let's keep calm, she is far from a great beauty. Vive la grande beauté Brigitte Bardot !!!! Plus she loves animals !

1542 days ago


#64 - There you black people go bringing race into it. Stop with your racist comments.

1542 days ago


Never thought that she was really that gorgeous, but this picture is just...EW.

1542 days ago


Her boobs did just completely disappear. It's not just called "duct tape" and "push up bras" because she used to do nude shots where she had awesome boobs. Maybe she's constipated. A lot of the anorexicos who don't know how to properly lose weight, or have a good doc and don't try, are. They're skinny but completely haggard and toxic a lot of the time. Their circulation is screwed and everything droops.

Posted at 11:19 AM on Aug 5, 2010 by Anon1984


Do you think that just because you saw them they were real? Was it in photos? Maybe you might consider they were photoshopped or even taken shortly after popping out one of those babies. Anyway, I agree that she probably is anorexic.

1542 days ago
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