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Heidi Klum's Bikini Body Is the New Black

8/5/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

"Project Runway" host and mother of four Heidi Klum turned a yacht into a catwalk by rockin' a bikini in Italy yesterday.


The 37-year-old supermodel can stomach any competition.


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@haha - Heidi was "The Body" before Photoshop and all of it's laughable butchering. She had her real nose in these pics and everything. For some reason I felt inclined to buy her "Body of Knowledge" book years ago which is full of her old photos. She was gorgeous. She looked so much better with her old nose too, I don't get these women. They're GORGEOUS and mess and mess with themselves until they're uglier than regular women. @half the people on this post, lol, who is the real hater? Why does everyone assume that everyone is fat who is commenting on Heidi? If anything it's probably people like me, busting our a**es at the gym every morning, living a much more difficult lifestyle, and managing to look better than this "supermodel" who are making these comments. Why does she get glory for her looks when she can't keep them up? That's bull. We're just helping. And yeah, definitely anorexic. Don't get that either. You're skinny, sure, but everything that should be plump is deflating or sagging due to no circulation, your skin sucks, your hair sucks, your eyes are dead - who cares that you're skinny?! I'd rather have a few pounds on me minus that. Ultimate though is both - I recommend a vegan diet ;) This is 2010. No excuse for being old school haggard anorexico if you're making money on your looks anymore.

1540 days ago


IMHO, she is lovely but she would look her best wearing a haltered push up top swimsuit just like this one

1540 days ago


She lives a very different life than most of us are used to that is for sure. anyways, heidi always had large hip, she was always wide. that is not part of having a few babies she ALWAYS WAS WIDE. i used to look at the VS catalog and i would be like, ugh...her waistline is just....weird!???! i just dont think she is very appealing, but whatever...

1540 days ago


I'm sorry, those of you saying she's not had a tummy tuck, I have to disagree.
Check out by her hips, there are some "markings".
Having seen many a tummy tuck being done, that is in the exact area the scars would be.
And as for the "belly button frown", if the skin is pulled taut, that happens.
It could even be from a belly button being made, but given her size, I'd say that is her natural belly button, just pulled due to surgery.

1540 days ago


The terrible bikini just shows low self esteem. Low self esteem is the only logical explanation for marrying one of the nastiest, ugliest men in history. What was she thinking?

1540 days ago


Are you freaking kidding me? She had 4 kids and she looks like *that*?! She either has some damn good genes, or some insanely effective diet and exercise team! Most likely both..

1539 days ago


The New Black??? Exactly, what does THAT mean??? There is NOTHING black about that female Caucasian.

Eddie Murphy's wife has the BEST physique in the Hollywood game after having 5 children. She has BETTER aesthetics facially and bodily than Heidi Klum. Heidi has NO shape, no alluring, curvaceous hips, no buttocks and no bosom, but her abs are impressive.

I give Heidi a thumbs up for being able to still look good without makeup and seemingly to have avoided plastic surgery to drastically alter her looks.

1539 days ago

Mommy of Two    

She's beautiful, always was, always will be, even with wrinkles, a muffin top belly and no chest. But that being said, there is no question that she had a tummy tuck. The tell-tale is that natural belly buttons (even if one has a natural inny) do not got from West-East, but rather North-South. Study the picture closely. Her belly button is flattened and goes in a slit formation from left to right. No one, even with no children and the tightest abs ever has that. But since she makes her living on how she looks and is done having children, who can blame her for having a tummy tuck? Regarding her breasts, as a commenter say in a previous posting, its amazing what lighting and a push-up bra can do. However, any of us who have watched Heidi over the years, knows that she was very well endowed in her chest. What has happened is after 4 children and breastfeeding, they are smaller. And maybe she does not want a breast enhancement or its still to come. Either way, I get back to my first sentence.

1539 days ago


90% of you don't even look good as she does right now in your teens. She's 4 times your age and has had 4 times as many kids.

Men: Let's see what your wives/future wives look like after popping out one kid and adding 50 pounds of weight.

Women: You think she looks gross? I'd love to see how you look after you're chasing a toddler around.

Seal is one lucky man that he has a woman who gave him 4 children and still took care of herself as much as physically possible.

1539 days ago


What Body ????????????? WERE????????? Bring on CoCo there's the NUE Black !!!!!!!!!

1539 days ago


Put some weight on and bring back the one piece.

1539 days ago


Ms. Klum is a very attractive woman but her figure is not best served with a bikini. At some point a bikini is no longer flattering. After giving birth there are changes in your body that are sometimes not best served by abikini. Just because you can wear one does not mean yoyu should. A one piece would be a better choice and show how attractive women can be after having children.

1539 days ago


She looks amazing!!! Women who have had 4 children don't usually look like her afterwards!! Good gene's! And for those who are complaining about her's called breast feeding!!! What you all think...that boobs should be perky after babies and breast feeding!! Ignorante people! Cut her some slack!! Luv her and personality!!!

1539 days ago


Excellent photos!!

Everyone you have to check this out!

1538 days ago


She has a new body, but baby #4 definitely aged Heidi. She looks totally different since she had that change.

1537 days ago
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