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Tila Pulled Over in Lambo -- Heckled Relentlessly

8/6/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A few hilarious hooligans made Tila Tequila's life a living hell Thursday morning -- when they recorded her run-in with police in Santa Barbara ... while running their loud mouths throughout the entire ordeal.

Tila Tequila Lamborghini Video
It all went down at around 1:50 AM in Santa Barbara -- where Tila was pulled over while driving a brand new, bright blue, $250,000 Lamborghini.

Unlucky for Tila, some bigmouthed bystanders recorded themselves as they shouted back and forth with the starlet -- heckling her about everything from crappy driving ... to Shawne Merriman ... and much, much more. 

Make sure you watch the clip 'til the end -- because when the cops let her go ... she BLOWS through a RED LIGHT!

In the end, Santa Barbara police tell us Tila received one ticket for going the wrong way down a one-way street ... and another ticket because her passenger was not wearing a seatbelt.


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My two cents ;)    

Harvey. I am a regular commenter on TMZ and these guys need to be your new camera guys they had me in tears! They were so funny! I really hope you let these guys do more for TMZ. Great job guys!

1539 days ago


LMFAO that girl is a ****ing nobody. She is not a celebrity, so why is this posted under celeb justice? Anyway, that is not her car everyone she has leased it from the dealership on robertson for a couple days in an attempt to make herself look like she has more money than she does. She's so money hungry she takes trips to the UK to **** foreign business men ahaha.. I kid I kid <3 or do I?

1539 days ago


this is funny!!!

1539 days ago


haha! Whore got told. @hahayaright STFU you didnt watch the whole video so keep your commentary up your ass. Those guys were hilarious esp at the end when she ran the red light and they were talkin **** about those cops HAHA!

1539 days ago


She is such a skank. She is now making porno's to pay for that dumb car when she is living in an apartment. That makes a lot of sense. What a d bag.

1539 days ago


what a stupid video. those guys are idiots. get some real heckler for that herpes ridden broad.

1539 days ago


i would of laugh so hard, if when she went though that red light a big car smash that lamo that would of been great.

1539 days ago

Franken Berry - Male Prostitute & Malfeasant Derelict    

Y'all fools can hate on the girl, but she is PAID! No matter how you try and marginalize her, the reason for Tila's success lies with the fact that this culture has perpetuated sex & sensationalism, of which, has enabled Tila & her ilk to parlay what little talent they do have into semi-media empires.

1539 days ago

The Truth    

Y'all fools can hate on the girl, but she is PAID! No matter how you try and marginalize her, the reason for Tila's success lies ith the fact that this culture has perpetuated sex & sensationalism of which has enabled Tila & her ilk to parlay what little talent they do have into media semi-media empires.

These chicks have figured out a way exploit the voyeur tools who fork over the cash time and time again. Don't hate on Tila for making money -- she's only doing what any desensitize, narcissistic self-loathing capitalist would do. It's the American Way!

And IF she's a dumb, ugly-ass, talentless skank, what does that say about YOU, the hater, if she's raking in piles of $$$ and you're NOT?

Don't blame the seller of the "product," blame the dumb-asses who keep buying the "product."

1539 days ago


These guys are the ugliest Lesbians I have ever seen. Those are some weird looking men!

1539 days ago

jorge casas    

please fire those guys talking.. they ruined the video.. they are not even funny it was just annoying.. it was supposed to be a traffic stop video not a tila and police roast....

1539 days ago


TMZ should interview those the camera guys

1539 days ago


Tila Tequila is the best!

1539 days ago

Tila Resistance    

Tila is LEASING this car TMZ!! It's not hers. She has to bring it back soon! Hah!! I love these guys. They think shes a joke just like the rest of us. She's an international prostitute and that's how she got her car.

1539 days ago


I wish I had a Lamborghini, i'm stuck looking at the people on peopleofthemta, the lambo looks alot nicer

1539 days ago
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