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Wyclef Rival - Haiti Presidential Run 'Not a Good Thing'

8/6/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wyclef Jean has at least one critic who thinks his pursuit of the Haitian presidency is "not a good thing" -- and it happens to be a musical rival who sued the former Fugee just last year.

Wyclef Jean President
TMZ spoke to rapper MC Out Loud of the group Blahzay Blahzay -- who is currently locked in a legal war with Wyclef, claiming Jean illegally sampled part of Blahzay's 1995 hit "Danger" on the 2007 song "Welcome to the East."

Out Loud tells us he's concerned about Wyclef's jaunt into politics due to several allegedly shady dealings ... saying, "We call him Wy-theft ... so many foul business moves."

Out Loud also says of Wyclef's presidential hopes, "There's nothing wrong with the move if he can help  ... but when artists enter the political arena, it's not a good thing."


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If Wyclef is serious about running for President of Haiti he must be held to the highest standard for vetting his financial and personal background. He has knowledge of how desperate the people of Haiti are -- they need positive change. It will take years to get them on their feet. We cannot forget them. Maybe the US can assist in the voting and political process to ensure a valid election.

1516 days ago



Jezuuus! Pleeeze read the comments of those predeeding yours!
His damn charity is "missing" $400,000.00! He screwed the IRS out of 2.1 million dollars!!
And you're talking about vetting his financial background?
Lady, he's done been vetted and put away wet....
He is most certainly serious about running; he needs the money...
Get a grip on reality.

1516 days ago


haiti has enough problems....they don't need wyclef!

1516 days ago


Wyclef was on Larry King live last night and Wolf Blitzer asked him all the tough questions you all are speaking of. He said his debt to the IRS is taken care of. Said he is a millionaire & an artist who can make records and tour, so why would he need to take $400 grand. Said he didn't steal the money. Said it is true he doesn't speak french but he does/can speak creole. He was also asked about the 5 yr residency requirement which he feels he has met, due to the fact that he was never a naturalized Am. citizen and still carries a greencard. If interested go to to see the rest.

1516 days ago


Haiti sucks and always has! Before the earthquake nobody gave a **** about them and in 2 years we won't give a **** either. Hell, I didn't even care Jan. 13. Let him win he can't mess that living ****hole up anymore than it already is

1516 days ago


Yet another celebrity who thinks he knows how to do everything. My friend, Haiti is a broke third world are in for a reality check.

1516 days ago


Hell, if you are going to have a singer run the country - then chose "Sweet Mickey" (Michael Martely). This iconoclastic singer will take no crap from anyone. He is a "real" independent and he speaks French, English, Creole and probably Spanish. I think the "old guard" would shake in their boots if Mickey came to power. That is what the country really needs. His papers have been submitted and he is definitely qualified. WAKE UP HAITI

1515 days ago

Ray Comfort    

Haiti doesn't need a rookie with no executive experience......these guys in government will eat him for lunch. This is a very tough and corrupt crowd...corrrupt to the core with deep, deep connections....some to drug cartels in Columbia and Venezuela.

1515 days ago
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