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Bodyguard: Stern Supplied Drugs to Anna Nicole

8/6/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend Howard K. Stern supplied copious amounts of drugs to Anna in the months before she died of a drug overdose in 2007 ... this according to her former bodyguard's testimony today.

Anna Nicole Smith Drugs
Bodyguard Maurice Brighthaupt -- a Miami firefighter and paramedic who unsuccessfully tried to revive Anna on the day she died -- made the allegations today during his testimony in the Anna Nicole drug case.

According to Brighthaupt, he witnessed Stern and Anna's psychiatrist -- Dr. Khristine Eroshevich -- feed Anna's addictions by providing her with piles of pills ... and claimed Anna would take up to 20 pills at a time, including Valium.

Brighthaupt said Anna's drug use only got worse after her son Daniel overdosed and died in September of 2006.

Stern, Dr. Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor have all pled not guilty to conspiring to oversupply Anna with powerful opiates and sedatives.


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I believe they killed her son too in a plot to take over her estate. They need to look into that, Anna had no real people on her side looking out for her. I really believe they need to investigate the source of the drugs her son so called took- while in the hospital visiting Anna after she gave birth- sounds really odd. Someone may have slipped him a mickie.

1537 days ago


Moe stated in court,Anna,would take her pills and wash them down with a drink,Now Moe being a EMT,stood by and said nothing,also did nothing,At any time Anna could have died,yet he claimed he carried around a blood pressure cuff.WHOOPIE,iNSTEAD of picking on what Howard did,the jury should be looking at what MOE DID NOT DO.Moe was the medical professionalHoward thought he was doing what everyone in Hollywood did,put different names on bottles of med,NO OTHER REASON.Like the day Anna died,moe and his wiife tas are the medial professionals,Tas waited for Moe to come before calling Moe is trying very hard to cover his and his wifes BUTT,ALL OF ANNA SO CALLED FRIENDS ARE RESPONSIBLE for Anna passing,ALL SAW AND did nothing.I have got no answer why did Vergie not seek the help of any police dpartment for the 10 years she claimed Howard was drugging Anna.?

1537 days ago


Anna did not have sex with Howard, he made her skin crawl,and the only reason she kept him around was to be her butler lawyer, that's it. I mean, ew yuck imagine HKS doin it, i can't , it'd be over in a second, then a ciggy , then light's out.

1537 days ago


Oh BLAH BLAH BLAH, YADDA YADDA YADDA!!! This "story" is just some cheap anti-Semitic attempt to "blame the Jew" for someone else's failures. Let me guess, next they'll say the motive was "to get her MONEY". Same age-old canards of Jewish conspiracy that get replayed by the viral anti-Semites over and over and over again. Please, GET A LIFE!

1537 days ago

Leo M. Gates    

It is a relief this is finally being addressed. I was beginning to worry the prescribing physicians found a way to cir***vent the law. There is no excuse for Anna Nicole Smith to have ever been prescribed Chloral Hydrate. There are more modern, effective and safer options with fewer undesirable side effects. (Even though Marilyn Monroe abused it). Prescribing physicians have the final say, not the patient, therefore, they will now be held accountable.

1537 days ago


Well watching FORMER judge Seidlin,on Geraldo show last nght,I could not stop laughing,Seidlin was there to hawk his book,every word out of his mouth was "In my book"and again he showed Moe comments,which are different than what is being said in court.and Geralso being Geraldo made a nasty comment of how Howard gave him the creeps,well Geraldo you give me the creeps,your BIG HEAD AND MOUTH TO MATCH,I was expecting Vergie Arthur to show up and play cry me a river,This woman who has so much to say about others,and did NOTHING IN 10 YEARS TO HELP HER DAUGHTER,and has NEVER stopped taking Larry to court,and even try to get any money Larry has.You can see her MO.She drives Larry crazy with meaningless court cases,then complains she cannot see Dannielynn,sending gifts to dannielynn,DOES NOT A GRANDMA MAKE,Larry gave Vergie every change to be a Grandma Vergie wanted ontrol over the child and her money,VERGIE STOP WITH THE PITY POT,you make me sick

1536 days ago


They killed her and they know it. They all crossed their professional lines.

Doctors don't co-mingle with their patients in the Bahamas while dispensing huge amounts of drugs, enough to kill several elephants.

Lawyers don't quit everything they are doing to leech off a client, making sure she has enough drugs to render her helpless and/or unconscious years after years unless they have an underlying plan of their own.

1535 days ago


if Anna was rendered helpless for years and years,where was Anna's mother Vergie Arthur,Where was a caring mom,who in 10 years,never brought the Bahamas police or any other police department in to investigate,Little late now,just keep saying Howard would not let anyone near Anna,and for me that would be all the more the police should have been notified

1535 days ago


I certainly hope these despicable human beings who conspired to prescribe the drugs and feed them to her are punished to the full extent of the law.

1535 days ago


l would class him more as a "Look Out" a Bodyguard l dont think so

1535 days ago


It is pretty awful that an EMT stood around and did nothing, all of the enablers are despicable criminals.

1534 days ago

The Variegated Voice    

COME ON PEOPLE!ANNA WAS HEAVILY USING DRUGS AND ALCOHOL LONG BEFORE SHE EVER MET HOWARD AS HER X BOYFRIENDS HAVE ALREADY STATED. GET YOUR JUSTICE SYSTEM TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND EXONERATE HOWARD K. STERN OF THE WRONG DOINGS HE IS BEING ACCUSED OF AND GIVE HOWARD HIS PEACE OF MIND AND FREEDOM TO LIVE HIS LIFE AGAIN! He's been through enough. After all, he lost NOT one, but 3 people he loved VERY much, Anna, Danny and Danny Lynne. It's awfully strange that if Howard is such, {or was such a bad guy}, Danny, Anna's Son NEVER said he was.Danny and Howard got along just great. Howard was like an older brother or father to Danny. We love you Howard. Keep the faith. A poetic story for Anna, her beloved Son Danny, Daughter Danny Lynne and Howard. From,{The Variegated Voice} Copy Right/t.m. all rights reserved. This poetic Short non-fiction story is exclusively dedicated to, Howard K. Stern, The Man that truly loved Anna and her children,unselfishly. Anna and Danny "Two Lost Souls from birth, living together on earth. A Mother and her Son so loved each other, but needed someone to love them together. On their journey of many broken paths,{at times, not knowing what path to take}, Anna and Danny luckily came to an intersection in their lives and made the right turn. That's when they met someone to love them. Yes, that's when they met, Howard K. Stern. No longer were they lost. They became three Happy Spirits leading and following each other, finding a loving, safe place in each other's hearts forever. Along the road traveled by this happy 3-some, along with Anna and Danny's very loved little Dog "Sugar Pie", there were a few other friends and acquaintances, the closest one of them {next to Howard}, being Kimmie. All of a sudden a lost Soul searching for a Star to shine on him tried to steal Howard's place in the circle of three and then it was portrayed by the new comer in life, not just in his photo shots of Anna and himself, {Anna is now with me}. Howard never left Anna and was always within her reach. The intruder of the Happy Souls only lasted a short time before Anna's path was brightly lit once again with Howard's Star and she found her way back with Howard, exclusively. Gone was the thief of hearts with his ounce of Fame. Out of the brief encounter with the opportunist, one good thing happened, designed by the hands of God a 2nd Child was born, in the presence of Howard and Anna. Anna's Son arrived very shortly after his sister's birth in the Tropics from America, to meet his baby sister and for one last meeting with Anna and Howard. Anna so loved her Son but sadly for the rest of us and devastatingly sad for Anna and Howard, he left this God given Earth, for a better place, in Heaven, with Our Holy "GOD the Father of ALL". Anna's Joy of the birth of her 2nd Child,{Danny Lynne}, was replaced with such unbearable sorrow, God had to take her into Heaven to comfort her, but he left a part of Anna to live on, in Danny Lynne. Our lost Angel has been found once again. Howard's Star will also light Danny Lynne's path. Danny Lynne will find her way. Howard will always be within her reach to give her light in the night and brighten her every cloudy or gloomy Day. God Bless Howard. He was in all of their lives for a reason. A God given reason.

1533 days ago


Strange to me that tmz isn't covering the TRIAL of HOWARD K STERN more closely, i mean they practically became an overnight sucess on the backs of Anna and Daniels premature needless careless deaths, this blog was nothing before , so why oh why isn't harvey on it ? i 'll tell you, the Jewish Mafia has forbidden Hebrews frm commenting . it's my opinion that even when money could be made by exploiting this trial. strange very le strange.

1533 days ago



If you had followed the story when everything was happening, you would know that Howard convinced Anna to alienate her mom and all her friends. Vergie Arther tried many times to intervene but Howard had created this story about how Vergie was only after her money.. talk about pot calling the kettle black.

Once Howard had Anna isolated without any friends or family, she was totally alone, defenseless and relied totally on Howard for everything. This is a basic plan of manipulation. If Howard truly was looking out for her, he would have gotten her help not fuel her addiction.

1532 days ago


Just read David Leigh DEPO, Vergie agent from SPLASH.Vergie was making Money off her daughter long before Anna died,While Vergie was whinning Anna did not give her family money again putting Anna down,she was making money hand over fist selling everything Anna Vergie made hundreds of thousand of dollars all the while in Florida crying poor,no wonder she did not have time to call the police to check on Anna,she was busy making money off her depressed and hurting daughter.

1532 days ago
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