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Conrad Murray Wrongful Death Suit Tossed ... Almost

8/6/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray could be temporarily off the hook in the federal wrongful death lawsuit involving Michael Jackson -- all because Joe Jackson left some key information out of the paperwork.

TMZ has learned a federal judge is taking Jackson and his attorney Brian Oxman to task for failing to specify where two of the defendants -- health clinics where Dr. Murray practiced -- conduct their business.  Without that information the judge can't determine if the federal court has jurisdiction over the case.

The judge has given Jackson one week to amend the complaint or have the suit tossed.

Even if this case is dismissed, Dr. Murray might not be fully in the clear. Jackson has a lot of options -- including refiling the federal suit with Murray as the lone defendant.


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1480 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Re the will:
Can anyone tell me who the contingent beneficiaries are? I think their names were Elijah and Levon Jackson (and one other whose name escapes me). Just curious.

1480 days ago

Mimi from Indy    

Danger ~ I'm not up on what the actual facts are regarding Neverland - I mean who or what has control over that property. If it is sold for $100 Million I hope the new owner does the right thing. I just know that it would be a huge mistake to turn it into a commercial property such as a museum or burial site for Michael. (and yes everyone that is just my opinion)

I meant what I said about my respect and admiration for you. And I do very much care about you. You are a very beautiful, good and honest person. It was just hard for me to see Michael’s fans in such turmoil. You are there in California, I'm not and you are a true investigator in every sense of the word as well as a trained journalist. It's all I can do just to try to keep up with all of the comments (plus scrolling past all of the garbage - last night on the Katherine & Kids board for example). Lately I've had many issues to deal with here in my life especially with our company website and trying to keep the office computer network up and running, seems QuickBooks has been acting up and won't let two people work with the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable like it should (QuickBooks could fix this with a ‘patch’ but will they do that? Doesn’t seem they care!). Sometimes I hate computers, especially the software program QuickBooks!

And to answer Daphne’s question. Yes Indiana has natural gas and oil. More natural gas than oil I think…but those facilities I mentioned are incorporated within the natural environment. Not like the huge oil pumps you would see in Texas or out in the Gulf area.

Sorry for the lag time…more interruptions. The phone has been a pain today! LoL

Hope to catch up with you soon! I have a few more calls to make but after that I hope to be caught up and back!

1480 days ago

Mimi from Indy    

Anything for Mimi of Indy. :-)

Posted at 9:22 AM on Aug 10, 2010 by danger baby

Danger ~ I just caught this. Awww, you are a sweetheart! Now you really have me tearing up...but in a good way! Hugs!!! :-)

1480 days ago



1480 days ago



1480 days ago


Re the will:
Can anyone tell me who the contingent beneficiaries are? I think their names were Elijah and Levon Jackson (and one other whose name escapes me). Just curious.

Posted at 10:15 AM on Aug 10, 2010 by Brigha from UK

I thought the contingent beneficiaries also include Tito's three sons. I believe Elijah & Levon are MJ's cousins, while the other 3 are MJ's nephews, i.e. Taj, TJ & Tarryl (not too sure about the spelling). LOL.

1480 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Thanks Daphne. I know the 3T boys but I meant Levon, Elijah, and Anthony Jackson residing at 4641 Havenhurst Avenue, named in the March 02 Jackson Family Trust. Do you know who their parents are?

1480 days ago


michael is alive...let him heal and will see ! ! !love you michael..

1480 days ago


Danger Baby - I agree with you. I don't believe that the residents around Neverland will permit it be turning into a park. Speaking as a homeowner, I know that I would not want the sudden parade of people driving up and down the road in front of me - all the garbage, the noise, etc. And I live in a **** neighborhood - so I can well imagion the surrounding neighbors adjacent to Neverland and the value of the property involved.

But on the other hand, Neverland will forever be linked to Michael - because he created a paradise for himself there - even though he vowed never to return to it. It will forever be Michael's in the truest sense!

I can only hope, that whoever buys Neverland - takes everyone's and everything into account and hopefully find a happy medium as far as what to do with it. I for one, do not want to see it turned into a private resisdence! There must be something, that can be done with the estate to forever pay tribute to Michael and yet at the same time - be respectful of the neighbors as well. I am not sure how I feel about a museum really, but I am not really thrilled over the idea!

Anyway, thats just my opinion. Thought that I would throw that out there and see where it landed!

1480 days ago


Hey Db,
Look, I have absolutely no desire to rehash what I tried to articulate to to yesterday, I tried to be diplomatic, but honestly it is too draining to continue..
What I will say in reference to your insinuation ie - ''Hey SJ aka Cherwood''
when I read that I laughed! Sarcasm is the lowest for of wit, as they say... as far as I know Cher is American, I am Irish so thats it.
I won't detail every aspect of your replies to me, I haven't got time & my time is precious but, what I will say, from her last post, she realised where she went wrong responding to your I hope you have regarding hers. Please leave it go now Db. No further comment.

Opinions are sometimes based on fact, no? & they are not infallible. In my opinion it's a on-going quest until justice is served for Michael,

My hope is the American justice system will work to expose the Intolerable injustice done to Michael Jackson by America, his country of birth ..the best musical Icon & Humanitarian /Philanthropist the US has ever produced..

Would this have ever happened in Europe? ie -Nothing short of a modern day crusification or lynching (Not in the strict sense of the word) imo..
Definately not.......

1480 days ago

Figueroa mountain ranch vacation homes.

1480 days ago


-#382: Hey Brigha! First, thank you for the kind words. Thing is, I'm totally confident in my ability to analyze and reason--sometimes to a fault--and I stand firm in my opinions, but I was starting to get concerned that maybe I needed to look at the way I was communicating here.
Since I came to see the light regarding the conspiracy against Michael, I also became passionate about sharing the theories/opinions of me and other Investigators with the fanbase. I'm no longer content to just sit and discuss theories with a few interested parties, I want to share any facts and opinions I come across on what happened to Michael.
It's sort of strange...I think...but it's like I feel a sense of duty to him...
At any rate, I think it's the LEAST I can do in return for all of the wonderful moments he's given--and still gives me through his work....
As for Murray, I agree that he may not have been "hired" per se--though I admit that part of me thinks he was, but to clarify, the theory I support of what happened on 6/25, does NOT show Murray as a premeditated killer, but as one of a group of culprits who REACTED to the situation they were in: the biggest Mega-Star Icon in the world, in a coma and useless to those who were counting on him financially. I know that sounds AWFUL, but I think that's what may have happened. And Murray being a doctor, may have even thought he was doing something to help, assuming MIchael showed no brain activity (not sure how he would know this--again, I'm NO medical professional.)
You do have a strong point about Branca. Funny thing with him, people either love or hate him. I tend to fluctuate with him a bit because I realize how much he did for MIchael back in the day, but times change, "and there rose a Pharoah who knew not Joseph..." if you get my meaning. I think the thing to remember with Branca is that in the end, his game is to make Money regardless of who it effects. So I'm not so sure he could be that faithful to Michael or anyone else but himself. My problem with him is the 2002 Trust and how it gives so much POWER to him and McClain; as well as the fact that he CONVENIENTLY reappeared 1 week before Michael died and gets rehired on the spot, I guess. As soon as he and DiLeo get rehired, all heck breaks loose with a showdown between Michael and AEG at rehearsals culminating in Michael's death. SO there's a connection IMO between Branca's reappearance and Michael's death, but it can cut 2 ways--don't ASSume that means Branca was the shot caller or murderer, it may mean that his being hired caused SOMEONE ELSE to get nervous and decide Michael was out of control, thus resulting in their plan to get rid of him.
If you look at it from the COMA THEORY point of view, it's easier to see that these folks who were already angry with Michael, simply saw their opportunity and took it.......chew on that...
As for Michael's common sense and all, I see where you're coming from, and I think it's true that the every day and mundane was not Michael's strong suit, but do we know any geniuses who are strong in those areas...well, besides maybe Bill Gates? Then again, he may not be strong with people skills, have to admit I'm not up on him enough to know...
I think MIchael was brilliant at anything he set his mind to and when hwe was focussing on business and his financial and marketing, everything he touched turn to gold. There were INterviews with John Landes and his wife where they said Michael constantly reviewed his finances and his record sales on the set to the point of being obsessed in their opinion. There has also been many reports since he passed of how he amazed other artists in the industry with knowing whatever was currently going on with music and technology. There was recently a post on here where his drver in Ireland spoke of his amazement at Michael's grasp of current events. Thing is, everyone's amazed that he wasn't what the media painted him to be. Problem is, in the past, Michael did have fun with the Media by starting up some BS of his own with the Hyperbaric chamber and such, but they never let him live that down. He did have what I consider his celeb persona, created in the "Thriller" years: Aviator's, high voice, military style, and painfully shy. But I think most of this was for give him mystique, thereby making him all the more appealing to the public, which worked for the most part....
Bottom line, I agree that he employed people--Experts, or so he thought, who took advantage of the trust he placed in them...

1479 days ago


-#383: Hey HumanNature! Thanks for the support! You don't know how wonderful it is to have fans like you working it hard for Justice! It really makes a difference when someone who has been on these boards since the early days shares their knowledge and Opinions on what happened to Michael, and does it CONSISTENTLY, like you do...
BTW: I look forward to your findings on Blanche as she is an angle of this case that hasn't been really flushed out...
And you know I'm taking your suggestion--I'm going to be here until this case is solved!!!
-#385: Hey Mimi@Indy! Thanks for your kind words, as well!! And I totally apologize for my part in this debacle. Michael would be fit to be tied if he knew his own fans/supporters were ripping each other to shreds at the expense of his other fans which is why I put a stop to it. Not that I hadn't tried before, but apparently, it wasn't good enough. In any event, I assure you that you won't have to endure any more of it from me. I'm done defending myself and from now on, will let my posts speak for themselves. After all, I'm not here to win a popularity contest, it's about Michael and Justice, end of story.
As for the Neverland issue, I'm not sure what Barracks' plans are but his latest action was the whole State Park push.
Thing is, he's been cozying up to Rob Lowe--they're in that Miramax deal together--so he has Rob's ear. Rob was the founder of the Santa Barbara Homeowner's Defense Fund, which means he wields significant influence there--and Barrack would know, since he lives next door to Neverland. IMO, he has Rob Lowe to keep the neighbors happy and on board with his plans. We'll see if that works the way he wants it to....
What many fans have to remember is that Barrack is super-connected--he's hand in glove with Anschutz of AEG, as you know, who has friends in EXTREMELY high places, even the White House. Consider the Xanadu/Meadowlands Project in Jersey, they said that couldn't be done due to numerous zoning and financial, but it's getting built. And now he's moved on to conquer the film industry with Miramax....I don't put anything past this guy. "No" and "can't" are just not a part of his vocabulary...
From what I understand they are working on some legislation to get money for the State money says Barrack and CO. had a hand in this.....
BTW: I agree that it would make more sense for Barrack and the Estate to drill for the oil and gas, then divvy it up between them. Problem is, although Barrack owns the bigger stake in Neverland, he doesn't get much of a return on his investment if it's sold. According to reports, he only gets a percentage and refund for the repairs he's made, but that's it.
Somehow I can't see Barrack accepting LESS than what he paid out in the first place. He's not a top player in the Business World for nothing.....
The key with the State Parks thing is that Assemblyman Mike Davis stated that they were interested in going into PARTNERSHIP WITH A PRIVATE OWNER. IMO, there's something that Barrack will be able to get if it's a State Park, that maybe he can't have if it's just private sale...
-#403: Brigha, I thought I remembered seeing who their parents were, but can't remember. Will be on the lookout for it and let you know if I find anything......
-#413: Hey SarahJane! Didn't know you were from Ireland--Beautiful!! Must be wonderful knowing that you come from the country where Michael seemed to be happiest before he died....
As for the brue, thanks again for your support. Because of fans like you, I am moving past the distraction and continuing to aid in solving the CRIME OF THE CENTURY!!!
ANd BTW: I agree that this Rape and pillage of the character of one of the most loving and gifted men on earth could only happen in the good 'ol US of embarassing...I cringe everytime I think about it.....
Sorry for any headaches this has caused you for trying to help resolve this. You are definitely a great example of why Michael LOVED your country so much--it's all L.O.V.E.!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1479 days ago
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