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WWE Superstar John Cena

Taking Over 'TMZ on TV'

8/6/2010 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The TMZ newsroom is about to get a serious Attitude Adjustment ... because  WWE superstar John Cena has officially assumed command of "TMZ on TV."

... and dude means business -- because last night at LAX, Cena got on the horn with our photog crew .... and demanded they shoot some kick-ass footage ... saying, "No f**king excuses. You're on my watch now and if I don't have an excellent show tomorrow, you're all fired!"

See if they delivered tonight on TMZ on TV -- check your local listings.

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The more I think about it, the more I'm getting an attitude and need an adjustment. Your words TMZ, not mine but, a good way of putting it.

You come out with this story of how Oksana is claiming Mel wanted Harvey killed or whatever and however you put it. Yet, she had all facts wrong and even stated the sheriffs department didn't even take it seriously enough to call Harvey up and say, hey, you know what? Mel wants ya dead and all, blah, blah, blah. Ok, we get it. Then out of no where, Harvey disappears without a word from anyone.

Nice TMZ. Is this a story y'all came out with and thought, hmmm, now all we need is to hide Harvey and get replacement hosts and have our viewers start to wonder, where's Harvey? Is this nothing more then a ratings ploy? Now that I think about it, you are a tabloid TV show! My God, you actually had me going there for a minute and I was actually a little concerned for Harvey and he's probably somewhere like one poster put it, in Hawaii with his boyfriend on a what, 2 or 3 week vacation? Perfect timing to boost ratings after the perfect story?

Unless you bring in Lil Jon full-time, you just lost this, one time, loyal, house-hold of viewers!! Here we come RadarOnline.com and PerezHilton.com

Oh, Lord, I can't believe I just said that but, that's what you get for pulling a stunt like this!! You ought to be ashamed TMZ. You thought, perfect story, perfect timing, great ratings but, it backfired on you!! Good-Bye! Disgusted Dani

Last word, the least you could have done, issued a statement saying, look, we know y'all are wondering with the timing of the story coming out and Harvey disappearing and all but, Harvey is fine, on vacation or has other obligations and will be back on such and such date, people, he's fine. But, no. All about ratings. Screw you and your ratings. I do hope Hravey is fine as I'm sure he is but, would have been nice for y'all to say something!! Thanks for nothing!

1540 days ago


John Cena....

Is a jerk, ran into him in PHX at Sky Harbor airport. He was by himself ordering a burrito. I said hey big man, I'm a big fan, dude completely blew me off. I think he forgot how he gets paid...to make it worse a middle aged woman recognized him as well, asked if she could take a picture (granted not with him, but just of him). John, was like whatever, turned his back to her, and she got a picture of his back. John is a prick in real life, don't let him fool ya. I am always very sensitive to celebrities, as they are always in the spotlight, if dude would have been surrounded by fans I wouldn't have even approached him. Dude put the D in _ick!

1540 days ago


Wondering why no has said where Harvey is... usually if he is on vacation he mentions it. No one at least of anything I have seen so far has said where Harvey is.....Of course I was on vacation and might have missed the memo.... So Where in the world is Harvey Levin???? That's my question

1540 days ago


Oh John, the future father of my already born babies..... The things I want to do to you and those dimples are just.... too much for TMZ and the world at large. mmmm

1540 days ago


Oh Great! Now we get a dim-witted, thick-necked neanderthal whose only calling in life is to smash faces and break arms to host the show. Is Harvey aware of the travesties that have beset his show since he's been gone. He's gonna be really pissed when he finds out.

1540 days ago


That's awesome. can't wait

1540 days ago

Amber Simmons    

Omg! John Cena Is My Man! I Love J.F.A.C!

1540 days ago

Miss D-L    

Where is Harvey ???

1540 days ago


Is Harvey Levin coming back? So some ex wresler is in charge???

1540 days ago

Michelle A.    

hahahahahahahaha. Funny guy. hopfully it will be a great show tonight.. almost nothing stops me from watcking. Whens harvey coming back? He is missed.

1540 days ago


BOO! Where the hell is Harvey? Harvey IS TMZ! Its okay to bring a guest host every now and then, but to replace Harvey is the dumbest thing you people can do.

Oh sh*t! Just figured it out. When was the last time anyone has seen Harvey? Maybe Mel finally got "Jew blood on his hands". LOL! Love you Harv.

1540 days ago


Fake wrestler....fake news.....fake staff. You're a complete fake at last...just like your daddy, Time-Warner. A box of Kibbles is on the way!

1540 days ago


What happened to Harvey? His interaction with the others IS the show, it's the best part! I hope he's okay. He must be okay because he's been talking about jet skiing. This sux.

1540 days ago

Miss D-L    

Can we have a game '' Where's Harvey ? '' ?


1540 days ago


Damn, this site is full of stupid ass people. It's a shame the world forgets what a BODYBUILDER looks like. You people must be used to sitting on your asses all day and commenting on this site to realize that with hard work you'll look like that too. You people keep saying "steroids" but the guy was big in high school and never failed a drug test but you still want to label him as an abuser. You guys make me sick with your jealous asses.

1540 days ago
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