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Oksana to Lawyers:

Where's My Money?

8/6/2010 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva is P.O.'d because her attorneys just got paid $250,000 from Mel Gibson ... while she got a grand total of zero dollars.

Last month Judge Scott Gordon ordered Gibson to pay a quarter million bucks in attorneys' fees to Oksana's legal team -- which he did.

But here's the thing -- sources close to Oksana tell us she was led to believe her attorneys would break her off a chunk o' that cash.  We're told that hasn't happened.

We're told Gibson has been paying child support to Oksana, but sources say she desperately wants more than what she's been receiving.

So, let's review the scorecard:
Oksana's lawyers -- $250,000
Oksana -- $000,000


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You missed my point entirely, and chose to attempt to rationalize something obviously near and dear to your heart. Let me guess, you are the loud and proud recipient of your child/children and child support. The system isn’t anything that resembles “fairness” and that’s a fact. You can try and rationalize and justify your position all you want, however from this point forward, it’s falling on deaf ears.

Enjoy your monthly check, too bad you can’t support the children on your own merits. Unfortunately, you are of the entitled mindset as well. I can hear the conversations you have with your female counterparts and I don't even know you. I don't need too, you're all the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1537 days ago

fuddyduddy are wrong and you need to shut the F up!! You sound like a pissed off dad who got the short end of the stick. For the child's father who served 20 years of his life in the Army is DEAD!

1537 days ago


Why every one is mad at Oksana for schemimg? Perhaps if you had your front teeth knocked out you would demand the same financial attention.

1537 days ago


Because she is scheming!

CPS didn't think Mel knocked her teeth out.

If Mel knocked her teeth out and she wants to sue then she should have sued him under the homeowner's policy!

1537 days ago


First of all why in gay hell is this chick still getting press? she is a classic gold digger.. she saw gold with Mel and like most men Mel was thinking with his d*** instead of his brain. Ole girl had his baby end of story classic gold digger story, she is entitled to money of course. But what really gets me is she was given the opportunity at 15million to end it all and walk away with something which in gold digger standards these day 15million is a go-ahead run. But Noooooooo! this greedy bitch wants more! Helloo simple bitch! the judge is going to ask you for one why is 15million and child support not good enough for you? 5 grand a month plus a cool couple hands-fulls of millions and you still aint happy. I guess you wanna pull a Tiger Woods wife stunt and grand half his **** huh. At lease Tigers wife was not all up in the media flapping her jaws. This Oksana chick needs to take what she can get with is the 15million and child support and sit the hell down she might be able to squeeze out a couple more million probaby 18 or 20 max but nothing more that should be enough to keep her within the life style she was acustom to while with Mel.

1536 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

So, Mel has to pay for her lawyers, body guards, child support, a house?? So what does this lying, gold digging, nasty, Whore want? All of his money? How much money did she get for selling the tapes? The slut is getting uglier every day!!!!

1536 days ago


Oksana's second husband, an English graphic design artist --
'Asked what sort of a woman Oksana was, Rowland replied: ‘You should ask all the other men – there were enough of them.’

So let's recap (per either Oksana's official imdb bio, quotes attributed to Oksana or her family and investigative published accounts published in UK):
Oksana would have been 17 - 19 1987 -1989(circa) All the men who allegedly snuck into Oksana's bedroom after she arrived in Moscow to study music at some mystery conservatory - Nyet
Oksana 19/20 1989/1990 1st husband, Russian mystery man she met while at "college", told Englsih friends marriage lasted one year, ended because he was a drug addict - Nyet
Oksana 21 1991- English Victor's son after move to UK - Nyet
Oksana 21/22 1991/1992 - Second husband, English Artist, decade+ older single at the time (marriage lasted 5/6 months) - Nyet
Oksana 21/22 to 25 1991/1992 - 1995 Sportswear/Underwear Company American (in his 70s at that time) - Nyet
Oksana 25 to 35 1995/2005(possibly 2007) Timothy Dalton - new JAMES BOND at the time - Over two decades older -involved for 2 yrs, no marriage then TADA! Pregnant. Father on the record pregnancy not planned, total surprise. He thought woman was taking birth control. Father's ONLY CHILD. Baby boy born in 1997, relationship legally crumbled 8 years after baby boy arrives. Oksana's residency during and after this relationship is murky. Claims 2005 US move.
Rumored - Oksana 35?36? to ?? 2005(possibly 2006) END of relationship unclear - David Foster, at the time legally married to another - Nyet
Oksana 38 - to 39 (the relationship CRUMBLED before her birthday, if that is her birthday is July 23. **Her actual birthdate seems to be as mysterious as her first husband's name, the details of that marriage and divorce, her legal name(s), her citizenship and her residences between 2005 - Dec.2008 or Jan 2009 when she moved into Mel Gibson's Sherman Oaks home. 2008/2010 Mel Gibson (father of six sons and one daughter by only wife), at the time legally married to another - DA! This time pregnancy occurred within 90 days of onset of relationship. Father's friends told press total surprise for father. Friends remarked Oksana claimed unable to conceive due to birth complications with first and then only child.

fighting currently for her "GOOD" name, really? really?
Posted at 6:41 AM on Aug 7, 2010 by V
================================================================ Oksana also had relationship with rich swedish businessman Peter Blomquist(who was married at that time).According to russian and british tabloids Blomquist was reportedly reason for parting Oksana with Dalton.
This is link where you can read about her faithlessness:

1536 days ago


So what else is new. Female from third world country comes to America. She sucks up to rich American....oh, honey, you are so strong, so handsome, I will do anything for you. She could be from anywhere in the world. They are all the same the stupid American male falls for it every time. Cold bitches are just out for life without work or worry.

1536 days ago

Lady Em    

I'm surprised that he's paying her lawyers but why can't the judge just order him to pay the child support he still needs to pay? Screwy justice system! The poor woman is trying to the right thing and get what's honestly (yes honestly!) hers with having to be indebted to that creep and live under his thumb (or other appendage!)

1533 days ago


Filthy greedy jPig.

1532 days ago


i agree with whoopi he is a jackass i still love him

1523 days ago
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