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Oksana's Bodyguards Come to Her Defense

8/6/2010 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's bodyguards -- who are all U.S. military veterans -- are coming to Oksana's aid by taking a stand and making it clear they're with Oksana and against Mel Gibson.

Oksana's bodyguards come from a company called The Bodyguard Group -- a referral service for veterans -- and they've posted a scathing statement on their website that reads like a direct shot at Gibson.

The statement reads: "The Bodyguard Group has reviewed both versions of events and ALL of our members agree that ONLY Oksana is being 100% honest ... We ask that everyone support Oksana and take a stand against all men who abuse women and children."

While it may seem odd for bodyguards to be so vocal, the statement says, "We could not keep silent after the abuse Oksana suffered."


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I don't remember seeing them in the videos of her outside the depo or the store.

1548 days ago


You people are all sick, like Mel Gibson. He clearly has control issues and there was definite abuse occuring. His tirades are very evident on the tapes. Shame on all of you for your attitudes. Domestic violence is NEVER okay and it's sad you are blaming her. She is the victim. She could have taken his money and kept quiet if that was what she was after. I don't like her, I don't like him, but shame on you for blaming her.

Posted at 9:41 AM on Aug 6, 2010 by Kassie
Perhaps verbal abuse, but who really knows since she altered the tapes. What are the bodyguards going to do??? Hang up the phone for her? plug her ears???

1548 days ago

Dr Richard Davis    

The Bodyguard Group is an Honorable group of United States Veterans, anyone attacking them is an idiot. You complain that they show up when ever there is a Celebrity in trouble ? THAT IS WHAT THEY SHOULD DO ! Complaining about them showing up when a Celebrity gets in trouble makes about as much sence as complaining that the Fire Dept shows up when there is a fire.

If they are smart enough to get a little good press and that helps them get Jobs for U.S. Veterans GOOD FOR THEM.

I just checked out there web site and read the statement for Oksana, it says the truth, they stood up for an abused woman and her kids, SERIOUSLY HAVE YOU HEARD THE TAPES ? Good for you, The Bodyguard Group, KEEP GETTING JOBS FOR VETERANS and Protecting Women and Children.

1547 days ago


wander how much they have been paid for such statement?
and who paid?

1547 days ago


Wonder if she and Octomom are related? Anybody else see the similarity?

1547 days ago


LOL what a bunch of idiots.
I guess we know who she'll be screwing next. Gold-digging lying Oksana.
And that bodyguard firm just lost a bunch of business.

1547 days ago

Bond james    

They also will come out and say Brett Favre will no longer playn football

1547 days ago

Bond james    

Oh well then that changes my mind! NOT I'm all for Mel

1547 days ago


PR itself is good enough commodity. Good or bad, regardless. These dudes don't have to be paid.

When sh*t really hit the fan (or more so), issue a “we were deceived as well” statement, and walk away. Free ad, logo in the papers, the rest, none of our business.

1547 days ago


Why does this gold-digger need bodyguards?? Will some one please explain it to me.

1547 days ago


Good! Finally some real men out there to help her

1547 days ago


Who gives a s*&t about her or this group of "bodyguards" douchebags. lol

1547 days ago


110% honest...well, crap my pants...anyone can hire bodyguards and tell them to say whtever the hell they want. Oxys side said she is honest. Mel side says he is honest.....this woman is frickin *fool* of herself. bodyguards....laughable....just a bunch of meat, no brains.....

I'm going with Mel....

1547 days ago


Does Grigorieva really believe that the public will buy this pigswill ? This ploy is mortifyingly obvious and pathetic. As for the 'Body Group".. They are receiving a publicity and advertising..and extra hits on their website.
Apparently, if it can be recycled into profit...even pigswill is acceptable to some entities....

1547 days ago


It's not very professional of the company to comment on an open case. They have tried and convicted Mel based on RadarOnline and Oksana's word.

Very very tacky behavior. What if one person in that company starts to question Oksana's allegations? Do they get fired?

Low guys, very low.

Posted at 9:54 AM on Aug 6, 2010 by LISA



They're getting paid. But if they are going to support the person that supplies the money ... shouldn't they be supporting Mel? After all... it's his money in the long run. LOL

1547 days ago
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