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Lady Gaga Crowd Surfs at Lollapalooza

8/7/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga took the stage at Lollapalooza yesterday -- but the crazy part came when she took to the crowd during a performance by Semi-Precious Weapons.

Major props to Gaga for bonding with the fans -- double props for doing it in that outfit.


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She is definately a very talented musician. As for the other stuff, it's nothing new, but you know what I like it!

1538 days ago


Lady Gaga does rock. She is obviously creative and doesn't give a crap about anyone thinks! Her
nipple covers / pasties
look like

1538 days ago


Lady Gaga does rock. She is obviously creative and doesn't give a crap about anyone thinks! I think she is great. Her nipple covers / pasties look like Nippies.

1538 days ago


Gaga is a sexually immoral and perverted person for the masses. She needs to SELL OUT quickly to Christ or she'll be dancing in the Lake of Fire where at least she will be properly dressed for that occasion!

1537 days ago


I was there (about 3 feet to the right of whomever took this video) Gaga was No Diva, she was not "cracked out" by any means. She was there on a small stage connecting with her fans. She spoke to the crowd, played the drums, danced, sang back-up, and then surfed the crown TWICE! Haters can hate all they want shes an amazing artiest and an amazing performer, and after this I have no doubt she's really in it for her fans not the fame. There were roughly 80,000 people at her Lollapalooza performance later that night, sure not EVERYONE is gonna be thrilled, I can tell you for sure most people there would stand in muck, smashed in with strangers for 4 hours to see it again.

1536 days ago


DJ wrote, "I can tell you for sure most people there would stand in muck, smashed in with strangers for 4 hours to see it again."
WOW! What a bunch of "Sex Slave Dogs" you really are! You are posr Lust Queen!
Better fall on you face and sell out your guts to Jesus fast or die[spiritually].

1534 days ago


@ Dane; to call me a "sex slave dog" is just funny. I've only been with one person my entire life, and thats the one I'm married to. My heart is open to all, I don't judge. I see Gaga for who she is; a beautiful person, with amazing talent and a kick ass voice. But more so, she is a global voice for tolerance and accepting yourself for who you are, and others for who they are. Her message is one of love, yours appears to be one of hate. I know "brainwashed radical Jesus freaks" like yourself are very closed minded and are hard to reach; I think you need to go see one of her concerts, you might, just might have a good time and have a little better understanding of the subject matter you'r preaching against. I hope someday you let the hate out, and let the love in.

WWJD?- he'd buy the remix and crank up the f---ing bass!

1533 days ago

Ian TJorgenson.    

I'd like to do you with two fingers and suck both your tits!.

1523 days ago


Lady Gaga is such a wierd person...................... but she's awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovegame(disco stick), Alejandro, Just Dance, Star Struck, etc.! There all awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv you Gaga

1515 days ago

John in San Diego    

DJ and Thoughtstoponder, thanks for saying what a lot of people surely feel. It's amazing how much hate is coming around today out of people who claim to love their God by doing it.
One of the best quotes from the bible is "let he who is without sin cast the first stone..." and if you don't like Gaga that's fine but maybe you should be picking up stones around people who you like.
Remember when MTV did a report on sexuality and promiscuity, and visited both the club scene in NYC and a small Kansas town? It turned out the NYC people were far less promiscuous than their big city counterparts. Oppression breeds contempt and fosters rebellion.

1501 days ago

Ian TJorgenson.    


1500 days ago



Lady Gaga is simply UGLY !!!

I've stated what everybody else has been
thinking for years (and you know it's true).

She looks like a combination of BOTH
Courtney Love (who everyone knows
had Curt Cobain killed) AND like that
ugly little kid who was the star of that
moronic one show called 'Blossom'.

Why won't they all just get a nose job
and have their jaw/chins fixed already?

Just because they are rich does not
mean that they also have a right to
go around traumatizing society
with their unattractive faces.

How dare they?!?!

Why can't they all just do
society a favor and call a
plastic surgeon already?

And as things stand so far
.... 'Dude looks like
a Lady...Gaga'
(except the dude
is much prettier)


1421 days ago


When she did the crowd surf the men who grab her breast and Lady GAGA know that she is ALL WOMAN and not a man!

1388 days ago
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