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Mel Gibson's Alleged Mistress

Joins Team Allred

8/7/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's alleged mistress Violet Kowal is now in the big leagues of the mistress game -- retaining coach attorney Gloria Allred ... TMZ has learned.

Gibson Mistress

Sources tell us Allred is now representing the Polish fitness model who reportedly claimed she had an affair with Gibson while Oksana Grigorieva was pregnant.

Kowal seems to be following the mistress handbook to the letter. She now has the same attorney as Rachel Uchitel ... and, we've learned, she has the same manager as Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

It's unclear why Kowal needs legal representation at this point.

Then again, it all worked out for Uchitel.


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What more could they do to him. Tell us his penis jumps off him at midnight runs across the room 5 times counts 1.2.3 squats,jumps then flies 2ft landing in thier mouths. Squiggles 1 time flips back up runs across the room again chanting you have no soul, all the while he is sleeping and it is all on tape.

1477 days ago


Makes sense. Gloria Allred is essentially a star f***er f***er. Tried to extort everybody that's ever been famous and had an affair. How the hell she's still able to practice law is beyond me.
Anyway, I hope she gets AIDS.

1477 days ago


Gloria, some had such high hopes you would starve to death during your ridiculous hunger strike for women's rights a few weeks ago. Alas, it was not to be. You are still kicking and ready to collect another pay day for yes another POS.

You're a disgrace, and in the afterlife I see you burning in a sea of plastic boobs. But who knows, maybe you like it...

1477 days ago


So, nowadays all a girl has to do is date a guy, spread her legs and she can sue for big money. Is that what Gloria is trying to represent now? Don't they realize that they are going to make it harder for the legit nice girls to get men too. Guys are going to be afraid to approach any girl now because they will have to worry about her intended agenda. All you Alred skanks give real woman a bad name. Clean up your act skanks, and Gloria try representing yourself, you'll lose.

1477 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

WTF is allred's problem?

1477 days ago


Gloria Allred: Defender of hos and other bottom dwellers.

1477 days ago


Violet Kowal is jumping the sinking Oksanasic, every Ho for herself. Covering ass time.

Violet Kowal is jumping the sinking Oksanasic, every Ho for herself. Covering ass time.

Violet could be sued for slander...

Team Mel

Maybe Violet Kowal could do a prison porno movie with Jessie James mistress and Gloria Allred can play the Warden. She can have a hot tub in her office.

1477 days ago


That photo of 'ol Gloria must have been taken before her highly-successful "hunger strike". Look at that neck-fat. Does gravity get the best of Botox? I'm thinking that it must be the result of some bad chemical reation from mixing Botox and testoserone injections.

Please leave the feedbag tied to your head, Gloria. The longer it's on there, the less we'll have to see your face. Grunt grunt grunt grunt grunt.

1477 days ago


It's disgusting that, as of late, so many women are acheiving near rockstar status by going after the men in their lives financially. And now they're bonding like a pack of much to be admired wolves.... sickening!!! Surely, a thinking person understands that at least a portion of the multitude of actions that are being brought against these womens sexual partners are nothing but frivolous lawsuits meant to extort money. Those same thinking people wouldn't be wrong to think that many of these women are simply making their livings by lying flat on their backs. Perhaps a reality show based on these women living and working together in a brothel with Gloria Allred as their madam is in order. Hell why am I saying madam??? With what she's apparently carrying in her pants, pimp is the better title. Honestly, do you see the reverse occurring, with Hollywood's boy-toys suing the rich & powerful women who enjoy their companionship, as well as sexual favors??? Again... this has become the "cool" thing to do and it's disgusting. Gloria Allred sickens me.... and for good reason... what a vindictive, opportunistic, fame-mongering, man-hating, sexist biatch!!!

Honk if you agree....

1477 days ago


She seems to be saying "Look at how wide I can open my mouth boys."

1477 days ago


Gloria Allred is the screwing you get for the screwing you got.

1477 days ago


Allred is such a media whore lawyer is a joke. What is her hourly rate? Can she practice real law?

1477 days ago

Oil Man    

What is up with all these whores seeking legal representation. He used you for *****. Deal with it and get on with your life.

1477 days ago


Why do these people think they're owed something for making bad decisions? She knowingly screwed a married man. Seeing these talentless skanks parading around as though they've accomplished something waiting for their paycheck to roll in makes me sick. Mel, Jesse and Tiger should pay to have them kidnapped and smuggled in to Iran with the word "adulteress" tatood across their foreheads (except Jesse's girl who is pretty much good to go as is.)

1477 days ago


No mistress - Mel wasn't married at the time. Just another bimbo he dated. This one was never a mistress. Also I believe I read once Gloria had her daughter Lisa out of wedlock. Seems they are all birds of a feather.

1477 days ago
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