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Mel Gibson's Alleged Mistress

Joins Team Allred

8/7/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's alleged mistress Violet Kowal is now in the big leagues of the mistress game -- retaining coach attorney Gloria Allred ... TMZ has learned.

Gibson Mistress

Sources tell us Allred is now representing the Polish fitness model who reportedly claimed she had an affair with Gibson while Oksana Grigorieva was pregnant.

Kowal seems to be following the mistress handbook to the letter. She now has the same attorney as Rachel Uchitel ... and, we've learned, she has the same manager as Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

It's unclear why Kowal needs legal representation at this point.

Then again, it all worked out for Uchitel.


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He has already been destroyed in the media but the best PR he can have is trashy women running him down.

1540 days ago


If true.....Who knew extortion would become some womens new line of work. Sounds like team Okinawa is coming up empty handed so they are throwing all the garbage they can at Mel. Typical parasitic lawyers? Could be and could be that they too are being played by Okinawa. Better get your money upfront from her, boys, or you may soon be sucking salt.

1540 days ago


Advice to Violet - you should keep your mouth closed unless it is full (so to speak) - the flies and crabs in your snatch could migrate to your mouth.

1540 days ago


So Mel cheated on his skank mistress with some other skank when he was married to another woman.. big deal.. these 2 women need to be sued by Mels legal wife and kids for all the embarrassment they have caused them.

1540 days ago


I printed both pics and did my own version of a money shot. Thanks Ladies felt real good!

1540 days ago


which one is the bigger whore? violet or gloria?

1540 days ago


Hello Maria A, good to see you again!

So, after thinking through a few things, I have but two questions concerning the new "mistress" scandal -

1. How is Miss Violet paying for this legal representation?
2. What is Miss Oksana's life expectancy?

1540 days ago


which one is the bigger whore? violet or gloria?

Posted at 10:10 AM on Aug 7, 2010 by alicia

They both screw people for a living.

Gloria has a large collection of ugly turtlenecks and whore trophies on her wall. Violet has a large collection of STDs. I would say it's a toss up between Gloria, Violet and Radaronline.

1540 days ago


Alicia & Tellthetruth -


1540 days ago


wow, everyone is jumping on the gibson sue band wagon.

1540 days ago


The legal system needs to deal with lawyers like Allred practicing legal extortion.

The only thing that keeps it from being blackmail is getting a lawyer to write the blackmail note as a legal do***ent.

1540 days ago


we all know what the term is for desperate lawyers is ,AMBUANCE CHASER!!!!Gloria Allred is nothing more then a celebrity CHASER!!

1540 days ago


$$$ I wonder what Tiger had to pay to mistresses to stop the bleeding?

Problem is, once a celeb has media focused attention, everyone wants a piece of the gravy train. Gossip publications go in search of scandal to further sensationalize the story. In other words, to make a buck. They discover people like Violet and offer her money in exchange for scoop. Suddenly Violet types are in a bargaining position and contact dirty dealing lawyers like Alred to see if they can secure a better deal in exchange for silence. They feel justified because there is a money deal on the table for them.

Violet won't be the last. I am not sure if it is better for Mel to let them talk or to pay them off. I guess it depends on where he sees his career headed. If he is leaving Hollywood behind him then he may just want to keep what he has and the heck with it.

In doing this to Mel, Oksana minimized his future earnings that would eventually have passed in part to her own daughter. If that is not a self-centered mother I don't know what is.

1540 days ago


I don't get why these women feel they deserve money for sleeping with these men, doesn't that make them common hookers. I hope Mel stands up to her and doesn't gave her any thing its about time these men grow some balls and don't let these skanks away with this.

1540 days ago


Ok there should be now a law in place with doing time for these sleazy woman that say they're victims but are just extorting money.

1540 days ago
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