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Mel Gibson --

Gone Fishin'

8/7/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're looking for Mel Gibson, we've learned he's on a family fishing trip -- and Oksana Grigorieva and her attorneys are none too happy.

Sources tell us Mel has been out of the country all week fishing with 2 of his sons. We've learned Oksana's laywers tried to schedule Gibson's deposition -- for the ongoing child custody battle -- right smack in the middle of his trip. The depo's been delayed since Mel is unavailable.

According to sources, Oksana's people think the delay is evidence that Mel is not committed to Lucia -- but we're told Oksana's lawyers knew Mel was away when they set the date.

Sources say Mel will be front and center for his deposition in short order.


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a couple of kids too curious. That is ok though, we can get their take on this and what they think.

1539 days ago


Howdy Shell! Yes, indeed. All done with the domestics so can sit back and enjoy my recent most favorite hobby, lol.

1539 days ago


Morning all!

I see Miss Oksana's "people" are enjoying themselves again. Lovely timing between this and the Violet story, don't cha think?

Posted at 8:41 AM on Aug 7, 2010 by Curious

Hi Curious. Yes, they've come out of the wordwork (ouch...nasty thing to say), and are just as boring as ever.

1539 days ago


Those lawyers are vicious, and Mel's paying for them because he has to. lol.

1539 days ago

Bobo Frog    

azlee, there you go again bringing my parents into this. All I said is that Mel's acting career is done, and you bring my family into it? Thanks again for proving your lack of class and sanity, and how religious people are total hypocrites. Goodbye.

1539 days ago


Azlee -

Hiya! New point of views are always good. Never know what one can learn.

Genna -

LOL, well, they have to do something to pretty up the picture, especially after yesterday's story about Miss Oksana's complaint over money.

Personally, I shall be very interested to know whether Miss Violet has had any prior connections to the likes of Listermann, Radovsky or Kuzman.

1539 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

It appears that Mel's support team has dried up. AH! Another reason to NOT partake in the private chat room.....

1539 days ago


Radaronline only has about 13 comments on their version of the story. TMZ wins. Eventually Radar's going to turn on Oksana. Its going to need the hits too bad to stick with her.

1539 days ago


goodbye bobo, have a good day. Just remember please that you can't hide behind a monitor and think it is ok because no one will know it is you. The most important one knows it is you.

I don't think his career is over though, time will tell but the man is very creative and one of the best in acting/directing/producing.

1539 days ago


Bobo Frog -

Actually, that's not entirely correct. Joel Silver still seems interested in doing Lethal Weapon 5 and there has been talk of another project in the works, "Cold Warrior".

1539 days ago


Hiya Sam!

LOL, maybe everyone's trying to catch up on their sleep?

1539 days ago



I am Team Mel & have been so since this all started. I have been paying close attention to all of Canook's postings and they send chills down my spine. Canook is always asking us to light candles & pray for Mel, Robyn & their children as they are in grave danger. I need someone to help me, please, to squash my very negative thoughts (maybe I am going off the deep end here). Does anyone think it strange/odd that Mel, his 2 sons (& who knows about Robyn & his other 5 children)and Harvey are all away at the same time???? Could they be in hiding due to threats that they have received??? Please, someone with a better thought process than mine, help me out...

I'm sorry if this concern has been posted before, I am still trying to catch up.

1539 days ago


Just a thought about Oksana failing to take the $15MIL settlement - perhaps it was her lawyers who advised against it. Why? They just got another $250,000 for representing Oksana during all this custody/extortion/DV crappola. I wonder if it was Oksana's greed, as much as her lawyer's greed.

1539 days ago


I don't think his career is over though, time will tell but the man is very creative and one of the best in acting/directing/producing.

Posted at 8:55 AM on Aug 7, 2010 by azlee

Mel will survive...but it will take some time. He is too talented and persevering not to. Some people like to see the rich and famous fail, and succeed again, like the proverbial phoenix that rises out of the ashes. Sad, but true.

1539 days ago


What dude cant go fishing, but Ok$ana can call in sick 3 days in a row ? Total BS. This has nothing to do with his commitment to the baby. Ok$ana and her lawyers are idiots.

1539 days ago
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