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Rachel Uchitel Checks Out of 'Rehab' and Into Rehab

8/7/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel has checked out of "Celebrity Rehab" -- but we're told the experience was so profound, Rachel has decided to check into an aftercare facility.

Sources close to Rachel tell TMZ she checked into a transitional living facility in Malibu on Friday morning -- and this time, there are no cameras involved.

We're told Rachel has stopped drinking, smoking and taking pills -- and that she forked over $20,000 to stay there for 30 days. According to our sources, the biggest selling point about the facility for Rachel -- her dogs get to stay there with her.

Some habits shouldn't be kicked.


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20,000.00 divided bye 30 day,s equals 666.666 per i reading to much into this? please comment

1535 days ago


I doubt she is going to make it long in the program. I wonder if we could put a bet in Vegas the odds that she is going to get that one year in chip in AA and the second year chip in AA.

Just because 30 days means nothing. She needs a year before I seriously consider doing the deal.


AA + Burning Man Life

1535 days ago


James #34

A beautiful Jewish girl wouldn't have you - Nazi vermin!

1535 days ago

george fudge!    

"We're told Rachel has stopped drinking, smoking and taking pills - "

Now if she would just stop eating and breathing, she will truly be cured and the world will be better off.

1535 days ago


#36 boy have u got that right, and she should take the other skanks with her like oksana , tattoo idiot , and the new one trying to make money off of know if Tiger had of just let these women talk no one would have cared in the long run.....but he paid her , now they are coming out of the woodwork...SO-CAL has become the laughing stock of the world now. Do they not have any decency there. I mean where are those judges heads at..Lawyers like Gloria Allred should be disbarred, for trying to extort these men. Is that what the USA has come too.

1535 days ago


That's the cheapest rehab I ever heard of!

1535 days ago


Is it manditory for these women to 1.make arrangments to air their dirty linen in public...2.hire Gloria Allred or her atty daughter to represent them.
I know I'm an old lady, by some standards. Standards, now that's not a word you hear much anymore, but didn't these personal failings used to be the things of personal disgrace and the least said the better???? We've all made stupid choices in our lives and not acted in our best interest, but my concern is how it has become the thing of public consumption and reported as "news".

Just a little reminder, we are still envolved in two, count them two wars, and decent Americans are dying daily. We are in a severe recession with millions without jobs. Unless you can offer a peace proces and bring our troops home or stimulate the economy and put millions back to work, GO HOME.

1535 days ago

solar panel    

I can't see that Rachel looks Jewish. Not quite right for that. Anyone got the answer? I'm thinking it's primarily a mix of northwestern Europe, maybe some Spanish or Egyptian, maybe some Irish with some Greek? I'm curious to what the answer is. She looks great but she's been a naughty naughty girl and needs to purge herself of the inclination to answer the phone when Tiger Woods-like ally critters call.

1535 days ago


talk about trash....after a big payoff like she supposedly got, why wouldnt she just, she decides to stick around and become first class trash....sad..

1535 days ago


She is just looking for fame... All she does is break marriages for money... She is not even pretty,all plastic and botox... In my opinion she is disgusting...

1535 days ago

charles almon    

Is there a cure for skkankky?

1534 days ago


I still think she's hot, nothing changes that.

1534 days ago


She's nothing special in the looks department. Tiger really must have been doped up to think she's hot. She's trashy as they come and greedy, into easy money like all whores.

1534 days ago


she should rehab that ugly ****ing mouth that looks like a talking mr. ed.

1534 days ago


This chick is just disgusting. She thinks people are stupid and tries to make others believe that she just happened to have affairs with 2 married men and that these things are merely a coincidence and not a flaw in character. The reality is this woman has no morals to speak of and will sleep with any high profile star who impresses her, married or not as long as his pocket is right. I know some would have also become Tiger's sex toy for a while for a few million dollars like her but is that right??

If you as a woman find yourself thinking this way, seek professional help. Living this type of lifestyle, on drugs having sex with all these people will really warp your sense of being and it's not normal. I can bet when this woman still had self respect back in the 80's, she also was free of drugs. Can you blame a woman for using drugs to forget the reality that she's basically sold herself to the highest bidder, similar to that Ashley Dupree, the prostitute busted for servicing Eliot Spitzer. She has become a high priced street walker in essence. When women sell themselves to feed children or family, they could be considered honorable, for sacrificing your body for the family's greater good. When you however sell yourself just so you have money for designer trinkets, fancy cars, jewelry and other material riches, you show the world that you have no soul and that you aren't a person, but a commodity to be bought and sold like pack of cigarettes.

1534 days ago
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