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'American Idol' Judges

Dangerous Strangers

8/10/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "American Idol" tell TMZ ... execs on the show recklessly rolled the dice by choosing Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as the new judges.

Our "A.I." spies tell us producers have never put Lopez, Tyler and Randy Jackson in the same room to see if they have the right chemistry.  As one source put it, "It's ridiculous not to road test these people before committing ... it's insane."

We're told before choosing Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, Exec Producer Nigel Lythgoe organized dinners with the three prospective judges, to see how they meshed.  We're told Nigel even had Simon and Randy go to a few strip clubs together ... to see how they got along.
FOX, we're told, was adamantly opposed to Paula because the Network felt she was "washed up," but Nigel convinced the execs it was all about the "magic" between the three.

Turns out ... there's still time.  High level sources tell us the deals with Lopez and Tyler still haven't been signed, and auditions with the judges are just a month away.


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how can there be 3 judges?! jlo's ass is going take up 2 of the 3 chairs!....seriously, how is jlo and candidate for a judge? She sings nasally and she takes herself way too seriously like she is talented. She is in that category of Paris H., Kim K., and all of the other famous for being famous. Yeah, I will watch A.I. this year just to see her sit there and watch her ACT like somebody important, with her hair extensions and made up like a whore plastic surgery face and listen to her giggle "he he he" like she is pretending to be some virginal girl. She is a flat out JOKE! She will add comedy to the show. And please please. why did the show keep Randy? because he is the token black person on the show. He has no backbone whatsoever, and if he actually takes a stand on something.....he immediately HIDES in his glass of Coke. This season will be hilarious!

1534 days ago


Sounds like a ratings disaster - I'm not much of an AI fan anyway but this cast of judges, other than Randy of course, sounds awful! They should have kept the other gal (not sure of her name) and just replaced Simon with a guest judge every week liek Dolly Parton, Barry Manilow, Paul Anka, Willie Nelson, Elton John, Steven Tyler, Brett Michaels, etc. Seems viewers would turn in just to see the big name guest judges rather than watch two "dud" judges every week. Good luck Nigel!

1534 days ago




1534 days ago

D. Anderson    

would someone get the message to AI producers quick before it is too late. Steven Tyler and J.Lo bad fit for AI. Steven Tyler just came off a drug addiction and is washed up. J. Lo isn't popular anymore since she married Marc Anthony. I keep saying Jessica Simpson would be a better fit. I don't like her but at least she is ditzy like Paula. America misses Paula's ditziness, it was entertaining. Harry Connick Jr. has looks AND personality, he is funny. and if you want to replace Simon, ozzy Osbourne would be great. He is definate entertainment and he is actually quite smart. Anyone else agree with my picks?

1534 days ago


I would choose Gene Simmons from KISS, because he has that same jerk attitude Simon has, and he makes the funny facial expressions like Simon. To replace Paula, I would go with Dolly Parton, she has the ditzy personality like Paula, and she is very unpredictable. Now thats a judge lineup. What is AI thinking with JLO?!!

1534 days ago


Get rid of Randy. I cant stand another season of "dawg" and yo yo yo. Lopez might be good but Steven Clown Tyler. This show is doomed.

1534 days ago


Yes! Would love to see Ozzy be a judge..........he is outspoken,knowledgeable and intelligent. Jlo is hardly any of these.......just who gave the final ok on her as a judge.................she sucks in every way. having her on will be a hair extension and clothing fashion show. She will act like the show is all about her. the only subject she knows about in manipulating men. Is there really enough room at the table for her ass anyway?

1534 days ago


Jennifer turns into JENNY FROM THE BLOCK! I cannot stand to hear that damn hood voice of hers when she speaks! She makes me want to tell her to STFU!

1534 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

just lost my viewing of this show...a non talented bitch like j-whore.....she cannot even sing..her fame is mnarrying a crackhead and having babies that look cracked out.....steve tyler will just die of a heart attack he is so friggin old.....AI going down the toilet and I hear a HUGE FLUSH!

1534 days ago


TERRIBLE, Terrible combo!! It will not work, I am feeling it...

Jeez, Lopez and Tyler are sooooo not the AI kind of "looks". Love Tyler, don't care for Lopez and will put up w/ Randy because he has been on the show since the start but frankly, bad, bad, bad choices to replace Paula & Simon (love Ellen too but she was never a match to begin with...).

I think there are so many people out there who would do better! For example; Pink, Prince, Lady Gaga (that would be amazing!), Bieber, Underwood, Furtado, Swift, Eminem (as the bad guy), Joss Stone, Bono... so many cool options, but Jennifer Lopez!?? Please...

1534 days ago


Mariah carey, tommy mottola and simon cowell will judge X-factor US. Confirmed.

1534 days ago

Neil Brown    

Noone better steal my idea but American Idol. should have a contest and let 1 fan each year or city be a judge on the show. Why not we are the ones who pick anyway.

1534 days ago


remember when Paula was a judge - her career was over
and she was never a great singer ever
good dancer but a breathy singer manufactured by press and hype
hey sounds like Jennifer Lopez
whoever suggested Jessica Simpson - that is a joke
she can't sing dance or act and barely can speak
so why would she be good or any better
Steve tyler- no one will replace Simon
this all sucks gang
all sucks

1534 days ago


Do you guys remember that Randy Jackson is one of Mariah's best friends and long time music producer. He was the music director of The Emancipation Of Mimi tour back in 2006.
So what?

Mariah and J.Lo can't stand each other! and in 2007 when J. Lo mentored the Idols Randy gave them the worst reviews ever!

1534 days ago


I would NEVER watch idol with JLo as a Judge. That gurl is too full of herself. Get off the "Furs" look like a fool.

1534 days ago
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