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Portia to Ellen: I Want to Be a DeGeneres!

8/9/2010 3:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Portia de Rossi will become Portia DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres Wife - Portia de Rossi Name Change

Portia has filed a petition to legally change her name to Portia Lee James DeGeneres.  She filed the papers in L.A. County Superior Court last Friday.

As for why ... the petition says, "Petitioner is taking the last name of her spouse."

Portia and Ellen DeGeneres were married in August, 2008.

Name change petitions are routinely granted. 

Ellen and Portia


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truth hurts    

I must truly be desensitized because I looked at that picture and thought...oh what a cute couple.

1499 days ago


Love this couple. I wish them the best and hope it never ends - not on earth or in heaven.

Whatever comes up, may they always be able to work it out.

1499 days ago


Why doesn't the gay community spend some time, hire a lawyer, a professor, somebody to draw some kind of paper that would define gay men and women's purpose, another name that appropriately and honorably describes their union not the word marriage? Why aren't gay people more active in trying to be accepted in an appropriate manner instead of pushing themselves through in a belligerent way, so defiant and ugly? Let the world realize you are seriously and appropriately interested in making your unions and requests right to the eyes of all. I apologize for possibly offending many.

1498 days ago


now move somewhere far far away

1498 days ago


Portia's real name is Amanda Lee Rogers so technically she will be Amanda DeGeneres. I think it's cool she wants Ellen's last name as her own, they are happy & that's all that matters!

1498 days ago


That's sweet! But I hope Portia continues to go by Portia de Rossi professionally, because in my opinion it sounds prettier than Portia DeGeneres. Or maybe we'll all get used to Portia DeGeneres.

1498 days ago


Good for them!!

1498 days ago


What's the difference between a consenting adult, a cat and a 5-year old? I think it might be the "consenting adult" part. Get a life and a little education you ignorant, hateful people. Oh, it makes you sick? Oh, so sorry. What about poverty, homelessness, war, abuse? Do those make you sick? Maybe you could spend some of this time showing righteous indignation toward real maladies in this society. The hate that spews out of the mouths and fingers of supposed Christians always amazes me. When God appoints you his second in command (wait, that role might be taken already) then feel free to speak for him and cast your all-knowing judgments. If you're so wise to know exactly what's going to happen to Portia and Ellen when they die and meet their maker, why not make a list of the things YOU should work on before you get there? You don't seem top have any problem making the whole world about yourselves so it should be easy.

Lastly, before asking a bunch of inane questions about what motivates Ellen or Portia to do certain things, why not ask yourself "why does anyone change their name?" or "Why does anyone get married?"

There's enough hate, pain, and conflict in the world. Do we really need to add more, just because two consenting adults LEGALLY choose to express their love?

1498 days ago


YIKES! Ellen I do love your show! You are a cute lesbo.....I don't do women, and I always wanted to know which one straps on, or do they both? Ellen is obviously the man.

1498 days ago


Love is love; wish them well, wish them happiness and let them get on with their lives. It is not up to anyone else to judge others.

1498 days ago


awesome! I'm so happy for them!

1498 days ago


I find the comments about "who's the dude" hilarious. The reality is, there is no dude! If they needed a "dude", they'd be straight! What a bunch of insipid comments from those of you who find it funny to be backward.

1498 days ago


After reading all the truly crude comments, I have to assume those writers must be the most perfect people to walk the face of the earth, because they alone are above judgement! How proud you and your family and friends must be of how you express your ignorance and crudeness. Let's all hope you will never find yourselves in a position to be judged so viciously.

1498 days ago


I love them both! Hope they can live a happy long life together!

1497 days ago


Ellen and Portia are the best and they desirve all the rights that any other married couple has, this includes Portia changing her name if she wants to.I think it is really nice that california has overturned prop 8 and now more people can marry who they truly love. Hopefully this is a good step forward in ending the discrimination and unfair treatment LGBT people face on a daily basis.Congradulations Ellen and Portia DeGeneres on almost 2 years of marriage and many more to come. They are truly role modles for everyone!!!!!!Especially those who under there state laws haven't been able to marry yet and all LGBT people who hate themselves for who they are whan all the really need is people like Ellen and Portia who are really proud of who they are.Everyone should be proud of who the are, and now they have two amazing people to look up to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1497 days ago
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