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I Am 'Not Responsible'

For Divorce

8/9/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino says she is "not responsible" for breaking up a marriage ... despite allegations from a North Carolina woman named Paula Cook who claims Fantasia made sex tapes with her husband.

Fantasia's manager, Brian Dickens, just released a statement saying the former "American Idol" champ is "certain that she is not responsible for the deterioration of the Cook's marriage."

The statement goes on to say, "Fantasia will weather this storm with the dignity and grace that she has exemplified throughout a life in which she has repeatedly overcome obstacles and challenges. Fantasia's faith in God, herself and family remain as strong as ever."

As we previously reported, Paula Cook just filed for divorce from her husband Antwaun. In the court docs, Paula accused the guy of having a "covert adulterous affair" with Barrino ... and believes they "recorded their illicit activity."

UPDATE: Fantasia's lawyer, Gena Morris, is officially on the attack -- telling TMZ, "Mrs. Cook gratuitously included claims about Fantasia to sensationalize that litigation and to insure that her tale would be picked up by tabloids."

Morris added, "The fact that she would seek such publicity in a case involving her children is particularly disgraceful.”



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Oh that poor married man how could Fantasia have an affair with him & ruin his marriage shame on her...At least she is single wonder what his excuse is that she held a gun to his head...

1482 days ago


Hmmm Here is my question.. Who is dumb enough to even sleep with that ugly broad??? YUUUUUCK!!

1482 days ago


#7 Faith in God? And she's having an affair with a married man. I can't stand it when these people use GOD in times like this.

Posted at 2:03 PM on Aug 9, 2010 by Majestik

You’re the one putting God in where He doesn’t belong!!
She said it’s her faith in God getting her through this.
She, like all Christians are not infallible and not perfect, just forgiven; Get it right!!
If we were perfect we wouldn’t need a Savior!! Helloooooo!!!! Stop doing that!!!!

Posted at 2:11 PM on Aug 9, 2010 by WillOTheWisp


I think Majestik is referring to her apparent hypocrisy. When Fantasia does something against Christian faith like sleeping with a married man and then proclaims that she has strong faith in God, she looks like a hypocrite. Imperfection among Christians isn't a problem; hypocrisy is.

Posted at 2:29 PM on Aug 9, 2010 by Ehécatl

I agree, Ehecatl. Just because you claim to be a Christian, it doesn't mean you can do horrible things, like adultery, and God will just act like it didn't happen!!!!!! If she had any "faith in God", then she wouldn't be sleeping around outside her own marriage! This shows a total lack of faith!

1482 days ago


What kind of woe-be-gone pathetic man would sleep with the new Chicklet Queen. Seen her new teeth? Ha cha cha cha.

1482 days ago


I don’t see Fantasia doing any of these things!!

Posted at 2:52 PM on Aug 9, 2010 by WillOTheWisp

Then, you are either blind, dumb, or ignorant to Christianity.

1482 days ago


Well said Ehécatl !

The more Christians open their mouths, the more I want nothing to do with them.

1482 days ago


More like she has faith in Satan to let her skim on by and make more money while destroying lives.

1482 days ago


But does God have faith in her? Being a mistress you definatly have some help in destroying a marraige. Date people who are already divorced. Being a third wheel in a marraige does NOT help the couple resolve their issues.

She is a homewrecker

1482 days ago


"with the dignity and grace"...... ROFLOL....

Thats funny. She may have been a bit naive and "churchy" when she did Idol, but after that, she took the Hollyweird express and went straight to HoTown. I cant believe the downright slutty cheap "street Ho" transformation they put her through [and she accepted] in her videos.
I suppose adultery follows suit.

1482 days ago


Yep, faith in God but she has a child out of wedlock & commited adultery with a married man. Good thing God hangs out in these people's back pockets, where he can just be pulled out when they need him.

1482 days ago


"will weather this storm with the dignity and grace" REALLY? When was the last time Fantasia showed dignity, grace or even good diction. Singing voice aside (which hasn't gotten her very far) I could barely understand a word the girl said.

1482 days ago


In related news, God vomited once again when His name was invoked by another slimy human being.

What is it with morons and their need to "PR" themselves by invoking God when they do something stupid??? Cheapest ploy ever..
Hopefully God pisses on these kinds of people if there is a Judgement Day. LOL

1482 days ago


Please let this fat pig fade away PLEASE

1482 days ago


No publicity is bad publicity.
Fantasia's new album Back To Me in stores 08/24/2010

1482 days ago

Joe Jackson an illiterate child abuser    

I still love her. LOVE YAH, Fantasia! Great voice. Attractive black woman who looks like a black woman, clearly and undeniably, and has a black woman's body. Love yah!

1482 days ago
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