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Jesse James' Ex -- I'm Following Jesse to Texas!

8/9/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is going to have company in Texas ...because his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder claims she's moving to Austin to be closer to their daughter Sunny.


As we previously reported, the judge in their child custody case had ruled that Jesse could take Sunny to Austin, so she could be closer to her former stepmom Sandra Bullock ... who has a close relationship with the 6-year-old.

But this morning in an Orange County courtroom, Janine's attorney announced that the former porn star intends to follow Jesse to Austin ... and wants some money to help with the transition.

Janine wants $9,000 a month in child support -- with $3,500 of that earmarked for Janine's living expenses.  But she didn't get it .

For now, the judge ordered Jesse to pay Janine $50,000 for attorney's fees ... and set his child support rate at $2,000-per-month.

As for custody -- Janine will get Sunny on the weekends ... right after school lets out on Friday afternoons.

UPDATE: The judge just upped Jesse's child support payments to $3,000 a month. Outside of court, Janine told TMZ she considered today's hearing a "win" ... and that she's ready to head to the Lone Star State.



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Why on earth would he have to pay her child support when the kid doesn't live with her full time?? On another note - I'm sure Sandra is full aware he's moving to Texas, I'm guessing these two will probably get back together within the next few years.

1545 days ago


Just F$*(&^G great..... Just what we need. One more tatted druggie slut in Austin. There is no reason she should be getting any child support at all. 3K a month is pure gravy for her to spend as fun money. Living expenses in/around Austin arent anywhere near LA cost of living.

I wonder if Jes will pull up and move to N.O. after the X is settled in Austin? I certainly would, just to get away from her drama.

1545 days ago


How the eff do you get child support for a child you dont have custody of???????????

1545 days ago


What I think is so funny about this is that a lot of people do not realize Janine raised this girl alone for years. Jessie left her when she was pregnant to be with Sandra. It was not until she went to jail for a white collar crime years later that Jessie and Sandra even had a relationship with the child. Since then Jessie has used this against Janine endlessly. Sandra herself said in an interview that she had no relationship with the child. Then Janine goes to jail and all the sudden she is mother of the year to a child she just started seeing? I think Jessie is just as bad if not worse than Janine. At least Janine is what she is and makes no appology or does not try to act like something she is not. Jessie sat up there at the academy awards acting like husband of the year...while he was sleeping with strippers and such. At least Janine is real and truthful about herself and her past. I think Jessie hides his true colors and is probably just a s***. That is my opinion.
I think Jessie should pay Janine. He is taking her child thousands of miles away to chase after a woman that left him. Point blank. His move is for his own intentions only and has nothing to do with the child. He is just trying to get back together with his ex and using the child as a pawn. I say he should have to pay Janine for making her move halfway across the state due to his selfishness!

1545 days ago


I feel bad for sandra and sunny! Even though i think i feel worse for myself i live in texas!

1545 days ago


We don't need anymore white trash here in Texas.

1545 days ago


When did the parent that has custody have to pay for child support to the mother when she only has her on weekends. Don't see where she is entitled to support or any other support.

1545 days ago


wait did she NOT win the right to keep the child with her till school starts, right? Same judge? Did the judge ask if Janine has the child?

1545 days ago


This crazy B!tch needs to pay him!

1545 days ago


FIRST, also if Jesse has the majority of custody then why does he still have to pay child support?

1545 days ago


Keep it classy, Sandra!

Advice to young Hollywood starlets:

Don't marry men who have children with porn stars, or women who have neck tattoos.

They are gutter trash, and thusly you become gutter trash when you marry them.

1545 days ago


uhumm I agree with the other comments. She should be paying him child support! This is ridiculous! I've never heard of someone getting child support payments for a child that does not live with them! WTF?!

1545 days ago


They are two crazy people that have needed mental help for 20 years, why is this any news?????,

1545 days ago


WOW he has primary custody and STILL has to pay her $3,000.00 a month? That is a joke. She needs to get a job and support herself! These woman amaze me. Two days a week ans he pays that much. SICK judge.

1545 days ago


Jesse didn't leave Janine for Sandy. He started dating her way after they split. Janine refused dna test for the Childs 1st year. Jesse paid child support anyways. After the divorce Janine had more than enough to pay her back owed irs.
After divorce Janine sued Jesse for more child support, he went after visitation. It took another year to work it out and he went back and fourth to Oregon to visit. He won full custody fair and square. She won money today. Where is this child sleeping tonight? Not with Janine, BY Janine's choice.

1545 days ago
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