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Jesse James' Ex -- I'm Following Jesse to Texas!

8/9/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is going to have company in Texas ...because his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder claims she's moving to Austin to be closer to their daughter Sunny.


As we previously reported, the judge in their child custody case had ruled that Jesse could take Sunny to Austin, so she could be closer to her former stepmom Sandra Bullock ... who has a close relationship with the 6-year-old.

But this morning in an Orange County courtroom, Janine's attorney announced that the former porn star intends to follow Jesse to Austin ... and wants some money to help with the transition.

Janine wants $9,000 a month in child support -- with $3,500 of that earmarked for Janine's living expenses.  But she didn't get it .

For now, the judge ordered Jesse to pay Janine $50,000 for attorney's fees ... and set his child support rate at $2,000-per-month.

As for custody -- Janine will get Sunny on the weekends ... right after school lets out on Friday afternoons.

UPDATE: The judge just upped Jesse's child support payments to $3,000 a month. Outside of court, Janine told TMZ she considered today's hearing a "win" ... and that she's ready to head to the Lone Star State.



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She is a pig....when her daughter gets old enough to read and know what this whore has done for $$$$ I don't think she will be around her much.What decent man would ever marry or have a relationship with this thing...she has no morals. My heart go's out to the daughter. The judge should took one look at her and her history and not let her near the child.She belongs in the gutter.

1500 days ago

Michael Cross    

We don't want him in texas. go someplace else and create havoc james.

1500 days ago

cynical me    

WTF? HE has to pay HER for a child HE has all the time. She'll just snort that money right up her nose. Stupid scab bi tch.

1500 days ago


Great. Now Sandra's got the whole family stalking her. The girl can't catch a break.

1500 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

That kinda money is a drop in the bucket to Jesse, but she still doesn't deserve a cent. As far as us blue coller guys, that would bankrupt us! Just goes to show, No P#$$I in the world is worth that kinda money. At least for us regular guys....

1500 days ago


I agree that this doesn't make sense. It is the non-custodial parent which would be Janine, who pays child support, not the custodial parent. I hope when they move to Texas Jesse takes Janine to court and get the support order changed. That is bass ackwards. Oh and she is on something if she thinks that he should give her money to live on. Get a job Janine like every one else you lazy, abusive, mooch.

1499 days ago

South Beach    

CJ #82, I'm with you. Unbelievable.

1499 days ago


She wouldnt have any visits if she was still using. AS part of her agreement to visit she has to stay clean and open for random drug tests. I dont understand why she will get $3,000 a month.Maybe its spouse support. Anyway good for her and her daughter. Since Sandra is a good person Im sure she understands Sunny needs her mom to. I just dont understand the crazy move Jessie is doing moving to Texas. Maybe they want to work on their relatioship without the paparazzi driving them crazy and cool thigs down for awhile.

1499 days ago


Sending healing thoughts and love from far away to Chandler, Jesse Jr, and Sunny. After all this I have lost faith in all the adults involved in this.

1499 days ago


She should have to pay him child support not the other way around. Our legal system is such a scam.

1499 days ago


Janine,awsome of you is all I can say!!!Your love for your daughter should and WILL in the longrun outweigh any secondary love from Sandra Bullock, and as far as that a@@$%#^ of an ex husband goes SHAME on him for trying to discredit and destroy the unique and powerful love of a mother and a child.So you made some mistakes in your past ,whippy f##king do,your standing up for yourself now and taking responsibility for your past errors,and trying to move forward.However this prick of an ex,seems to think that he's above the world.Hangin there girl,stand tall and proud and good on you all the way.LOVE Emerald.

1499 days ago


Sounds to me like he got stuck with one dumbass judge. The person who has actual custody of the child is the one who gets the child support, it should be her paying Jesse. Also all she did here was show that all she was really looking to do was get money out of this, she does not care about Sunny she just sees her as $$$ signs

1499 days ago


What is wrong with this judge. JANINE get a job..... you have your daughter 8 days a month. WOW.

1499 days ago


Thats something I don't understand why Jesse has to pay her some child support payments even though the child DOESN'T live with her mother full time?

1499 days ago


Please do not do this. I live in Texas and Austin has always been a favorite. Please stay away. You are not welcome here.

1499 days ago
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