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Justin Bieber

Pelted by

Flying Water Bottle

8/9/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It has laid dormant for nearly 9 months ... insane footage of Justin Bieber being domed by a water bottle during a live concert in Sacramento ...  and he handles it LIKE A MAN!!!!

It all went down at the Jingle Ball concert back in December ... when some dumbass concertgoer with an incredibly accurate arm fired off the water bottle while Bieber was front and center. 

The projectile object smacked an unsuspecting Bieb in the head -- but instead of crying or whining or falling down, dude simply says, "Ow, that didn't feel good" ... and then proceeds like nothing ever happened.


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Good shot!

1505 days ago


Ouch! Now I really don't like the kid.....but that was uncalled for......

1505 days ago

Dennis F.    

Dumbass concertgoer? That guy should get an award!

1505 days ago


Hilarious. I'm guessing a parent that is sick of this little ghetto-wannabe/helmetwear/girl-voice douche nozzle threw that. As Leave It To Bieber would say "Much Props Homey". God I'm glad I've never seen this kid in real life. I'd love to punt him about forty yards, then shave his head. Can hardly wait for his new book so I can learn how he got his diapers off when he was fourteen all by his self. Then he got his first zit last year. How he just got peach fuzz, and shaved. What a little freak. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind seeing Aaron Carter in public. WOOOOOORD UP DAWGS. Looking forward to the teenybopper fans responding to this because they love him. Should be entertaining to watch the text message language, and 8 year old love bug running wild. MORONS.

1505 days ago


I'll admit, that did make me chuckle a bit.

It must be said, however, that the young man does deserve much respect for the amount of attention he garners.

Keep on doing your thing, kid.

1505 days ago


Nice reflexes, kid... I think it might have missed his head since he got his hand up so quickly.

As for those who wish bad on this harmless boy, please consult a psychiatrist.

1505 days ago


LMFAO!!!!!!!!! YES!! :D I just laughed so hard!! XD

1505 days ago


This has to be video if the year lol bout ****ing time

1505 days ago


next time throw a f**king brick at that no talent sh*t!!! I hope someone makes him crash that Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder into a mini-van full of fans and kills them and he dies in a flaming crash!!!

Posted at 10:59 AM on Aug 9, 2010 by H8ISGR8


WOW, i hope you don't have any kids.....

1505 days ago


Wow, you guys need to relax with the whole, "should of been a brick" or "he's a douche and deserves it." He's just a kid who got lucky and made it big. I find it funny that you morons actually know he's talentless, which tells me that you actually sat their and listened to his music like some creepy pedo trying to get his rocks off. Just by looking at him I can, Im not in the demographic that this type of music is supposed to appeal to. You guys are probably a bunch of pedos who saw him on some disney channel website er sumethin.

1505 days ago


thank you to whoever threw that water bottle

1505 days ago


Canadians are tough.If that was one of your ***** american singers he would have walked of stage

1505 days ago


He's young. Bounces back easily. Just wait until the ego kicks in. Next time he'll cancel all concerts and sue.

1505 days ago


#12 well said.

1505 days ago


..looking forward to the TMZ Beiber twitter voice to comment on this one. Hilarious stuff.

1505 days ago
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