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Katherine Jackson -- MJ's Kids 'Are Doing Fabulous'

8/9/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says Prince, Paris, and Blanket couldn't be doing any better -- and according to her, they're all destined for greatness ... just like their father.

Katherine Jackson - Michael Jackson Kids

Katherine claims the "kids are doing fabulous" -- Paris wants to be an actress, Prince wants to make movies, and Blanket's got serious dancing chops.

Check it out -- thanks again to the Michael Jackson Secret Vault for the clip.


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No problem at all, Barb.A. :-)
This can't be posted often enough!

1534 days ago


More advertisement for Michael Jackson Secret Vault.

C'Mon TMZ something new, put those loose marbles to work! What's Tohme Tohme up to these days?

1534 days ago


Why are most posters complaining about him not being their bio father? Why the **** do you care? Is the fact that he could or couldn't be causing some kinda imbalance to your life? All i know is that there was a strong bond and alot of L.O.V.E among him and those kids and that's something that your jealous post can't erase.


I'll say this "alot of men are fathers but it takes a real man to be a father", Mr. Jackson was a REAL father.

1534 days ago


some of you on here is delusional them kids
arnie jr looks NOTHING like mj
paris has BLUE EYES!!!
they both have arnie klein's color hair and ears and debbie rowe hook chin!!
they have NO black in them two!!!
don't give me that "but joe jackson has green/gray/blue".
and y'all gushing over these average kids their are not that cute sorry.
now jermaine has some handsome BIO children you can't say they are not his kids.

1534 days ago


Nice lady. Too bad she is MJ´s mother.

1534 days ago


I guess YOU should be given over to Dr. Murray.
Getting you into a nice, extensive period of sleep would be SUCH a recreation for this board.

1534 days ago

Anne Kervran    

Anytime I hear about Michael's children, I think sadly about Michael's death. Nothing, nobody, no sibling can replace Michael. Sure, I feel curious about these kids but, FIRST OF ALL, I hope they will do their utmost to protect their father's image and keep Michael alive in people's minds for the next decades. It might be a hard task for them.

1534 days ago


Genetically speaking WHO are their fathers? It's inferred they have inherited these so called talents from MJ.
Some more exploitation of these children. MJ specificaly stated he didn't want this life style for his children.Katherine doesn't recognize or acknowledge the mistakes she made w/her children & now she again for money will exploit her grandchildren...greedy people is what I see.

1534 days ago


some of you on here is delusional them kids
arnie jr looks NOTHING like mj
paris has BLUE EYES!!!
they both have arnie klein's color hair and ears and debbie rowe hook chin!!
they have NO black in them two!!!

You are RIGHT ON with this. They are NOT Michael's children. Never have been, never will be. He was a liar who butchered his face, bleached his skin and try to pass off white children as his own.

1534 days ago


Of course they are doing fabulous. What Jehovah's Witness would say otherwise? The Watchtower members are controlled their every move and thought when it comes to being involved with such an organization. JW's are very good at hiding their skeletons , but as time goes on it gets revealed. As these kids get older, I really do hope they do the research of the Jackson Family and the Watchtower organization from its roots so they can make a sound mind decision as to their future.

but it seems that Mama Jackson has them locked in .

WATCHTOWER UNCENSORED ( facebook ) .....the real "truth" behind the truth.


1534 days ago


Luv you MJ!

1534 days ago


It's of bad taste for anyone to make suggestions that they ARE not Michael's' kids. None of any one's business, who, why, how they were conceived. Liar? the only liars on this board are those who seem to think they know this man personally and want to make their opinions into facts.

Bleached himself? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This man had vitiligo and seems beside being ignorant fool(s) you can't read or FAIL looking deeper into facts.

1534 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Michael Jackson gave interviews that he does not want his children to be entertainers or performers...Katherine why are you forcing his kids to be shoved into the spotlight like you did to Michael? Why do you think Michael made the kids wear masks? Because he wanted them to have a normal childhood. Now he isn't here to protect them and she isn't a saint she is exploiting MJ's kids. Very sad

1534 days ago

Mimi from Indy    

Jacko's children should be taken away from Katherine and full custody awarded to Dr. Murray.


Posted at 7:00 AM on Aug 9, 2010 by Antwone

To Antwone: You are a total prick! I agree with moni!

1534 days ago


I remember Prince Michael saying at the Grammys while accepting
his fathers award that they wanted to keep his legacy going.
His dad was a man of love. I am praying for them to be great
like their father in some area hopefully as humanitarians!
You are missed Michael,love you forever.

1534 days ago
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