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Katherine Jackson -- MJ's Kids 'Are Doing Fabulous'

8/9/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says Prince, Paris, and Blanket couldn't be doing any better -- and according to her, they're all destined for greatness ... just like their father.

Katherine Jackson - Michael Jackson Kids

Katherine claims the "kids are doing fabulous" -- Paris wants to be an actress, Prince wants to make movies, and Blanket's got serious dancing chops.

Check it out -- thanks again to the Michael Jackson Secret Vault for the clip.


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My two cents ;)    

as for Paris not looking like Michael, how do we know what Michael would have really looked like had he not undergone so much plastic surgery? Btw, my daughter has green eyes and brown hair she is of mixed races and looks a lot like Paris so you really shouldn't say whose kids are whose when it comes to Michael because light colored eyes happen in biracial babies all the time.

1536 days ago


Good Lord!!! This freak show of a science project has been dead over a year now--can we PLEASE go a friggin' week (or year) without some more news about his family? MJ and his whole lame family just aren't that interesting--MOVE ON!!!

1536 days ago


oh come on p&p has fair skin and straight hair!
what african american with 2 black parents has blue eyes?
they are not black are biracial.
i wish he had black kids so the gay/not the father rumors would stop.

arnie klein needs to get his kids!!!

1536 days ago


@ # 54
stfu u piece of racists ****

1536 days ago

Please stop it Kooky    

O Michael, Michael, Michael.. Bravo, Bravo.. I have finally figured you out.. Standing ovation Sir.. You are a true genius.. Much Love and Luck...

1536 days ago


Mrs. Jackson looks like an old gorilla wearing a cheap wig

Posted at 7:59 AM on Aug 9, 2010 by Sue from Tampa

What a highly intelligent contribution to the discussion on this board.
At least the gorillas belong to the family of Hominidae/hominids. I'm not sure whether we can tell that from you.

But seriously: I think Katherine is a very good looking old lady.

(Hi Mimi. Nice to see that there are also some clear minded people here)

1536 days ago

rietha smith of booneville mississippi    

im glad to hear the kids is doing well i know its hard for them to go on without their father he was awesome ill never forget him and as for his kids they will go far and be great they learned that from their father he was a great dad i love michael and miss you very much xoxo you will always be in my heart rest in peace ............ from rietha smith of booneville miss

1536 days ago


Child services should take those kids away! Look how that family has turned out. A pack of lying jackals.

1536 days ago


Why in the world do you people keep posting old news about The Jacksons..... This aired on TV months ago.... I love Michael's Music and always will..... Let this family live their lives in peace....

1536 days ago


Much love to Ms. Katherine. Love you, Michael!

1536 days ago


billliejeanRIP,at least try doing some reseach before making stupid comments,Joe's eyes are blue/green not brown,they are his,face that fact.

1536 days ago


acko's children should be taken away from Katherine and full custody awarded to Dr. Murray.


Posted at 7:00 AM on Aug 9, 2010 by Antwone

I COMPLETELY AGREE> Take the kids away and give them to the good Dr. Murray. HOORAY FOR MURRAY, a TRUE AMERICAN HERO!!!!!!!!!!

1536 days ago


oh come on p&p has fair skin and straight hair!
what african american with 2 black parents has blue eyes?
they are not black are biracial.
i wish he had black kids so the gay/not the father rumors would stop.

arnie klein needs to get his kids!!!

Posted at 8:04 AM on Aug 9, 2010 by billliejeanRIP

NOW really? read this again! Since when is Debbie Rowe African American?

You called someone on here racists and your posts are just as ignorant! BONEHEAD!

1536 days ago


For those who are saying tons of mean stuff about the kids
why are you even watching this video?
Kids too white?
they are darker then white people look at their paparazzi pictures they are surronded with white people but the kids are darker then them.
Beside it's possible a child that is half white and half black can look more white.
Prince looks like Arnold oh plz!
Prince looks like Michael during the 70's
all of the kids look like Michael
Michael raise them and loved them so he is their bio father
and Katherine is raising the kids really good
Michael trusted her so leave the family alone
you have no right to judge those children

1536 days ago

Steelers suck    

Chip off the old block? He wasn't their biological father. He "bought" those kids. And after what happened to him, all the plastic surgery, the total whackadooness of him, who would want those poor kids to grow up to be that? All the Jacksons are whacked and Katherine is the catalyst to all of it. Take those kids and give them to someone who will care for them not the money they bring in!

1536 days ago
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