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Kelsey Grammer -- The Camille Kiss-Off

8/9/2010 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer wasted no time moving on from Camille -- and was caught holding hands and kissing on a new woman just one month after his third wife filed for divorce.

The "Frasier" star was getting cozy with the new blonde this weekend in Manhattan.

Camille filed in July, citing "irreconcilable differences."  We're guessing the feeling is mutual.


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shes already letting herself go. i mean, my god, what is she wearing? she is just missing the rollers. he does look happy though; maybe its because hes finally getting stalked by the papz.

1536 days ago


this looks staged... he probably called the s***my paps this time.

1536 days ago

Gaylord Fahrquar    

Not only could Kelsey Grammer find a girlfriend in LA in 4 weeks, he could find one in 4 DAYS.

1536 days ago


Why does it always have to be a blonde ? Couldn't he get a hard on with a brunette ? Does that ugly old fool thing for one second that this piece of shxt is with him because of true love ? Wake up ugly fat ass, she's after your money. When does he find time to be with his children ? So many unanswered questions. I agree with Brigitte Bardot when she says she prefers her dogs to any man she's been with.

1536 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

Another blonde bimbo.
Nice Family Values Republican douchebag.

1536 days ago


I bet she's pregnant~

1536 days ago


Stop already! Can't you wait to canoodle with someone else until your divorce is final? Show some yourself. You're coming off as desperate.

1536 days ago


Ouch. That's gotta sting.

1536 days ago


#2 Fred Farkel
What is wrong with you?

1536 days ago


Oh my FRED FARKLE you are a bitter man, burned too much perhaps? Not ALL women are as bad as you put it.

I suspect you have personal issues that brought you to this conclusion. Maybe you guys just don't know HOW to pick them?
I know plenty of good women who are great people and good mothers and wives.

It is not fair for you to generalize like that. Married 23 years and I'm only 42. Never any drama, no cheating, and we have kids and grandkids, perhaps we are the exception to the rule I suppose. But... it can work and its great when it does.

Hope you find that someone Mr. Farkle. Til then, chill.

1536 days ago


So that's the girl he's been hiding in his apartment for months. I wonder is it because she's as equally unattractive as he or he just didn't want to deal with explaining to the public that he been cheating on his wife until she finally filed?

I think that was all staged, there's no way he'd not be a man and work out his problems with his family to be with that. We all know he'd never get any tail if he wasn't a famous actor years ago but come on now. This has to be a joke.

All kidding aside, what's with her clothes? And those cankles and thunder thighs(yes I feel bad saying it but come on)is she prego or built like a man. At least his soon to be ex is hot. He should stop playing this game and come out of the closet. Those who know know that he's gay or shall we say still confused over 50.

Poor girl after he goes psycho on her she'll only walk away with half of a half.

Fugly! belongs with fugly!

1536 days ago


My boss just asked if that's the underage girl he molested 15 years ago? Anyone know? Seems to him like she'd be in that age bracket but this girl looks too old to be her imho.

1536 days ago


Stay single playboy, too much money to lose. Love is 2nd best in todays world

1536 days ago


This guy is a jackass! It was one of the most staged rollouts of a new girlfriend ever. What a LOWLIFE LOSER!!! I don't care how rich or great he thinks he is because he's old news, washed up.

This man needs someone to beat some sense into him. YOU HAVE YOUNG KIDS! What an *******! And too his lady friend who broke up his marriage, YOU MUST BE PROUD! Good for you Camille, it's like money in the bank because he couldn't keep it in his PANTS! Enjoy your life to the fullest now, he's out of the picture.

1536 days ago


Okay, I watched again and with sound. What a staged act. Finally the home wrecker revealed. Kelsey you need help! You're one of the dumbest celebrities around. Mel didn't know he was being taped but you parade this pig around as if people will respect you. You're misogynist. After your Camille cleans you out I hope you marry this one and she does the same in half the time. Any woman would look at this and be disgusted. Wait, you just met her right? LOL.

1536 days ago
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