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With Lindsay in Rehab, Assistant in Dina & Ali Hell

8/9/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is actually a job more insane than being Lindsay Lohan's assistant -- tending to the needs of her mom and sister!

Lindsay Lohan Rehabilitation
Sources close to Eleonore, Lindsay's long-suffering assistant, tell TMZ she is “miserable,” “super-stressed” and "incredibly worn out" these days -- which is strange because Lindsay has been "away" for nearly a month.

But now she has to do Dina and Ali Lohan's bidding. We're told Dina "goes on about nothing for days," constantly rambling about potential business deals. One such "deal" centers around a storage unit Lindsay has with her old clothes and other belongings that don't fit in her apartment. According to our sources, Dina thinks there's money to be made off the stuff with a Lohan garage sale.

Throw 16-year-old Ali in the mix and now Eleonore's got double the errands, pick ups, drop offs, etc ... and suddenly someone's counting down to Lindsay's release. 

82 days to go, Eleonore.



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T L    

Wow, scary.. always forgetting about the assistant! What a very stressful job!!

1481 days ago


wow (wish there was an underwhelmed puncuation)
wonder how this was 'leaked', they just can't stand being out of the 'news' for a day, can they?

1481 days ago


#16 How do you know the family is gross? What abuse? Whether Elinore earns more income than "us" (you have no idea how much my income is....or any of the other participants.) Family is gross (how many are there? Have you ever met any of them)? Why are they gross? Your "comments" are very general in nature, and based on non-credible information. You're right in that if I was looking for a credible news source, I wouldn't look here....but I'm not here for a credible news source, rather I'm here to voice my disdain for TMZ and it's content.

1481 days ago


well, she certainly isn't doing dina the dino's hair. nice roots. btw, no one wants you family's smelly old clothes. why are you even here? are there any shoes for your classy bald ex-husband to throw at anyone? you must be REALLLY embarrassed to have been actually married to that loser. or, maybe not.

1481 days ago


uhhhhhhhhh if its that bad then why not tell them to **** off i mean after all she is being paid to assist lindsay and not her moochers.

1481 days ago


Dang is Ali FUGLLLLY!

1481 days ago


How long before we see Ali passed out drunk in a car? And why in the world does LiLo need an assistant?

1481 days ago


Dina is the female version of JOE SIMPSON.
Get a Job Dina support yourself and your daughter.
Ali is going to be just like Lindsay in a few years. Both kids have raised themselves to be just like you.

1480 days ago


27 No.

1480 days ago


Is she THAT desperate for a job? Surely, there's another celeb she can work for.

1480 days ago


Dina obviously doesn't give a sh*t about Lindsay, only what she can benefit from. I'm sure she would be happy if Lindsay died and then she could make money off her estate and memorabilia.

Dina sure isn't a very attractive woman and it's obvious she's had botox among other plastic surgery treatments. That family isn't good looking at all. Lindsay used to look good when she was all made up (don't we all?) and she is a half-decent actress, but the rest of them are bottom feeders.

Tip to Lindsay: When you get outof rehab, RUN! Far away from your family! Start a new life somewhere, surrounded by good people. Your family is no better than hanging out with a bunch of drug-pushers.

1480 days ago


Forgive me, please, but these two women pictured above are FONDILLO-UGLY! I hope you're happy, TMZ: Now I'm blind!

1480 days ago


What does her sister Ali do???

1480 days ago


Dina Lohan is nothing more than a Pimp. No wonder Lindsay is out of control, she apparently never had a "mother", she had a Pimp. When most mothers look at their kids they do so with affection and love. When Dina looks at Lindsay she sees dollar signs and ways to live off her child. She's vile. Father is not any better.

1480 days ago


I cant believe that Dina thinks she is a parent. she is the main reason her 2 children are such idiots and until she is away from them they will only get worse. Cant they see everyone is sick and tired of them and they are now both Z-Listers.

1480 days ago
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