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With Lindsay in Rehab, Assistant in Dina & Ali Hell

8/9/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is actually a job more insane than being Lindsay Lohan's assistant -- tending to the needs of her mom and sister!

Lindsay Lohan Rehabilitation
Sources close to Eleonore, Lindsay's long-suffering assistant, tell TMZ she is “miserable,” “super-stressed” and "incredibly worn out" these days -- which is strange because Lindsay has been "away" for nearly a month.

But now she has to do Dina and Ali Lohan's bidding. We're told Dina "goes on about nothing for days," constantly rambling about potential business deals. One such "deal" centers around a storage unit Lindsay has with her old clothes and other belongings that don't fit in her apartment. According to our sources, Dina thinks there's money to be made off the stuff with a Lohan garage sale.

Throw 16-year-old Ali in the mix and now Eleonore's got double the errands, pick ups, drop offs, etc ... and suddenly someone's counting down to Lindsay's release. 

82 days to go, Eleonore.



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This is the woman that quit once and then went back? Sounds like she's lucky to have a job.

1502 days ago


This is the woman that quit once and then went back? Sounds like she's lucky to have a job.

1502 days ago


she is not an assistant then really, she is a mom to two very demanding brats, with the third brat in jail for now

you must be hard as stone to work for people like that

it is slavery with pay, maybe her need to stay close to ' celebrity ' is bigger than her need to save her soul, she sure isn't working for money, any other job would be easier...

1502 days ago


If I was the assistant -- I would have created contract with Lindsay that I will NOT DO things for her family. I will ONLY do Lindsay's errands or affairs.

Dear assistant... It is time for you to quit Lindsay Lohan because of her advantage-taking mom and sister.

1502 days ago


This so called mother is the biggest blood-sucking leach, money grabbing golddigging bitch I have ever seen, And the daughter should be taken away by child protective services. This is by far the most screwed up family I have ever seen.

1502 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I have no pity for Eleonore. She put herself into that situation and deserves to be miserable until she gets a real brain and a real job or dies from a drug OD. I am sure she does drugs to deal with her misery. It is L.A.

1502 days ago


One must have a TOTAL lack of self-respect to be an "assistant" to ANY of these stars....

1502 days ago


Ali always looks like she has just sniffed a fart, and can't decide whether or not to name her new fragrance after it.

1502 days ago


Lindsay's assistant should not be assisting her mother and sister, just because Lindsay is away....but if she was told to by Lindsay and she doesn't like it-SHE CAN QUIT! No one is making her stay there. This is such a stupid article! If you are not happy with your job- LEAVE! I'm sure there are many other people who would love to step in and do this job! Are we supposed to feel bad for the poor little assistant? LOL

1502 days ago


Both of them are self entitled white trash s***bags. Little Ali is turning into a young Lindsay already with her pipe problem!

1501 days ago


How funny that she is spending so much time on the Lindsay nonsense while her son is like home alone in Long Island driving around the neighborhood picking up his friends in a golf cart that has no headlights. How did you elude the police last Thursday at 1:00 am Cody? You better get back to Long Island Dina before the only normal kid you have left gets killed from cruising the road in the middle of the night in a golf cart. Why is dangerous behavior like that allowed? Who is watching him?

1501 days ago


Get a friggin' job, Dina! POS pimp she is.

1501 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

wow, Ali is kinda rat faced, huh?

1501 days ago


Re: Who'd ya rather -

Dina (Orange Oprah) and 80-grit sandpaper would feel like the same thing.

Please offer a third alternative.

1501 days ago


I used to be an assistant. I lasted 8 months. A personal assistant is nothing more than a slave if you are unfortunate enough to get with someone who only cares about themselves. You are expected to be at their beck and call 24/7. You have no life.

1501 days ago
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