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With Lindsay in Rehab, Assistant in Dina & Ali Hell

8/9/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is actually a job more insane than being Lindsay Lohan's assistant -- tending to the needs of her mom and sister!

Lindsay Lohan Rehabilitation
Sources close to Eleonore, Lindsay's long-suffering assistant, tell TMZ she is “miserable,” “super-stressed” and "incredibly worn out" these days -- which is strange because Lindsay has been "away" for nearly a month.

But now she has to do Dina and Ali Lohan's bidding. We're told Dina "goes on about nothing for days," constantly rambling about potential business deals. One such "deal" centers around a storage unit Lindsay has with her old clothes and other belongings that don't fit in her apartment. According to our sources, Dina thinks there's money to be made off the stuff with a Lohan garage sale.

Throw 16-year-old Ali in the mix and now Eleonore's got double the errands, pick ups, drop offs, etc ... and suddenly someone's counting down to Lindsay's release. 

82 days to go, Eleonore.



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Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

That unfortunate young woman Ali sure is ugly. And uneducated (dumb).....

1514 days ago

Alan Carver    

I can't imagining what would be worse, working for Lohan or having to do the bidding of now the mother and daughter. Unfortunately, Dina is ILL-EQUIPPED in everything she touches, from parenting to business matters. If she was as good as she says she is, then Lohan would have a thriving career to look at now that Lohan is clean and sober for the first time in years. Especially when she is released from her rehab stay. What I find interesting is that Lohan claims it to be the other way around - her needing her mother - what if she finds out during her rehab stint Dina is just as toxic as her so called friends. Does happen, and I have seen it personally.

However, if Eleonore is that MISERABLE with having to do the bidding not only for Lohan but all three of those messes, while the main bird is in rehab, she should have taken time off from her duties as well and came back when Lohan gets out of rehab. I think it is going to be interesting to see WHO gets to hang with her (Lohan) now that she is clean!

If the influences around her do not change, especially since she still has a year on probation, she is not going to make it! Once an addict always an addict and you have to change all things about yourself including your friends. If she doesn't she will clearly be back in jail sometime between now and August 2011. Unfortunately, only time will tell what Lohan gets out of rehab in October. Until then though the mean streets of LA can rest easy.

1514 days ago


This girl should refuse to help Mom & sis. If she was hired to work for "Lindsay" then she should be on vacation while Linds is "away".

1514 days ago


Why does Dina even think she NEEDS an assistant? What could she possibly not have time to do on her own?

1514 days ago


Ali has been there since the end of May so i guess that Eleonore must be used to her but i can only imagine how bad Dina is.
Dina only flew in after Lindsay was sentenced.

Rehab will be difficult but things will be even more difficult on formal probation. No alcohol for 9 months after rehab is probably manageable. If she does fall off the wagon then she may not get caught as the Judge even said that you could have your last drink at 12 and it could be gone by 4am. Drug testing depending on what she has prescriptions for after rehab will be challenging.

1514 days ago


I would buy all of Lindsey clothes for only 1 dollor, maybe a box of clothes for only 1 dollar, any lesser bids. I would help out Lindsey, but not her bottomfeeder mom, dad or sister.

1514 days ago


I think the whole family needs rehab of some sort!!!! Maybe they can get a discount rate. The mother looks like an older slutty version of Lindsay. The father is a total whack and the young daughter needs some serious guidance.

1514 days ago


I want an assistant!

1514 days ago


...she goes on about nothing for days? That IS what tweekers do.

1514 days ago


doesn;t this mother have a young son also? who is parenting these children, while the mother jet sets about hollywood? why does not a judge order this women to stay away from her daughter and allow her to TRY to become sober???

1514 days ago


Dina sure has saggy boobs, well she is lookin' pretty old with all thos wrinkles and leathery skin so i guess she is due. Little Sister, do something with those eyebrows geeesh, are you old enough to shave your legs and pluck those bushy brows? Get a bush-hog or something to them thangs.

1514 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Man these things are something else,like who are they and who cares.I guess news is slow at TMZ.

1514 days ago


Their pictures does not compliment them at all. Ugh!

1514 days ago


Why is this poor woman still working for Lohan? Wonder who pays her, not Dina, that would mean giving money to someone else and money not going into her pocket.

1514 days ago


I thought they already HAD a Lohan Garage Sale, online, I remember, used clothes and ****.

1514 days ago
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