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Fantasia Barrino -- Overdose Confirmed

8/10/2010 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino's rep has officially confirmed reports that the "American Idol" champ was rushed to a North Carolina hospital last night after a "medication overdose."


UPDATE: Fantasia's manager says the singer is in stable condition.


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What a wonderful infulence for her daughter! Stupid so called "stars", Too much money and ego and not enough brains! IDIOT!

1502 days ago


wow I cant believe some of the meanness I am reading #25 is one of the worse one.........she is a human being that has made a mistake, some of you act like she had gone out and murdered someone. get better Fantasia , and you and your little girl be will get through all of will all go away, just remember this as a good lesson .

1502 days ago


Sounds like Fantasia can't handle the scrutiny. Drug od... poor baby *rolls eyes*

1502 days ago


her poor daughter, she deserves a better mother. one that doesn't make such pizz poor choices.

1502 days ago


@21 u have some nerve and kelly clarkson doesn't scream? okay whatever. Fantasia is talented and yes she made some mistakes that she will have to get over. I swear it is so easy to talk shi@ from behind a pc when know one knows who u r to call u out on ur mistakes. Also I'm so tired of ppl saying they don't like her or know who she is. How about u don't click on this link, that would be much better and would leave space for ppl who have something constructive to say.

1502 days ago


suicide is an easy way out,man up for your short commings and mistakes and stop doing this crap,really wanna kill yourself use a gun,this is all PR i will overdose people will feel sad for me,and blah blah,seen it all

1502 days ago


People should look into their own closets before going in somebody elses. How do you know that she even slept with somebody elses husband? Until it is proven,shut your mouths.Just because somebody accusses her of doing it, doesn't make it true.You should be praying for her recovery instead of adding fuel to the gosip mills.

1502 days ago


Come on girl, people have real problems like trying to pay bills and look for work! you pull this crap because your behavior caught up with you? Pathetic!

1502 days ago


I wonder if stories like this make any of the online tabloid owners feel guilty for pouncing on nasty gossip about people's personal lives ?

1502 days ago


Come on girl, people have real problems like trying to pay bills and look for work! you pull this crap because your behavior caught up with you? Pathetic!

Posted at 1:27 PM on Aug 10, 2010 by skinhead 1969

i agree. she chose to screw around with a married man and it became public. she needs to shake it off, straighten up, stop making dumbazz choices and take care of her daughter.

i'd hate to see what she did if she had real problems.

1502 days ago


So sad. I hope she will be ok. I don't remeber so much hate when Angelina Jolie was sleeping with Brad when he was a married man and not seperated. I guess Fantasia better start taking pictures with orphans.

1502 days ago


I say play with fire expect to get burned. At some point she found out he was married and still chose to go on with the relationship. And her dumbass gets his name tatooed on her chest. She's seen vacationing with him in the Bahamas. Then she speaks with the wife on the phone chastising her about not being able to take care of her husband as to the reason why he strayed. Now she's devastated knowing that she could actually lose all her money, not because she's known as a homewrecker. She has no one to blame but herself.

1502 days ago


Those without sin cast the first stone. No one is perfect not anyone. I'm not saying what she did is right, but if we had people look into our closets and see what we hide from our friends and family, we would be so ashamed. Everyone needs compassion and love, try helping someone get up when they are down, not kick them further into the dark hole.

1502 days ago


Why does everyone always blame the other woman? Seriously how can a woman "steal" a man. Are men that weak and simple minded they can't think for themselves or honor the vows they committed to.

What she did was "wrong" but the man was the slut who couldn't keep his **** in his parents or honor his vows or committment. She owed nothing to the wife...she never promised her anything. He did. That makes him the home wrecking whore...

She is just an easy immoral tramp....big deal that's half my friends. *shrugs*

1502 days ago


I wish her the best but you know that she did it because the public knows that is a home wrecker. That married woman exposed her and a lot of people are finding out that she is not as good that she comes off to be. I hope that she bounces back and learns from this.

1502 days ago
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