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Fantasia Barrino -- Overdose Confirmed

8/10/2010 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino's rep has officially confirmed reports that the "American Idol" champ was rushed to a North Carolina hospital last night after a "medication overdose."


UPDATE: Fantasia's manager says the singer is in stable condition.


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Please people I read your statement and that your right, but you without sin cast the first stone. Fantasia was use by this man and his wife for money reason. This is my thinking. I believe she was blind sided. That man probably told her he was not with his and with his wife. Fantasia is only 26 year old and I just fell for her. I pretty sure she wasn't trying to overdose and do not need people to fill sorry for her. She has a praying family. We don't know the hold story. I see it is mean people and hater on this site. Fantasia will be back and her voice is something special from God and hater can't touch it.

1537 days ago

Lucy Lyons    

Remember your daughter. She needs your more than anything. Stay healthy and strong. In a year you will look back and say "what was I thinking". We love you !!!!!

1537 days ago


so easy to pass judgement> what have YOU done. she's no different then anyone else who goes down this dark road. Keep in mind it takes to to tangle.. You dont no her story only what the media puts out nd then you pass judgement. Have any of yall looked in the mirror and said im perfect??? think before you act and Judge..

1537 days ago


I suppose all of you people never committed a sin in your life which qualifies you to judge others that you don't know. Let's get this straight - a man cannot be "stolen". He acts of his own free will. That is sexist Taliban bull that causes people to tell women to cover themselves up to their eyeballs so helpless men won't be forced to act on their impulses. I don't know Fantasia or this man or his wife so unless some of you do you should keep you judgments to yourself.

1537 days ago


@21 u have some nerve and kelly clarkson doesn't scream? okay whatever. Fantasia is talented and yes she made some mistakes that she will have to get over. I swear it is so easy to talk shi@ from behind a pc when know one knows who u r to call u out on ur mistakes. Also I'm so tired of ppl saying they don't like her or know who she is. How about u don't click on this link, that would be much better and would leave space for ppl who have something constructive to say.

1537 days ago

hollaback Girl    

for a celebrity who says she's always trying to be a good example for her daughter. then she is showing her daughter its okay to try and take your life when the truth comes out and things get tough. great way to be an example

1537 days ago



FANTASIA YOU ARE ONLY HUMAN. Don't give up on life. Love your music and your acting. STAY THE WINNER THAT YOU ARE!!!!


1537 days ago


SMH.....She was content with stealing another woman's husband, now that the heat on on..she can't take it!!! I wouldn't spend another dime on this chicks music!!!

1537 days ago



1537 days ago


All of you posting negative comments about Fantasia being a homewrecker need 2 quit it! I guess you don't blame the man for having a relationship outside of his marriage. Stop blaming the other women in situations like this. If the man made himself available then he's the one to blame. And furthermore if he was happy at home then his wife wouldn't have this problem. Ladies learn how to keep your significant other happy! This goes for men as well. "Happy wife happy life"

1537 days ago


Before you make a statement that you were not having an affair, you might want to make sure there are no photos, sex tapes. Now you look stupid. No overdose is worth a man especially when she has a child to care for. I hope you feel better Fantasia.. But lesson learned..

1537 days ago


Such a pretty picture. Gorgeous picture of her.

1537 days ago


I'm from Charlotte and the hospital that she was sent to is less than 30 miles from my house. What I have gathered from this story is that they found her in a closet after overdosing on medication

1537 days ago


Well I hope she gets better...Maybe she caused da divorce n maybe not, maybe she was n da wrong idk but if ur gonna blame her u might as well blame da husband 2 b/c he knew he was married just like she knew. Who knows maybe da marriage was already headin 4 divorce but as I have been taught never do 2 someone what u dont want done 2 u n she should put herself n da wife's would u feel if dat was ur husband n another woman came along n just opened her legs 2 him. Sometimes u just have 2 look at things 4rm a different perspective!! I still love her tho!!

1537 days ago


Who cares everyone in hollywood sleeps around anyway Alicia keys just did it and no one said a damn thing. That's between her and her God forget what people say. I still love you Tasia.

1537 days ago
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