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Fantasia Barrino -- Overdose Confirmed

8/10/2010 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino's rep has officially confirmed reports that the "American Idol" champ was rushed to a North Carolina hospital last night after a "medication overdose."


UPDATE: Fantasia's manager says the singer is in stable condition.


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S. Alexandryte    

Many of you are heartless! Whatever! She's not the only superstar to try and OD after hurting news. And she won't be the last. But if you were a fan, you'd shut it, wouldn't you? Stay Strong Fantasia! You'll get through it.

1479 days ago


It's really ashamed that this has happened. I honestly don't think she went into this relationship knowing what she knows now. It has to be very devestating to have your business put out on blast in the first place. I can see her being stressed over the situation though. But basically, the man in this situation was dead wrong because he knew what he was doing from the moment it started. With most women we give our hearts fully and you are pretty much stuck until something drastic happens that will make you quit. It's unfortunate that it had to be like that, but she will bounce back. Peace

1479 days ago


OK,it is a lot of people i see on here trying to put her down but all i have to say is it don't matter who you are , where you come from,or what color you are when you see someone anyone going through some rough time you don't sit around and be disrespectful we all have been through things but just because they don't handle it like you do don't mean a thing because if it was you you would want someone to be there for for you so don't sit and judge it could have been YOU

1479 days ago


Why do women blame each other and not the good for nothing sewage-drain of the man who was fooling both women? NO MAN is WORTH SUICIDE - up your vitamin B 12 child and move on! Shooo!!

1479 days ago


I don't wish her harm. But she should take it on the chin. You don't see LeAnn Rimes ho-ey arse doing this, probably because she's not in NC (good on you state for that law). As for "haters" there are no haters there are people out there who have morals. Sin, we have all committed sin but there are many levels of sin and this one is a big NO NO. Men cheat, women cheat, people have "free will" but what about the free will of sorting through a relationship and not having the "other woman" call you up and taunt you?!?! Where is his soon-to-be ex wife's free will to sort it out? Haters? Sounds like a bunch of bimbos who are defending her because it too close to home. It's called respect for all parties. Two of these parties didn't respect the wife and kids. All bets are off now and I hope his wife shows the rest of the population of wives and whores (manwhores, too!) what's up!

1479 days ago


who is this person and why does anybody care?

1479 days ago


Sometimes Nancy Grace goes too far, last night she went off on this Fantasia story, showing pictures and saying that Fantasia could be taken for everything she has even clothes and all and the ski jet she was on with the Cook guy. On her show they showed the tatoos that Fantasia had and talked about how he has a tatoo. Last night I finally turned the channel. Although that is still my show, it is just sad how people's lives are invaded and people are real people and do become sucidal. People sure can talk about other people and spotlight them to make money or to get RATINGS. Until one day they get the spotlight then they see how it feels. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE, for God knows our hearts. Its a darn shame that with the economy the way it is people are broke and all and disgusted, that they find joy in hating on Fantasia and it is wrong to do so. Fantasia KEEP YOUR HEAD UP GIRL!

1479 days ago


It is alot of racist people the hide behind there f***** up comments. None of you are God just image all the stuff that we did in our lives. The wife is broke and needs money she is receiving welfare and foodstamps and some dummy told her to sue fantasia so she can get off welfare such a dummy. She needs to kick her husband in the ass

1479 days ago


if you read very closely to the court petitions they were already seperated for 1. 2 if your goin thru a separation obviously things arent working out for them and 3 i pity all women who are still blaming the other woman for your household problems for all the other woman knows is what he tells her 4 get ya'll s#!t together cause if ya'll had the chance to sleep wit a millionaire 95% of you would so get real

1479 days ago


I love fantasia and always will, get well soon get out there and promote your new CD.
I wish you well dont let the haters get you down fight you have a reason to, your daughter Zion.

1479 days ago

Shauty Sexiey    

Regardless to the fact of what she did, if any of you are people of God, why would you want to wish malice on anyone? You know when you wish things on others, it certainly becomes you.

1479 days ago


I love you Tasia and always will, you have a gift and use it well. But at times we find ourselves in a situation, we do not belong in or forget how you get there and just keep going. This is between you and God our father. And for all who is sitting around judging pepople:

2 Chronicles 19:6 And said to the judges, Take heed what ye do: for ye judge not for man, but for the LORD, who is with you in the judgment.

1479 days ago



1479 days ago


That's... Bittersweet, bittersweet.. Okay,okay. that is soo not funny but. I hope she will be okay. Hope that alicia keys. Crystal hart and tiki asian tenderoni... etc gets the axe. IM a women that has been scorn. Burn.

1479 days ago


Thats.....Bittersweet, bittersweet. :-( ok, ok.. so not funny. teehhee.

1479 days ago
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