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Fantasia -- Police Report Cites 'Suicide' Attempt

8/10/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The police who responded to Fantasia Barrino's home last night were told the "American Idol" champ had attempted to commit suicide by ingesting pills ... this according the police report obtained by TMZ.


According to the report, cops received a 911 call at 10:13 PM last night  ... and responded to Fantasia's home in North Carolina.

Once they arrived on the scene, they listed her injury as "serious" and then transported her to a local hospital.


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Foxy Roxy    

I looooove Fantasia, I think that we all have our struggles, trials, and tribulations. Whatever she was thinking clearly she was not in her right state of mind. Listen to her music, and listen to the words she sings as if she has been scorned. These things for some people don't change, and maybe this is all she knows. Let her recover and give her the chance to explain herself without us doing it for her. TMZ take a break and go find something positive.

1502 days ago


The first (No. 1) comment, by blessed, says it all.

1502 days ago


American idol now a fallen idol.Its really disturbing that Fantasia would want to kill herself and leave behind a beautiful daughter.She have to remember where she come from as a single mother and put God ahead in her life. I personally feel that she knew what she decided to get into so you reap what you sow.I think her new album is coming at the end of this month ,so from a marketing standpoint i think sells will be great.Fantasia be strong, be courageous hold your head up and represent the strong black women of america like the rest of them[Oprah,Mrs.Obama,Mrs.Rice].

1502 days ago



1502 days ago

hopeful again    

Wow. Honestly she attempted exactly two weeks after my own. Same M.O. too. Past couple of weeks spent getting the help I need to be ok again. Hope she gets the same.
God Bless you haters the most

1502 days ago

Beverly West    

I think everyone should just lay off fantasia at this time and just pray for her.We never no what happen behind close doors the only person knows is God and her.We as people always have negatve things to say and nothing positive.LOVE YOU FANTASIA AND MAY GOD BE WITH YOU.

1502 days ago

LeAndre Hazelwood    

I'm praying for you Fantasia. I love her...& Idk jus what made her wanna do something so stupid, but she needs to know that God & her fans are always there for her. Well I know if I coulkd get 2 know her I'd b there. That's my Idol & she's trying to kill herself. I don't like this @ all. If its her family then she needs to just cut some people off. Fantasia should get on the news & explain to the workd why she's trying to do somethin so tragic. What woud happen 2 Zion.

1502 days ago

miesha. clayton    

i would like too say that fantasia is an nice person and has an great voice and when i heard the news i thought it was crazy and an lye a big misunderstanding that people were just saying **** about her **** all tha bull **** and tha people that had a whole lot of negative **** too say thats ****ed up real **** this girl is having bad times and dont have time for tha messy **** and drama dont yall people thank that this is to much for her too dill with all yall hoes and bitches yall just selfish get an damn life and find something else too do be- size downing fantasia gurl i got ya back u tha realist singer there is out and believe that and u real and keep doing u gurl and u is an graet mother no matter what tha haters got too say......
much love. love ya gurl.............

1502 days ago


Hey, I totally understand the need for rest, and how dehydration can zap your body of needed minerals and biggest issue is that she tried to take her own life! Are you people that are defending her missing that? Those of you that want to throw religion into it by making us that feel what she did is wrong about the fact the bible states if you commit suicide it goes against what God wants? I have a serious problem when someone tries to take their own life, the life (be it crappy or fabulous) that God gave us. I fight every day for another day, since I am in need of a double-lung transplant, and people that want to throw away a life...well, it just ticks me off. I hope she gets the help she needs, for her sake and her daughters sake. No man is worth that...NONE.

1502 days ago

Gladys Funches    

I want to say I believe God is calling Fantasia back to himself, sometimes God will use our choises to draw us to him ,don't get me wrong it's not Gods fault nor did he cause this to happen, I can see God's hand on Fantasia's life and I know she knows it, it's time to surrender your life to the Lord, and do what he has for you to do, nobody can Love you like the Lord can and the good part about it when the Lord Love you it carries no sorrow or shame, you're created for the glory of God.

1501 days ago

nadine king     

baby you came a long way to do you and yours and you can always found a real man that love you for you and i love you for being a black women and a poor women and a child the you love made you want you are today and now that you have got the rich and love to all the poor women out here you got soft over a marry man girl you are big and better than that we love you for being you for making the point that we women can do want we got to do to feed our kids and live in them to make it dont give up on your child she is your winner and leave mr cook alone and she do you baby 0ne love nadine y king gainesville fla send me a picture of you and your baby 412 sw 69 st apt e 3260...7 stay real

1501 days ago



1501 days ago

Michael Wilson    

My, its amazing how people can kick a person when they are down. You all say Fantastia needs help? No some of you guys need a heart.

1501 days ago

Michael Wilson    

My, its amazing how people can kick a person when they are down. You all say Fantastia needs help? No some of you guys need a heart.

1501 days ago

Michael Wilson    

My, its amazing how people can kick a person when they are down. You all say Fantastia needs help? No some of you guys need a heart.

1501 days ago
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