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JetBlue Flight Attendant -- Gunther on 'Friends'?

8/10/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's America's favorite JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater (left) -- and James Michael Tyler who played Central Perk manager Gunther on "Friends" (right).


Neither serves coffee ... anymore.

We're just sayin'.


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It is such a double standard if it had been a black gay man that use profanity in front of seniors and children and open a security door. There would have been prison time and fire immediately! But a white gay man that goes off like an idiot and attack everyone on the plane with profanity and stealing beer is a hero to the white control media!Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who is now famous for quitting his job in one of the most outrageous ways imaginable -- screaming at passengers and jumping down an emergency slide is made famous by the white control media! I don't think what he did was nothing more then bad behavior! As a former correction officer I have been jump punch spit on had urine and pure mess and rotten milk thrown on me! My reaction was to write the inmate up and call for back up and that is it! Not curse all the inmates out and then quit my job! As a black man I have been racially profiled and abuse by many white cops as have many other black people! The white control media would not make me an hero if I went off! No they would not even cover my funeral after being murder by the white cops in a hail 41 to 50 bullet attack on my unarmed angry body! No they would look for my criminal record ( I have none) or talk about my horrible black community or talk about black on black crime! Not make me a hero! Black people take disrespect as part of life in America...We watch oursenior citizen beating and murder by white cops our children made to strip in public going to and from school! Our black males murder shoot in the back unarmed! We seen black innocent men beaten on video by white cops and all cops found not guilty! We don't get to go off because the white cops will just murder us! Then the racist bias court system believe the lie they put together and find them not guilty...! So Steven Slater better thank GOD he is white in America and not gay white in Afghan. where he would have been put to death!

1536 days ago


He does look like Michae Kors - love him!!

1536 days ago

Michelle A.    

I thought i saw him somewhere before.. haha.

1536 days ago

Michelle A.    

and is he really endangering lives with stealing beer?!?! People make out to seem that he threatend someones life with a knife or a gun. Sticks and stones people! No one deserves to be arrested for something like that! And people thought sending LiLo to jail was a waste of money!

1536 days ago


Personally, I am tired of riding the skies with bitchy passengers who pay $200 off of some website for their ticket and then think they own the plane for the next 2 hrs. There's been many a time I've wanted to scream at another passenger to STHU but decided it should be the FA's job. He might have gone about it the wrong way but hopefully that passenger gets crap from her friends. Or not. She probably treats all the people in her life that way!

1536 days ago


How is it that only 1 person has, very quietly, pointed out that he looks and talks exactly like Michael Kors. As a "Friends" fan I love Gunther, but he is a Michael Kors clone if I've ever seen one.

1536 days ago


He looks like the guy that works with Lloyd Bridges in the Airplane Movies.
Lloyd- "Johnny, what can you make of this" As he hands Johnny a map.
Johnny- " you can make a hat, a broach..."

1535 days ago
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