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JetBlue Memo -- Steven Slater Was Reckless

8/10/2010 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 6:45PM PDT: Slater's $2500 bail was posted, and law enforcement sources tell us he left the jail within the last 15 minutes.

TMZ has obtained an internal memo emailed to JetBlue inflight crew members, making it perfectly clear -- the airline is pissed at Steven Slater.


According to the memo ... before Slater went into high-drama mode, the plane was already parked, attached to the jetway and the passengers were in the process of deplaning.  According to the memo, sent by Vicky Stennes, VP of Inflight Experience, "...the forward service door was purposely re-armed and the slide intentionally deployed, endangering lives and equipment."

The memo goes on:  "Some media outlets are portraying yesterday's event as a humorous example of what individuals may consider doing at a point in their careers -- walking off the job in a very public fashion.  However ... deploying a slide is a forceful event and yesterday's deployment endangered, and could have severely injured or even killed."

The memo also offers crew members counseling ... we're guessing it's not about deploying the slide.


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Good for Mr. Slater! He just did what most people in the hospitality industry only dreams about! Some Boneheads should be told! How else will they know???(some people don't know) Then when they know and you know they now know and knothing changes, then we wont feel like a di*k when we treat them like one...Bonehead that is! "Sir your being a Bonehead!" "Am I, gezz I'm sorry, I have had a long day." "It's fine sir, do you care for some water?" could work...we should at least try it and see what happens! Just sayin.

1504 days ago


The FAA better be all over this one---complete with Federal mandated sentencing, fines to the airline and the attendant. Criminal and Civil charges should be draconian. This isnt some cute stunt---this is serious business and every flight attendant, even the frustrated ones, knows it. Its cute to make him the George Castanza of the Airlines with his method of quitting. He's a danger to society and to discourage future behaviour from Slater wanna bes---jail him with Federal, no parole, hard time. Period. Then when he's released, sue him. This behaviour must be broken at once. Safety and Security in an Airplane is paramount here, not some cute flight attendant acting out as if he's on some Television rerun.

1504 days ago


The boy's mother was lying on her death bed and hadn't seen her son for a long time. Her dying wish was to see him one more time, and he was on that flight to get to her before she passed on. He didn't make it, thanks to the antics of a misfit. The old woman died before her arrived on a late flight. Just how many stories are there like this? Did the misfit think of ANYONE but himself? Is he the center of the universe?

1504 days ago


According to the memo, sent by Vicky Stennes, VP of Inflight Experience, "...the forward service door was purposely re-armed and the slide intentionally deployed, endangering lives and equipment."

But it did not hurt or kill anyone.
So with that logic everytime a plane takes off it has the potential to endanger the lives and equipment. Why are we living on speculation. Take a clue from the late Chick Hearn...NO HARM, NO FOUL.
Fire the guy and move on.

1504 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

This guy is SMART. He knew he was at the end of his rope over bullcrap and HE DID THE RIGHT THING. When people do not get away from their overwhelming frustrations they SNAP. If he wouldn't of gotten off this plane, he may very well of had a "good idea" to BLOW UP the next one. That man who just shot up the beer distribership was known by people to be kind-hearted, soft-spoken and, a NICE guy. I Steven is REALLY REALLY SMART. He seems to have something in him that KNEW he had had enough! It seems it is people who do not take the opportunites to remove themselves from situations of great frustrations that end up being dangerous. This story is being reported as the Flight Attendant who snapped, but HE did NOT SNAP, he prevented it. Althought it was a colorful exit, he removed himself from a sitation that was becoming unbearly frustrating. HE DID THE RIGHT THING. If he would NOT of gotten off this flight, he might have well blown up the next. Nice people SNAP. If you look into back stories of people who "snap", you will see it is rarely psychopaths that are doing these bizarre work-related massacres. Is this not so? Everybodys SAFE on this one.....whew..... You sir, are ROLE MODEL material. Well done.

Good Work Steven Slater, I think you have potential working in mental health.
And yes, you ARE pretty.

1504 days ago


I took early retirement after 30 plus years. Let me just say..NY passengers are the most abusive people in the world. They revile in it!

Being a southerner with a big heart, I always felt kindness was what everyone needed. And it is...for 99.99% of the population.

The police arrested the wrong person. The passenger broke several laws, but it looks like that was ok with Jet Blue.

I had more letters of accommodation that I knew what to do with. I always stuck with the passenger, no matter how bad they cursed me cause I knew they were upset. But, that doesn't work with New Yorkers, they are mean, hostile, and think it is their God given rite to treat you like trash.

It reminds me of the deal in the Bible (Cast not your pearls before swine) Honey those swine are up and walkin in NY city!

1504 days ago


Way to go. As an X airline flight attendant, you did what I wish I had had the courage todo.
Problem is working in the back section or the TRAILER TRASH compartment has and always will be a problem.
Airlines like Jet Blue, Southwest etc are really trailer trash with jet engines.

1504 days ago


*Sarcasm Alert* *Sarcasm Alert*

Don't arrest the passenger, she didn't do anything wrong. Even if she did, she has that Magic Vagina. You know, it gets her out of situations just like this one.... and it also gets her money, jewelry, stretch-limos and expensive home decorations.

*Duck for flaming* *Duck for flaming*

1504 days ago


Take this job and shove it
I ain't flying here no more
My gayfriend done left and took all the reasons
I was working for
You better not try to stand in my way
As I'm a sliding out the door.
Take this job and shove it
I ain't flying here no more

1504 days ago


It's hard to not sympathize with a guy like this especially in our jack boot society we currently live in. They'll try to make an example out of him but if he's smart he'll be able to capitalize on this. Hey Steven what brand of beer did you reach for? ;)

1504 days ago

Love Star Wars    

# 39 Comments by "Q"

You must be a pilot. I can tell because of your familiarity with the job and your COWARDICE to sign your real name. *****.

1504 days ago


Anyone who travels on a regular basis will agree that all airline staff deal with more BS than than any one person deserves. Seasoned flyers are generally cool and understanding but sadly half of each flight is filled with amature flyers. I have always found them annoying and ignorant. I understand that what Steven did was extreme and unfornuately illegal but I seriously can't blame the guy. If I want to poke the annoying co-passengers in the eye I can only imagine what a flight crew feels given they have an entire day of these people. Good for Steve for taking a non-violent approach but still making a great statement.

1504 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

The writer "Q" is dangerous.
Q, this mans behavior was not pathological, it was DESPERATION. This wasn't a preplanned "stunt". Further, he did control himself until things were safe, he did NOT barge into the ****pit and fight for the controls upon landing maneuvers.
I am not saying this behavior should be encouraged only that people with minds the belive these things need to be handle with HARD PRISON TIME, are far more dangerous to society than a little man who ONE DAY just had enough, and knew of a faster way to get out the situation than most.
You seem to have never been aware "Q" that you live in a emotionally DESPERATE world. But, I can see that your subconscience, through your post, is QUITE aware that YOU are out of control.
Take a good look Q. at how locking up every person who has an overwhleming moment would work for society. This man is not a dangerous, malicious threat to society. Where is your mind on this one? Man, I wouln't want to be you fer nothin'.
Christmas morning just sucks, doesn't it "Q"?
I am truly so sorry you feel that way.

1504 days ago


I can see why everyone is on his side. Everyone has imagined doing something similar. But he broke the law. It is really that simple. He endangered the safety of the ground crew and broke several laws. There are consequences for your actions no matter how cool it seems to quit a job in that fashion.

Should the lady who hit him also face charges if the action was intentional? Damn straight she should. But to condone the action and then revere him for it is just stupid. He matched stupidity with even more stupidity.

If the man had just quit after this or filed charges against the woman then this would be a non-issue. The only reason this is even a story is because of the manner he quit. All of you supporting him for losing his cool, condone endangering the safety of the ground crew and the total disregard for anyone else on the plane. Flying is a horrible experience even without this drama queen and the retarded passenger.

Despite my opinion...that is still the most epic way to quit ever. The grabbing of the beer was a nice touch.

1504 days ago


Sounds a little like they fear a mass exodus of fed-up flight attendants exiting their airplanes via the emergency chutes.

1504 days ago
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