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JetBlue Memo -- Steven Slater Was Reckless

8/10/2010 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 6:45PM PDT: Slater's $2500 bail was posted, and law enforcement sources tell us he left the jail within the last 15 minutes.

TMZ has obtained an internal memo emailed to JetBlue inflight crew members, making it perfectly clear -- the airline is pissed at Steven Slater.


According to the memo ... before Slater went into high-drama mode, the plane was already parked, attached to the jetway and the passengers were in the process of deplaning.  According to the memo, sent by Vicky Stennes, VP of Inflight Experience, "...the forward service door was purposely re-armed and the slide intentionally deployed, endangering lives and equipment."

The memo goes on:  "Some media outlets are portraying yesterday's event as a humorous example of what individuals may consider doing at a point in their careers -- walking off the job in a very public fashion.  However ... deploying a slide is a forceful event and yesterday's deployment endangered, and could have severely injured or even killed."

The memo also offers crew members counseling ... we're guessing it's not about deploying the slide.


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as far as the he is gay or not crap considering he had a wife and was arrested at his house in bed with a woman that should end that but even if he was gay who does that mean it is ok to treat him bad oh i forgot in america it is ok to do that if he is gay, I have done manual labor for 20 years most of my friends are blue collar workers and I have seen many times people treat them and myself as if we are somehow below them, they get crapped on at work and then they find a target to let it out and so they treat others like crap. gay or not noone should be treated like this guy and many others are treated. She is damn lucky she didnt get hit for her mouth.

1502 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

He's in trouble for taking the beer! Take this job and Shove it!, It's Miller time!, Hasta la bye, bye!, kiss my arsh! So what if he's gay. Most of us wouldn't have the big bolas to do what he did, even if those bolas slapped up against another man's ass!!!!

1502 days ago


# 39 Comments by "Q"

You must be a pilot. I can tell because of your familiarity with the job and your COWARDICE to sign your real name. *****.

Posted at 5:46 PM on Aug 10, 2010 by Love Star Wars

what a dumbazz post. judas priest, you're a coward if you don't sign your real name on a message board??

since you sign your posts as Love Star Wars then that means you're a coward.

anyone with one functioning brain cell knows not to post their full real name on a message board because of idjits like you.

1502 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

Oddly enough, the beer was a nice touch, probably saved him a unneeded shot of Antipsychotic in an ER, and please note, that Mr Slater DID, infact, limit his beers to 2 before driving. I don't see why people think this particual man is dangerous. I am guessing that what they are really afraid of, is that more people will start handling their personal problems in DRAMATIC ways. The world is currenly a mess of problems, just in case one hasn't noticed, and some people, are a little "soft-hearted" for some of it's games. Lighten up and be grateful this sitution was not TRAGIC. Sure, fire him, fine him, and get him a keen therapist. Punitive Action towards Mr. Slater, and those who find themself in these odd situations, PUNATIVE ACTIONS will NOT achieve SOCIETY's GOALS. And get ready, cause more and more and more people are "flipping out" every day. And you can NOT stop them with threats of jail and other punishments. So, better start wondering just what you'll want to do with them all. "Q"? Iwanna know how YOUR idea will work.

1502 days ago


I don't see why he is going to jail, his bail was set at $2500 so 10% is only $250 and they take credit cards at the bail bond companies.

Trust me, avoiding being processed into Rikers and the first 24 hours there is worth $250!!!!!

1502 days ago


Nothing about this guy's behavior should be glorified, glamorized or lionized. I've never been a flight attendant, but I'm pretty sure I've seen and heard everything he has in my many years running around in a short skirt as a casino ****tail waitress. Yes, I fantasized about smashing my tray over someone's head on my last day, but when the time came, I didn't do it of course. I don't regret it, either, as I am still considered employable. Mr. Slater's behavior demonstrates nothing more than a severe lack of self-control, and who is going to hire him now?

You have to be better than the morons you deal with in any customer service job. Mr. Slater is not.

1502 days ago


Funniest story I've heard in a while. Prosecute him? Ya right. Airplanes are greyhound buses with wings. S***bags galore.

1502 days ago


That was a really stupid release that Vicky Stennes, VP of Inflight Experience wrote, Obviously it was not reviewed by the legal dept. Admitting that the slide is unsafe and could cause harm to passengers is contradictory to the safe design of the slide, And should a money hungry lawyer see this..which they will, lawsuits will ensue due to injuries to passengers using the slide....there should be a quick retraction written?????

1502 days ago


I'm just and passenger an i'm straight but I back you 100% dude!

1502 days ago


nutter butter peanutbutter, trix r4 kids sillyboy.

1502 days ago


Wow... Her grammar is atrocious. How could anyone take this letter seriously? It's unbearably difficult to read. How does someone so illiterate become Vice President of anything... Much less a person in standing to create and send out memos to an entire company? I would worry about the education of their "higher ups" instead of an angry flight attendant who needed a beer. At least hire an editor. Unbelievable.

1502 days ago

md mom    

Former FA here...airlines now hire cheap labor who are unprofessional and intolerant--Jet Blue and other airlines should realize that this is what you are going to get when you are paying your cabin crew $8 an hour (that is what is left after training fees are repaid, union dues, uniforms and taxes are taken out. I do not like to fly now because it is a miserable experience and it does not have to be! That being said--except for the gun, this guy is no different than the nut who goes back to the post office after losing his job and shoots up the place.
Also, it is a huge expense to the airline to re-load that slide--years ago it was probably about $20K--who is going to pay this? The guy who is making $8 an hour? Doubtful--it will be their passengers
Kevin Smith--you would never be too fat to fly on my plane! Contact me and I will give you enough hysterical stories regarding the inner workings of the airline industry and it's people to keep you busy directing for years!!

1502 days ago


Oh, and STEVEN. Xlnt thinking on the limititing yourself to ony two alcoholic beverages before you drove away! I don[t understand why more people don't see what you did was HEALTHY.
I totaly understand the few brewskies under the cir***stances, Probably saved you a shot of Antipsychotic in the ER.... but ya, know, in general, gotta watch those empty calories.

1502 days ago


airlines serve alcohol = unrully passengers = liability =

faa fines

1502 days ago


WOW What can I say? BOYCOTT Jet blue. Not a single word on the passenger and blaming EVERYTHING on the employee. Safety is the main concern my ass Vicky, if you are so into the whole safety thing, why isn't the passenger charged for hitting your employee in the head? unloading bags when the plane hasn't completely landed can result in injuring other passengers as well. this is cruelty towards your employee and I bet all of them are laughing and cursing you after reading your letter.

1502 days ago
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