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JetBlue Memo -- Steven Slater Was Reckless

8/10/2010 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 6:45PM PDT: Slater's $2500 bail was posted, and law enforcement sources tell us he left the jail within the last 15 minutes.

TMZ has obtained an internal memo emailed to JetBlue inflight crew members, making it perfectly clear -- the airline is pissed at Steven Slater.


According to the memo ... before Slater went into high-drama mode, the plane was already parked, attached to the jetway and the passengers were in the process of deplaning.  According to the memo, sent by Vicky Stennes, VP of Inflight Experience, "...the forward service door was purposely re-armed and the slide intentionally deployed, endangering lives and equipment."

The memo goes on:  "Some media outlets are portraying yesterday's event as a humorous example of what individuals may consider doing at a point in their careers -- walking off the job in a very public fashion.  However ... deploying a slide is a forceful event and yesterday's deployment endangered, and could have severely injured or even killed."

The memo also offers crew members counseling ... we're guessing it's not about deploying the slide.


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Peter Ola    

Respect is reciprocal,please be fair on Steve,there is a limit to human endurance.

1541 days ago


My comment is for Christine....who thinks JetBlue hires rejects. I would like to see you deal with rude, obnoxious people who think rules don't apply to them. I am not a flight attendant but I have seen what they go through...I challenge you the next time you are on a buisiness trip. Go ahead, test the threat...I will guarantee you your ass WILL be thrown off the aircraft and the police will get involved. You are probably one of those obnoxious passengers that everyone complains about anyway... I hope I'm on the flight when it happens.

1541 days ago


What about the ignoramus passenger who would not stay in their seat and instead proceeded to pull their suitcase out of the overhead and banged Mr. Slater in the head and then told him to f off. Why wasn't this passenger arrested like has been done on other flights when a passenger has acted up?

1541 days ago


When he deployed that slide he could have killed or seriously hurt someone on the flight line.look at the girl who worked at the mcdonalds drive thru and had to deal with the chicken mcnugget lady.

1541 days ago


I bet you anything, this is just annother "Balloon Boy" situation. If you look into it, I bet you will find this guy has auditioned for all the reality shows. He couldn't make it like that, so he knew this would make him a worshipped celebrity in the America of 2010. That is why he took the beer and that is why he has that smirk on his face. Can you imagine if some guy unloading the plane had been hit by the emergency ramp and killed? I hope he sits in prison for every one of those 7 years and is put on the "no-fly" list when he gets out.

1541 days ago


I hope the passenger who truely started this all was arrested for interfering with a flight. What he did by not sitting down when told to is also criminal on an airplane.

1541 days ago


They need to stop using the word "killed" when referring to what could have happened with the evacuation slide. The slide on this plane would have knocked someone down at worse. It's not big enough to do more then that. The real danger is if the slide inflates inside the cabin or jetway. They are trying to make his actions worse than they really were.

1541 days ago


With all that said I am all for anyone standing up for themselves and if there was an unruly passenger... Flight Attendants have allot of power and he could have excersied much better judgement!

Unfortunately, as a result of his ignorant and self centered behavior the fact the passenger was out of sorts will be drastically over-shadowed. Where once this passenger might have had to answer the focus will now remain on the this pethetic excuse for a person.

Perhaps he will be the next person to join the cast of Jersey Shore? Lord knows there isn't enough drama there already!

To those who may be unaware... releasing those inflatable slides is quite a violent action... Aside from that it is quite costly to repair replace and reset those devices so I trully hope he is made an example of! If nothing else he should have to pay for the repairs to the plane.

Why people make hero's out of people like this is beyond me! If there are so many people that agree with him and feel he did what others were not prepared to do then why not be more constructive in numbers! The "Lone Ranger" approach tends to be very inaffective other than to thrust someone in to the spotlight for a breif period to highlight their gripes!

I say he'll end up paying a fine and getting probation... and that is not enough!

1541 days ago


Check out the tribute to Steven on youtube. This song is pefect!! Way to go Steve!!!

1541 days ago


Please don't encourage this type of behavior. This is what is wrong with America. Spoiled brats

1541 days ago


It's the state of the airlines. I can't muster the energy to fly but once a year. It's such a hassle. To do it day in and day out, is incomprehensible to me. Greedy airlines and dumbass TSA people have killed any joy there might once have been.

1541 days ago

jet no no blue    

man, **** ya'll talkin about if that sliding thing would have hit somebody, calm the **** down, u know even if u were next to it that nothing would have happend to u, u ignorant pieces of ****...**** all of you mother****ers **** **** **** ya'll, go ****in drive then u piece of " i'm better than all of you poor people " low lives...burn in ****in hell

1541 days ago


If he had done the job he was hired to do and called ahead to security, they would have done their job and arrested her, and we wouldn't be talking about this. If he couldn't handle his job responsibilities, which included handling rude people, he should have quit. Thankfully, there are many qualified flight attendants who keep their cool and handle passengers who get out of line.

1541 days ago


It is surprising JetBlue doesn't bring up the unruly passenger. So much for sticking on the side of one of their own.

I'll never fly them again for being such drama queens. I hope the flight attendant goes to Southwest or Virgin America. Would be happy to meet him.

Get a clue Jetblue. You're really reaching with that last "memo."

1541 days ago


Sure, the customer was out of line. But that doesn't make it ok for this idiot to loose his cool and endanger passengers.

1541 days ago
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