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Mayor of Wasilla to Levi

'Keep Your Clothes On'

8/10/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Levi Johnston really plans on running for Mayor of Wasilla, he needs to do two things first -- get a high school education and stop dropping his pants for nudie magazines ... this according to the current Mayor of Wasilla.

Levi Johnston
TMZ just spoke with Mayor Verne Rupright, who's offering sound political advice to Levi -- after the 20-year-old announced he'll be running for Mayor of Wasilla next year as part of his new reality show.

Rupright tells TMZ his advice for Levi is, "Get your high school diploma and keep your clothes on"-- because, according to Rupright, "voters like it that way."

When it comes to the Levi's ability to run the city, Rupright -- a Vietnam war veteran -- tells TMZ, "I don't know if I could handle those responsibilities when I was Levi's age. I was still trying to figure out how to put on my uniform."


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Wouldn't you love to hear that Levi is getting his GED.

1499 days ago


He could be the mayor of Doucheville. When is this guy gonna go away?? Soon, please.

1499 days ago


#61 World Record At least Bristol's parent's could afford to keep her, the baby and oooh guess what, sponger Levi too lol!!
No matter what else in the world he is, Levi is and always be a statutory rapist - yeah, just the guy to run the town!! Of course he's also got someone else pregnant (allegedly), a genuine reason for forcible vasectomy if ever I heard one lol!! The ONLY thing Levi would know anything about running is a brothel - he'd be good at that lol!!!

1499 days ago

Loving Levi    

How does the mayor know who, and who doesn't have a high school diploma? Sarah must have called to try and slander Levi again. I hope Levi sues her for everything she's got before this is over.

1499 days ago

Loving Levi    

Isn't it the parents job to bring charges against a "statutory rapist" ? Some dad Todd is. Sarah's children should be taken away from her by the state.

1499 days ago


If this Mayer really didn't know how to put on his uniform Levi maybe the right candidate. He doesnt need the uniform. He can go on nude.
I don't get the Mayer's comment, so all younger people has less experience than older people? Has he heard of pure genius? Voters like it that way? Voters like a person who can help them get out of unemployment...not someone who stays in a position and just taking the salary to talk about some TV 15min fame guy.

1499 days ago


I think Levi is a jerk, but whether he keeps his clothes on/off is nobody's business except Levis's.

Daniel .. Toronto, CANADA

1499 days ago


Why is this jackass still around? His 15 minutes are long gone and if weren't for these idiot reality shows he would be where he belongs: under a rock. Sarah Palin must want to ship her daughter and this moron to Siberia because those two sunk any chance she might have had for the American people to take her serious.

1498 days ago


He would probably be perfect for Wasilla. As Bristol's mommy would be for the ******ger Nation, whatever that may be. So many ways to be stooooopid in public and get people's money in the process.

I'm going to apply for the exclusive on TV's next big hit: "Wasilla Shore"

Easy $$$, baby.

1498 days ago


#72 Levi Yes the family can decide to press charges for statutory rape, but as I recall Sarah Palin said her young daughter was pregnant (nothing Sarah could do about that), and she was going to support her daughter and since at the time Levi was going to marry her they didn't press charges!! She wanted what most mums want, to still be in their kids lives and not have them run off into a scary world before they are ready. Pressing charges would have alienated Bristol, she may never have seen her grandkid and although I'm sure both Levi and Bristol got the lecture of their lives Sarah and Todd Palin compromised for what they thought was best at the time!!
Me? I figure the ugly little prick needs a lesson in humility instead of egomania hm?!! That's just me! A person who has no humility serves no one well other than themselves!

1498 days ago




1498 days ago

Loving Levi    

@ emerald - thanks for playing, but the age of consent in Alaska is 16.

Ever heard of Google ?

1497 days ago
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