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Oksana Sources:

Mel's Avoiding Deposition

8/11/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ Mel Gibson is going to great lengths to avoid sitting for his deposition.

The sources believe Mel does not want his deposition taken before the L.A. County District Attorney makes a decision on whether to prosecute the actor for domestic violence. Mel will almost certainly take the 5th on most, if not all, of the events surrounding the January 6 blowout

But the Oksana sources say taking the 5th could have implications in the family law case.  They say they scheduled the depo more than two weeks ago, only to be told last week ... Mel was going out of the country on a fishing trip.

But other sources dispute the claim that Mel is intentionally avoiding his depo.  They say Mel is coming back to L.A. this weekend and the deposition should take place in a week or so ... long before the D.A. makes a decision.


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Good night, tomorrow, okay.

1497 days ago


BTW, my dog is snoring like a freight train next to my chair! I know it must be late!!

1497 days ago


I saw pictures of her in her teens and she was a traffic stopper. What a shame she ended up with no soul.

The problem with this girl is, if Mel had given her that lump sum from the original settlement she'd have blown through it in a year or two. I don't think that will be problem for her now.

1497 days ago


№30 - "You know, Oksana was pretty wasn't she. Now, she just looks plastic and pulled, but the trout pout lips are out there" Now she completely fits to your american standarts! I'm surprised to Mr.Gibson's taste, but who knows what men want after they step over 50??? Maybe they are turned on only with hyper plastic lips and other parts of body. In any case he chose her only for intim, not for child birth (it's her idea)

1497 days ago


there is much misinformation in that article like the first husband actually was in college to become an attorney and how she got all of his money and divorced him then payed sergey kuzmin to get her to the uk to find a english man with more money etc... Posted at 1 :13 AM on Aug 11 , 2010 by wondering

Is this the one that she was only with and he was "supposedly" a drug addict? I haven't seen the information you've given anywhere. Do you have a link so I can read it?
Thxs wondering! {o:

1497 days ago


no ****, sherlock. The guy is loony tunes. Anyone who goes off so many times on so many subjects can't be completely rational. Why doesn't he get help? oh, yeah, forgot. His church. You know, the one which doesn't condone adultery, divorce, abuse, extramarital sex, lying, cheating, get the picture. Pretty much his entire life. Good thing he started the church, or he'd go to hell for sure, don't you think? Good Lord, what a f'n loser. Poor Lucia. Maybe Oksana will meet someone normal who will be a real daddy, instead of a loopy nut job. You know what they say, "Hope springs eternal".

1497 days ago


Every man has one woman that is his "waterloo." A woman trashed me like this 10 years ago, 9/11 hit and I was already so blue I hardly noticed. I feel badly for mel but he's been really exposed as a vile hater, hard to come back, he just hates so much, gives me a headache, sorry mel fans

1497 days ago


Never mind. I saw the link on another post from earlier this evening. Thxs anyway!

Mr Pip and kcl (is that supposed to be potassium?)
Why don't you guys read this:
This was the FIRST guy she went golddigging on- her first husband. There is a long line of them after this guy, leading up to Timothy Dalton and now Mel Gibson. She's a conniving, money hungry she-devil. I would have being the same **** to her when I found out what she'd done to me. He had a RiGHT to be pissed!

1497 days ago


twilightmom there are a few links that was posted about it in the
lawyers went nuclear comment section towards the most recent comments check there for the links

1497 days ago


Oh, now she's all fired up? Where was the sense of urgency when Mel was "beating" her? I'll take what Oksana's "sources" say with a huge helping of salt.

1497 days ago


ooh a new post on rol by oksana claiming mel attacked her at the sherman oaks home hahah

1497 days ago


He's a coward who hits women, of course he won't man up to his actions.

1497 days ago


IF he's innocent, as all of Mel's paid supporters suggest, then why is he avoiding the deposition AND ready to plead the 5th? Only guilty people plead the 5th, in order to keep from incriminating themselves. I think it's revolting that a man can knock a woman and child about, jerk the law around and then pretend that she deserved it. Something sMELls!

1497 days ago


Oksana finally realized talking directly to ROL's cameras isn't wise, so now she tries to manipulate the public through TMZ via Oksana's sources. bwahaha! No one believes that either. Ahh, the smell of desperation from a lying money-grubbing extortioner, entrap a man via baby ho!

1497 days ago


Yes I admit it....I post items on here for Oksana and Dina,they pay me 100.00 for every pro post I put on here,hmmm I have not recieved any checks yet.......

1497 days ago
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