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Oksana Sources:

Mel's Avoiding Deposition

8/11/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ Mel Gibson is going to great lengths to avoid sitting for his deposition.

The sources believe Mel does not want his deposition taken before the L.A. County District Attorney makes a decision on whether to prosecute the actor for domestic violence. Mel will almost certainly take the 5th on most, if not all, of the events surrounding the January 6 blowout

But the Oksana sources say taking the 5th could have implications in the family law case.  They say they scheduled the depo more than two weeks ago, only to be told last week ... Mel was going out of the country on a fishing trip.

But other sources dispute the claim that Mel is intentionally avoiding his depo.  They say Mel is coming back to L.A. this weekend and the deposition should take place in a week or so ... long before the D.A. makes a decision.


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Didn't she already try this story last week. Didn't get the response she wanted so she's trying it again. She didn't seem to be in such a hurry calling in the abuse months ago or even showing up fro her own depo. oiy....she is persistent if nothing else...

On a side note...watched Edge of Darkness last night. Another good one added to me Mel library.

1497 days ago


I do find it ironic that Mel Gibson made fun of Octomom on Jay Leno (when Leno asked if Gibson was going to be a father for the 8th time) and Gibson said something about Octomom and said I guess I need thi.... made the trout lip gesture. Why was he making fun of Nayda's lips, when his Oksana's lips are even bigger? And faker?

1497 days ago


The day after Oksana Grigorieva walked out on her three-year relationship with Mel Gibson, the furious actor drove from his Malibu mansion to the Russian’s house in Sherman Oaks, kicked open the door, and pushed his ex-lover, she claims, has exclusively learned.

“Mel used his garage door opener to enter the garage to the house on February 19,” said a source, familiar Oksana’s testimony to investigators.

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“Oksana said Mel started kicking the door leading into the house, which was locked, yelling at Oksana, ‘Open the door, c***! Or I’ll break the f**king door!’”

Oksana told law enforcement she was so petrified, she let Mel into the house.


1497 days ago


Oh and we see that OXY gave this exclusive to ROL...not "sources"...

1497 days ago



You are basing that Mel is read to take the 5th when he meets them based on Oksana Sources! How can that be trusted?

Everyone is jumping ship on her team.

Her evidence is being discredited everyday!

He left town on a PLANNED trip BEFORE they scheduled the deposition!

The DA even gave his blessings.

This whole thing is a giant he said she said. And the problem is SHE is the only one who is saying anything. Which, of course is not a bad thing for Mel's camp. He is looking sane. She is shooting herself in the foot over and over again. It's gotta be hurting her by now. To the point of her losing more and more support. Her attorneys, PR people, the public in general are now being more and more swayed away from her.

Personally, again, I am TEAM TRUTH!

I think there are more issues here than we all know.

The funny thing is, we have not heard anything about HER extortion case! Where is the DA on that?
The reason we haven't heard anything is because SHE is trying to turn the tide and it's not working.

By the way, this is a different Michael. We have 3 on here.

1497 days ago


I heard the tapes...............he is who he is..... she probably isn't a gem either but he appears to have an illness - either from alcohol or just plain crazy.

1497 days ago


Mel is not avoiding the Deposition; he has already given one to the LA cops as reported Monday on TMZ. Also as others have said it is the DA not Oksana who decides what day the depositions will be. I am so sick Of Oksana thinking playing the "victim" card and expecting everyone to bow down to her. Has she maxed out her "victim" card yet? Also Oksana’s Lawyers knew about Mel's fishing trip month ago.

Team Mel

1497 days ago


MIDNIGHT TOKER....come on over to Mel's side we all have direct deposit the minute we post.....Oxy has no money honey....and is a sinking ship....but keep up the good gratis work for now you are on par with how much she made from her singing career....

1497 days ago




Those tapes have been proven to be manufactured/doctored by MULTIPLE INDEPENDENT EXPERTS!!!

How can you base any of this on tapes that 1-were doctored/manufactured. 2-sealed by a judge months before they were released-ILLEGALLY!!!

1497 days ago


Check out Oksana's photos from her first wedding. WTH is that dress she is wearing? She looks like an evil emu.

1497 days ago


MIDNIGHT TOKER....come on over to Mel's side we all have direct deposit the minute we post.....Oxy has no money honey....and is a sinking ship....but keep up the good gratis work for now you are on par with how much she made from her singing career....

Posted at 5:39 AM on Aug 11, 2010 by KM

I am getting paid in Lox and cream cheese Bagels, yum. Mel said if I do real good I get a steak. [/sarcasm in case ROL is reading this]

Next on ROL how Mel pretended to be an evil ghost clown at a circus and kidnapped Daphne from the Scooby gang (meddling kids) according to Oksana's sources!

Team Mel

1497 days ago


God Oksana is ugly!

That picture of her on ROL is sad.

As well as the story!! She just makes more sh*t up everyday!

I am curious how much of this is really from ROL or her sources?

ROL seems to make up some stuff and when they get it wrong, they bury it on another older pages like when they said she went to the depo day 2 and TMZ said she called in sick. Within minutes of TMZ saying it, it went 3 pages in!

Also, I have wanted to post on there, but they aren't letting people register. Maybe they are mad they are getting called out and only want Team Oksana on their site.

1497 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

This belly aching is getting! This moron needs to get a job! Coming up with a new allegation against Mel Gibson every day is NOT a job!!!

I have a solution...This Russian Octomom-looking skank should move back to Russia. I bet Mel will not follow!

1497 days ago


Aren't the depositions going on right now strictly related to the child custody & support issues? Mr. Fried is a family law attorney, correct? I would think Oksana would want a criminal defense attorney on hand if she was being grilled about the extortion issue & I only saw Fried & his associate with her last week.

I would presume if it is only the custody/support issue at this point, Mel's attorneys would advise him not to answer any questions related to any other issue between them during his deposition. And as it has been pointed out numerous times on these boards, pleading the 5th only occurs during actual court proceedings in front of a judge, so it is utterly meaningless to imply that is Mel's intended tactic during a deposition.

1497 days ago


Why does Oksana's camp really think anyone will believe this sort of SPIN.

Didn't the Sheriff's department say they had already SPOKEN to MEL GIBSON? So why should speaking to HER ATTORNEYS matter?

Is this yet another attempt for Oksana G and CO to inflate their own relevance and position?

Isn't this one more attempt for Oksana (and/or whoever is feeding TMZ and all of the other sources on Oksana's behalf their distortions) to push into media hands what belongs in FAMILY COURT? Do they NOT understand what a GAG order is? How our court system works? And more to the point, how every one of their own public allegations WILL find its way into the COURT HOUSE and they will not bode well for THEM?

Where is the logic? They use the media though the Judge has told them to be silent. AND they publicly proclaim what the other side will do. Is that ethically sound reasoning? Does it illuminate how sort of ethical road Oksana is on?

And doesn't all of this continued publicity seeking only diminish her creditibility? And draw more critical examination to what her possilbe motives were and are?

Anyone of JohnQPublic could pull up IMDB and see Mel Gibson is filming a movie ON LOCATION. He has multiple projects in play right now. The one he is filming is the very one Oksana claimed she was going to do the score for during an interview with x-tra on Feb. 18th, the very day she claimed she pushed the record button illegally, right? If she is a producer and a film scorer, surely she should be able to explain to her OWN PEOPLE and comprehend what is really happening instead of allowing these ridiculous stories attributed to her to continue?

Anyone else perplexed why Oksana or any of agents would PRESUME to DECLARE HOW MEL GIBSON will behave at a deposition? Very close to putting words in his mouth, isn't it? HUMMMMM.

PLUS, there is this disconnect for me. Mel Gibson seems to be a honest guy. During the 2006 troubles Mel didn't hide, did he? He did interviews with "nothing off the table", didn't he? He admitted he was drunk. He may have his flaws but he is CONSISTENT and he is HONEST, isn't he? Can we say the same for Oksana Grigorieva? Mel's creditials are sound. Oksana's changes with the hour. Has he done anything to make him unbelievable? How about Oksana?

There are two cases ongoing where the police and DA are concerned. We have read where the domestic violence case will make it to the DA's office two weeks. Funny we don't know if the LA POLICE has brought in the FBI to help work the extortion case or if that case has been passed to the FEDS? Maybe his attorneys contacted the Feds directly? Since they work within our court system they wouldn't have called a press conference would they? NOPE, Mel Gibson goes TO AUTHORITIES - not the tabloids or celebrity gossip sites about wrongdoing, doesn't he?

1497 days ago
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