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Fantasia Barrino

Hospitalized for Overdose

8/10/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino was rushed to a North Carolina hospital last night where she was treated for a "medication overdose," this according to

According to the report, Barrino was taken to Carolinas Medical Center-Pineville around 8:55 PM ... the report says her condition was not life-threatening.

According to the report, it's unclear whether the OD was intentional or accidental.

As we previously reported -- Barrino was recently accused of making a sex tape with a married man and destroying his marriage.

Barrino has claimed she is "not responsible" for the deterioration of the marriage.


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ihave to disagree.with your comments.fantasia can sing.i agree she is messing up big time.i dont hate on her.who here has not messed up.?you no you all have one time or other.i dont agree with her being with a married a man divorce.and lonely there are a lot of men that would just like to have a women to talk to.if more came from talking and being friends.thats ok to.fantasia i lot of kids look up to you.dont try to kill yourself.get off it all i hope the best for you.if i remember right you use to sing for god.i well never hate or judge you.for i have been there to .all my love to you get well please.

1534 days ago

Myra Moore    

I am praying for her and for her family. It is not for be to judge. Whatever her situation is, that is between her and God. Reading the many posts, it appears that society loves when people appear to fall from grace, but the catch here is we can all fall. Never forget this. Just because your turn has not come doesn't mean it won't come. Be hesitant to pile up on someone when they seem down. I will continue to lift her up in prayer.

1534 days ago


Well I wonder if she was somebody else and did not have money and your husband cheated on you with this girl who is a nobody will you be tring to get money from her? Hell No!!!!! See your man always been a cheater and you knew its just that he got caught with Fantasia and you start seeing dollar signs!

1534 days ago


Are you kidding me? I am not a fan of Fantasia's but the hurtful things that people are saying in these comments are uncalled for!
Get a life people!

1534 days ago


There was a show on tele last night (I think Nancy Grace) that reported Barrino was denying this story of her affair but showed the two of them together, showed the tattoo of his name on her upper left chest (real class) and that the two of them were filmed having sex so the wife could see it. Barrino also reportedly told the wife "He don't want you no more". Perhaps the reports of the film and her statement were false but hard denying those pics. This happened in NC which is one of the only states that allows one to sue for alienation of affection in divorce cases. If she really did do and say those horrible things, I hope the wife sues the pants off this helium-voiced twit and the now ex-boyfriend.

1534 days ago


I'm curious, why is it that everyone blames her and not the MARRIED man. It takes two people to have a relationship correct? Why all the hate? I'm not excusing her behavior by any means, but she is not in this alone. Infidelity is brutal and wreaks havoc on the injured spouse and children. I hope all of you with the hate never make a mistake. What does her voice have to do with the situation? Read between the lines; what is it REAL reason some of you feel she was not American Idol worthy? The American people voted as I recall.

1534 days ago

She need jail time     

people need to leave this girl alone. she have had a lot of issues from her past .I watch/saw her story on lifetime and Oprah. No body is perfect why are people blaming her and not the man ? It takes two to break up a marriage . There are two sides to every story .Maybe the marriage was already over. Money and fame can't bring u happiness which is why most of hollywood stars are miserable and usually suffer from drugs issues , fail marriages/relationships, .....

1534 days ago


What nasty comments. I'm sure you're lives are all without any complications. Have you ever watched her show and seen how much her family sucks the life out of her? She has real issues and I'm sorry it had to get to this. The nerve of some of you criticizing her for not being able to read. From the look of the grammar I'm seeing you all are not too far behind her. Nobody's perfect and relationships aren't perfect. Don't be so judgmental.

1534 days ago


So the married man with will all those kids is getting off without any penalty? (Other than losing a marriage he did not honor in the first place.) Where is the outcry for his selfish disregard in this matter?

She may be a hot coochie queen-diva homewrecker. But, a MAN is supposed to govern his actions.

Dude, it isn't about you. It's about the people for whom you are responsible, not you getting a short rise.

1534 days ago

John Stone    

Big shock there.

1534 days ago


Hello. she can sing she won...AI.. can we say millions of votes... so the ones that are sitting here talkin about her it doesnt matter there's about 10,ooo fans to every person ,who doesnt like tasia..... she a wonderful singer...and antwuan....and his wife might have already broken off...ppl fall out of tasia i aint mad at you... find ur love...and live ur life..if they dont like you.... tell them dont read or comment about u.......

P.s Your Biggest fan..... Ray HArrell from Va.

1534 days ago


you sound stupid!!!! Thats what she get for tring to kill herself? You must be 10 years old saying some **** like that I don't wish deaf on no one please believe me God hear everything and what you just said!!!!!!

1534 days ago


Some of yall comments is straight up ugly. #6 Joe stop lying. You don't know diddly. I have worked with Fantasia for 6 years now and this allegation is NOT true whatsoever. And she can read you dummy!!!!

1534 days ago


Actually I thought she had a great voice. And I'm really sorry she has gotten herself into this mess. Cut it out Fantasia and be the best you can!

1534 days ago

Ken Hamlett    

We do not hear from Fantasia for months, years even, then when her CD is ready for release, she attempts suicide (or so we are told) and she has a porn tape. At least she is paying attention to what gets attention in our sad public culture, but why are young artists dependent on this nonsense for publicity. You are either talented or not. Stand on your own and stop with the sensationalism!

1534 days ago
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