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The Playboy Twins -- When Sisters Suck Face ...

8/10/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Playboy Playmates and biological twin sisters Karissa and Kristina Shannon, 20, got a lot closer at the Playboy mansion this weekend ... and shared a tender open-mouth kiss with each other.


It's OK to love your sister ... but is it really OK to LOOOOOOOOVE your sister?


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This is not WINcest, just incest. Not interested.

1497 days ago


what do you expect? arent they from florida?

1490 days ago

Public Citizen    

We've all been one big family since the days of Noah. Before that, actually. Many of you who find these two attractive ladies kissing "disgusting", think that what happens in the SAW series of films is good clean fun. Was that your brain twitching just now? Sorry to disturb you. Oops, too late.

1474 days ago

Beach Guy    

Are they attention whores that have nothing to offer society but a moment with some shock value? Yes, but who cares? They can do whatever they want to each other, if your offended DON’T LOOK, if you like it bookmark it. Would I want my daughters doing it?, of course not but they aren’t my daughters. I just wonder how many of you prudish individuals who are condemning this would support something like gay marriage because you can't condemn one and condone another, they are both wrong and against nature. If these two girls kiss or release a sex tape that contained themselves, midgets, donkeys, and a cactus it would have zero impact on my life so once again, who cares? Just about every non-gay male in the world has fantasized about having sex with sister so get over yourself and let the whores have their 15min. Personally I think it's hot!

1474 days ago


Incest is never sexy!

1474 days ago

jonny seed    

'I do not agree with what you do, but I will defend with my life you right to do it.' America is built on tolerence. ..(Open your mind) plus i think it's hott

1472 days ago


keep up the good work. you guys are hot!

1466 days ago

jada andersen    

"Well that poll proved one definite thing:


Only straight women would have issues with two HOT sisters kissing. That's all there is to it."

An amendment to that dumbass statement...straight women and people who find incest to be, you know, kinda yucky, read TMZ. Also MILLIONS of other types of folks as well. Just sayin'...I'll agree they're hot...but those two came out of the same vagina and played Barbies together, so...ew.

1454 days ago


And, just think of what kind of children might be born out this incestuous relationship ...oh wait, that would take a male and female incestuous relationship. So, it's OK to have a male on male or female on female relationship ...just because it feels good ...but, not if it's sister/sister or brother/brother. The world's "rules" are really complicated. All this, just when I was beginning to think that our "feel good" society considered all things regarding sex as open and fair game.

1172 days ago


Their parents must be so proud.

1144 days ago


Just saw this. Awesome

961 days ago
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