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Steven Slater -- En Route to Rikers Island

8/10/2010 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned JetBlue's most infamous flight attendant Steven Slater is currently  "in transportation" to a Rikers Island correctional facility, this according to NYC Department of Corrections.


According to the official booking sheet, Slater is listed at 5'8" and 190 lbs.

Earlier today, Slater was arraigned on 2 counts of criminal mischief, 2 counts of reckless endangerment and 1 count of criminal trespassing ... all stemming from an altercation with a passenger on a JetBlue aircraft yesterday.

If convicted, Slater could face up to 7 years in federal prison.



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Slater is a prissy lil beyotch, who threw a temper tantrum, and was looking for an excuse to quit his job and wanted his 15 minutes of shame! He is no damn "hero" in any sense of the word, the ONLY HEROES this country has are the men and women of the armed services who fight for our freedom every single day of the week, and are putting their lives, and often give their lives, to maintain our freedoms, GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT AMERICA!~ARMY MOM

1532 days ago


Aholes - free this guy. He needs to file a lawsuit against jet blue for stress - he was obviously forced to endure undue stress which is why he snapped.

1532 days ago

Anne Brown    

Steven Slater to Riker's Island?!? That is ridiculous! What about the passenger, who hit Slater in the head? I think the NYPD should have arrested the passenger for failing to follow directions from a flight attendant and possible assault.

1532 days ago


Should'nt be convicted, with that head injury.JetBlue is liable.

1531 days ago


I can't help but wonder if TMZ is exhibiting some homophobia with the coverage of this story.

It's been reported that when police arrived at his house that Mr Slater was having sex with his boyfriend.

TMZ if this was a straight person and they were having sex would not Harvey be having a big chuckle and making comments about stress relief etc???.....I'm betting he would! But here we've sanitized the story why???? Come on Harvey we expect more from you!!!

Oh and the other medical info floating about...that's fair game as well....whether it's homo-sex or HIV all of us need to get over our queasiness with these subjects

1531 days ago


I just returned from Italy and observed unruly passengers on BA, and very tired, over-worked flight attendants. These attendants patiently dealt with locating a place for the bags to fit overhead in the bins. They patiently dealt with a passenger kicking and yelling at the passenger in front of them because they put their seat back. Attendants dealt with petty issues such as headphones that did not work, etc. They delivered meals with ease, and comforted crying children at the same time. In other words, they did their job. I can understand Steve's horrible behavior if he was tired, and had jet lag like our attendant appeared to have. But, even still, our attendant mustered up politeness for the entire flight. Obviously Steve lacks the professionalism to continue his career as a flight attendant, and I say, good riddance. I would not want him on a flight in the future.

1531 days ago


Whether Steven Slater is gay, or not gay, has no bearing on his recent job performance. That's where the commenters focus should be.

1525 days ago
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