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Steven Slater -- Ordered Held on Bail

8/10/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater will be sitting in jail a little while longer -- his bail was just set at $2500. 

Steve Slater - Jet Blue Flight Attendant

Slater's arraignment in NY State Supreme Court just ended. He was charged with two counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of criminal mischief and one count of criminal trespass.

Slater -- who faces up to seven years behind bars -- did not enter a plea. His next court date is September 7.


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I don't get it. How do these charges merit jail?! It´s not like he's a threat the community.

1449 days ago


And just where are the charges for the person who hit him in the head??? Give me a break.

1449 days ago


are you sure it was in the ny Supreme court wow he really pissed someone off!!!!!

1449 days ago

Ben Gleck    

If the passenger had been Arab, Fox News would be blaming President Obama. Well okay, they probably will anyway.

1449 days ago

Rahim The Dream    

this didn't really happen. it's a cover up for some conspiracy theory that no one made up yet.

1449 days ago


Give the queen a break. It's tough trying to be the most fabulous Flight Attendant.

1449 days ago


What about the biotch passenger? Time to find out what triggered the incident?

1449 days ago


According to the NY Post, "once on the tarmac, Slater boarded the AirTrain to pick up his silver Jeep Wrangler and raced home to Belle Harbor, where he hopped into bed with his boyfriend, a source said."

1449 days ago


Give him a fine to pay and let the man go. he was the only one hurt in the incident. it actually is quite hilarious. lmao! beer sex and a blow up thing. lol we've all had long arduous days. he realizes he has lost his job and has his mother to worry about.

Free Slater!

1449 days ago

Diana Morton    

Who cares if he's gay, purple or whatever. He was trying to do his job and this bimbo went against the rules and regulations set forth by the airlines. Put her in jail for assault with intend to harm or whatever they call it.

1449 days ago

Diana Morton    

He was charged with reckless endangerment? What about the bimbo that got out of her seat when you are not suppose to, opened the overhead bin, etc. Let's get her for reckless endangerment. What is happening to justice?

1449 days ago


He is a HERO...I am not an F/A but I have been on plenty of flights where passengers are rude and unruly. I have no idea how these professionals keep their cool when confronted with the uneducated, knuckle-draggers they have to put up with everyday. I remember a time when flying was special but now it's like riding a trailways or grayhound bus. I think that f/a should have the right to revoke tickets and put people off the plane, then maybe we wouldn't have unfriendlies flying the friendly skies with us.

1449 days ago


Why aren't charges being brought against the passenger? It seems to me that that's the person that should be sitting in jail! Since when has bad behavior in public become so acceptable! It sounds like Steven is being punished for doing his job and trying to keep not only this passenger but other passengers safe! NOBODY wants luggage whacking them in the head just because a passenger can't wait a few minutes!

1449 days ago


he's a hero?
are you daft?

spewing obscenities over the intercom
releasing the emergency chute
stealing alcohol from his employer
exiting before the passengers

I bet the other passengers on the flight wouldn't feel that way

what he is.... he's a drama queen (in more then 1 sense of the word)

1449 days ago


Here is my only issue. The other day a lady get's kicked off a flight for quietly asking a F/A if the pilot had been drinking (because she could smell something on him) but this guy jumps ship in this day in age and everyone shouts horray?

Granted this guy was delt dirty by the passenger but come on!

With that being said I think F/A are treated pretty poorly.

1449 days ago
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