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Flight Attendants: Steven Slater Is Our Frickin' Hero!

8/10/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Flight attendants from airlines everywhere are rallying around JetBlue's most famous employee Steven Slater -- praising him for fighting "flight attendant abuse" and even building him a shrine ... on Facebook.

Steve Slater Facebook
TMZ has learned someone created an FB fan page for Slater less than a day ago -- which already has more than 15,000 followers ... and continues to grow by the minute.

But the most interesting part is the comment section, which has been taken over by flight attendants across the country who wish they had the cojones to do what Slater did.

One user wrote, "We (flight attendants) secretly have thought about doing are my hero for taking a stand on flight attendant abuse!!!!"

And another -- "Kudos to you, I am a former flight attendant and only wish I had the nerve to do what you did!!!!!!" And yet another -- "As a former F/A, you made my fantasy come true--you just did what we have all thought about doing a thousand times! Good Luck to you! :)"

As we previously reported, Slater -- who told off a passenger on a JetBlue flight yesterday and then abandoned ship on the emergency chute -- is charged with two counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of criminal mischief and one count of criminal trespass. His bail is set at $2,500.


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Ok i use to work for an airline in the reservations dept.and i have taken many many flights, i have seen the way some passengers treat the flight attendants both male and female both gay and straight i am straight and trust me their job is not only to serve some drinks and peanuts to passengers their there to help save lives to in case something did go wrong and yes they would even save the passengers that are jerks, so for this flight attendant that did this is great maybe now airlines will also think of the flight attendants instead of money all the time.

1473 days ago


Hey Slater and all overpaid air waitresses and's an idea if you hate your job so much.....QUIT!!!!! There are plenty of people out there with no jobs about to lose their homes that would LOVE your job! With the amount of money and ridiculous fees that us passengers have to pay and yes we put up with YOUR CRANKY ATTITUDE we deserve some respect!!!! I hope you all lose your jobs and are standing in the unemployment line then we will see how much you loved your job@!

1473 days ago


Alot of Jet Blue passengers are unruly.The flight attendant should not be penalized.Reverse situation,put this passenger in his position.There are classes and there are classes.Passengers do this all the time,ignoring the safety rules where overhead bins are open....

1473 days ago


A lot of Jet Blue passengers are very ill-mannered,different class.The flight attendant,should not be punished.the passenger should be given a dose of her own medication(meaning switch situations around)...Alot of these passengers do this all the times,ignore the flight attendants.

1473 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

what's wrong with you people???

his sexual orientation is none of your business!

i don't agree with him snapping, but i do think passengers take advantage of flight attendants. I was just on a plane and some ******* was upset that the snack advertised was not what they had on board. Instead of accepting his fate, he chose simply to stand up and start yelling, berating the flight attendant in the process.

I have had plenty of customer service positions where "customers" think they had the right to abuse employees to get their way. This is not right... and these jerks are way worse on airplanes.

1473 days ago


I hope he gets a freakin medal for doin what he did!! He got fed up ignorant customers who think that they are always right even when the are blatently wrong and he just snapped crackled and popped!! Stupid passenger knows better than to try to take the luggage down before the dam plane landed in the first place.
Good for him, you go boy!!!!!

1473 days ago



1473 days ago


All I can say is this guy took his job KNOWING that he would at some point be dealing with unruly people, so if he can't take it he should get into another field. I work in a call center and deal with people screaming in my ear a lot. I just smile along and keep doing what I do. I don't go running off like a little girl that has just been bitch slapped. This guy is no freaking hero. He's a waste of space and a total discredit to his peers! Notice to all: If you can't take the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen.. Of course some of you that support this idiot are probably already on the phone to your mommy crying about how this bad man said for you to actually do the job you're paid to do!

1473 days ago


Harvey Levi's private life has nothing to do with this situation.Omit his sex life alone and deal with real issues.We,need to preach UNITY in our homes and surroundings.Talk about more important issues that affect us all

1473 days ago


oh wow, this is going to be a comment about " RESPECT " respect is EARNED RESPECT goes BOTH ways just because you buy a ticket on a flight dont mean that you can demand RESPECT,if that was the case then the flight attendants should DEMAND RESPECT before the passengers board the aircraft,and dont take it out on the flight attendants because of the fees you have to pay now,take that out on the people who own the airlines.flight attendants dont make alot on money either.
" RESPECT GOES BOTH WAYS" and remember, you have choices to,there is bus lines and also trains.

1473 days ago

Moe Greene    

If you can't provide a service to the people responsible for paying your salary then you need to find another job and quit whining on FB. This guy should be thrown in jail and fired. If I want to get up from my seat while the plane is parking I will do it.
This as**** will get a reality show when he should get about five years.

1473 days ago


To all you flight attendants honoring this wacko - if you dislike your job so much then get the H*ll out. There are plenty of people waiting to replace you. And for a new career you could always pick potatoes in Maine or lettuce in California. Then the only abuse you will have to take is from the natural elements, sun, rain and so on.
Moral - If you don't want to take guff from the public then don't work where you have it to begin with.
P.S. I have flown once since 9-11. The hassle of boarding and excessive fees insure I will not do it again.

Posted at 10:39 AM on Aug 10, 2010 by Bob

Hey Slater and all overpaid air waitresses and's an idea if you hate your job so much.....QUIT!!!!! There are plenty of people out there with no jobs about to lose their homes that would LOVE your job! With the amount of money and ridiculous fees that us passengers have to pay and yes we put up with YOUR CRANKY ATTITUDE we deserve some respect!!!! I hope you all lose your jobs and are standing in the unemployment line then we will see how much you loved your job@!

Posted at 10:51 AM on Aug 10, 2010 by lat


Same person using different names? I wonder how many other names he is using. The gay bashing stuff all sounds like it's coming from the same guy too. He'll probably claim he's a woman because he suffers a sexual orientation problem that he's apparently ashamed of. You Douchebag!!!! Just sayin....
Sad. Pathetic. What a nutrag

1473 days ago


PEOPLE just remember this those flight attendants are there to help you,and it is right they have to put up with alot of jerks all of the time but that dont mean they some passengers demanding everything from them they have more on their minds and serving snacks think about it,lets say you was a flight attendant for an airline for a few years and dealing with all of the passengers yes even the jerk passengers i bet you would feel different about what happened. so some people should just shut up and think before they speak about demeaning a flight attendant,they are human just like me and you and the jerks too.

1473 days ago


I think the FA was out of line. The FA's complain about abusive passengers, but what about the passengers that just want to get from point A to B and don't give the FA's any problem, then get all the backlash from the FA's for no reason.
I'm really get tired of all the whining. If you don't like the damn job then find a new one and let someone that wants to work have the job you're so unhappy with.

1473 days ago


I was on a plane once where an airline stewardess was completely out of line with my sister. My sister took a tray and placed it on the jumpseat next to the stewardess because her kids were getting antsy. The stewardess came back to her screaming that my sister was demanding special attention, asking her if she wanted special treatment because she was travelling with children etc. People surrounding my sister were asking the stewardess to leave her alone as was her husband. The woman was out of control and vented it on some of my family members. Because of that incident, I'll never fly midwest air again.

1473 days ago
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