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Steven Slater -- Dude Was Fired Up on 'Blue Juice'

8/11/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple JetBlue employees who recently worked with Steven Slater tell TMZ the rogue flight attendant was flying high on something called "Blue Juice" in the days before his meltdown ... and apparently, that's a good thing.

Steve Slater - Blue Juice
We're told "Blue Juice" is the company's equivalent to "school spirit" -- and Slater was so "juiced" up -- all the time -- that many people considered him to be "Mr. JetBlue."

In fact, we spoke with a JetBlue flight attendant who had recently worked on a flight with Steven -- and he tells us Steven was one of the nicest, easiest people he ever worked with.

The flight attendant also told us he distinctly remembers the way Slater defused an explosive situation with an "irate" passenger in the weeks before Monday's meltdown.

Our source also tells us Steven had so much "Blue Juice" -- that he was recently nominated for the Inflight Values Committee by his peers.

Despite his accolades, Slater is still facing up to 7 years in prison if convicted on multiple charges stemming from the incident. However, JetBlue has not officially fired Slater ... he's just been "removed from his duties pending the investigation."



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Some Faustkateer    

Cut the guy some slack. His father just died after a long battle with Lou Gherig's disease and now his mother is battling terminal cancer. He is a long-time recovering alcoholic, so that he grabbed a beer on the way out says a lot, too. He just lost it after being attacked, yet again. And yes, when police came to his home for the arrest, he was in bed with his boyfriend. Stupid Headline News throws out these questions, like, "Gee, wonder where he was in such a hurry to get to...?" knowing full well the answer.

1532 days ago


Slater, I hope this was worth it. As a STEW you are trained to handle all passangers crap. Bottom line you were the professional and passangers are idiots. YOU COULD HAVE HAD THE PASSANGER REMOVED. You could not be certin that ramp was not in the way of the shute. Like you are the only one who wants to throw a passanger off a plane.

You put people in possible danger. The utmost is safty first and your melodramatic antics put safty last. All these people cheering you ARE NOT FACING FELONY CHARGES AND 7 YEARS IN JAIL.

I think Jet Blue will hang him out to dry to make an example if nothing else. They will not tolerate this from any employee.

I wonder if Jet Blue will make him pay the money it cost for his flamboyant exit.

1532 days ago


Attention like this is only fueling his 15 minutes of fame. The guy is obviously unstable and for people to say he is a "hero" is irresponsible. Anyone who tampers with the safety of passengers on a plane needs to be arrested and dealt with, not praised by all you poor poor present and former flight attendants. If you don't like your job, and can't do it professionally and with tact and control, then leave. Sometimes it's not easy being a passenger either!
Make this idiot pay for jeopardizing our safety. If he continues to put himself in the spot light, that only goes to show you how nuts he is......he should be hiding in shame right now for his actions.

1532 days ago


This guy is an idiot. Those that support him are just as bad. There is no better response than getting this nutjob off of airplanes before he tries to jump out the door mid-flight when someone tells him their drink isn't cold enough.

1532 days ago


Everyone’s hailing Steven Slater as a hero – but is he really?

TV Host RENE SYLER weighs in with her fresh take on the issue – and why Steven (and others) set bad examples for today’s kids…

1532 days ago


LOL...this guy was a server on my flight. He seemed pleasant.
I always watch the other pain in the ass passengers that drive
the flight attendants crazy...they make me sick as well. What
I don't get is they have the no smoking sign still up (duh), and
they should pay more attention to the perfume on board! The kind one can taste and makes your eyes water. Get rid of that too. The passengers are rude, obnoxious, think they are on 1st class, when they're not, and expect the royal treatment for $100. Some attendants are rude too, but usually it is the passenger that makes all the trouble. This guy probably just
had enough. He didn't hi-jack the plane, he didn't open fire on
anybody and he didn't assault the woman who started it all.
All & all, it was a good flight.

1532 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Hey, If someone intentionally slamed down an overhead door on my head, and told me to go f**k myself. I'd be pissed too.

Why hasn't this women be charged with assault?

1532 days ago


Go, Steve! People on planes are so rude--I cannot stand these people who put tons of stuff in the overhead bins and then there isn't any room left for anyone else.

Steve should be given a bonus, and yes, the woman identified and jailed!!!!!

1532 days ago


Mark, you're a pig. Get your head out of 50's mentality. Sparkle, you're right on. I've worked in the service industry as well and I can tell you, I've lost a lot of respect for humans as a whole after working with them all the time. Just because you serve does not give people the right to abuse you, and JetBlue should support this guy because of what's going on in his personal life. People are more and more stressed flying nowadays and it's no wonder he snapped. I have to say his exit put a smile on my face!! Go Steve!!!

1532 days ago

Mr. Yuck    

There is lots of fault to go around on this one.

First off, if the passenger was truly as out of hand as the accounts say, then she was way out of line and should be brought up on charges. There is no excuse for that kind of reaction when the attendent is doing their job and asking you to comply with the rules.

That said, Mr. Slater was way out of line as well. While his frustration is easily relatable to anyone who has worked in any kind of service industry, that doesn't make his behavior excusable. I'd hardly call his actions "heroic". If anything, his behavior is the result of some serious job burnout.

Should Mr Slater face jail time? I'm not so sure about that. We hear all the time about how overcrowded the jails are, and how celebutards are released early because of that exact issue. While fines and charges may be sanctioned, I would be hard pressed to agree that jail time is in order.

And for the people who are saying "If it was me, I would be getting much harsher treatment" indicating that somehow this guy is getting treated differently....are you serious? The guy is in no way a celebrity. He was arrested and released on bail. That would be the process for most cases, unless you were some fool with a rap sheet as long as your arm.

1532 days ago


I am a crew member and worked with Steven at another airline. He is a great guy with great customer service experience. He lost it with this passenger. Where is the person whose bag hit him in the head and she cursed him out? She is the one who should be arrested. He did whatever crew member dreams about.

1532 days ago

Kimberly Clark    

Mulholland Drive you are mentally ill. I hope someone smashes your head with a suitcase and I hope it is full of bowling balls. He probably went off because some nasty straight bitch was doing her entitlement routine. No wonder so many "straight men" are on the down low. Straight women are so nasty and skanky and RUDE!

1532 days ago


Steve and every other flight attendent should be issued a cattle prod. I have flown over a million miles on multiple carriers, and the woman was endangering the people around them should be jailed. On two occasions I had bags dropped on my head and neck causing injury. This female thing should be in jail, she assaulted Steve.
Next time, have her take a "time out" on the wing at 32,000 feet. It will make an impression and change her behavior.
Jetblue, keep Steve and prosecute the bitch.

1532 days ago


Father recently died, mother critically ill. I think he finally lost it.

1532 days ago


I also agree with #11. Do not fire Steve, get both sides of the story and the truth. Sometimes it is hard to take abuse from those you serve. Get Steve some counseling, charge him some fines for takeing the beer, and opening the slide. Also, see that if he wants to continue with his job, that he be required to undergo counseling. You, should also keep that particular passenger off your flights, what might she do next time to one of your flight attendants or other passengers, if she is allowed to get away with verbal and physical abuse on Steve. I have been cursed at, called all kinds of names; especially the N word on my part-time job in retail and it takes a lot to hold back from slapping some of these customers, when I come into contact with a rude customer, I take so much, then I call my manager over and let her/him know the situation right in front of the customer, then I tell the manager that I'm leaving for the day to protect the company and myself from what I might not be responsible for if I stay and finish my shift. It works for me.

1532 days ago
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