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Steven Slater -- Dude Was Fired Up on 'Blue Juice'

8/11/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple JetBlue employees who recently worked with Steven Slater tell TMZ the rogue flight attendant was flying high on something called "Blue Juice" in the days before his meltdown ... and apparently, that's a good thing.

Steve Slater - Blue Juice
We're told "Blue Juice" is the company's equivalent to "school spirit" -- and Slater was so "juiced" up -- all the time -- that many people considered him to be "Mr. JetBlue."

In fact, we spoke with a JetBlue flight attendant who had recently worked on a flight with Steven -- and he tells us Steven was one of the nicest, easiest people he ever worked with.

The flight attendant also told us he distinctly remembers the way Slater defused an explosive situation with an "irate" passenger in the weeks before Monday's meltdown.

Our source also tells us Steven had so much "Blue Juice" -- that he was recently nominated for the Inflight Values Committee by his peers.

Despite his accolades, Slater is still facing up to 7 years in prison if convicted on multiple charges stemming from the incident. However, JetBlue has not officially fired Slater ... he's just been "removed from his duties pending the investigation."



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For anyone saying he's crazy, he's worked in the business for 28 years without any incidents. And from what past co-workers are saying, he was a great employee. So it took 28 years of bullsh*t from the public to finally have enough. Don't tell me you wouldn't at least THINK about doing what he did or worse. The point is, he didn't hurt anyone, and from my knowledge, didn't endanger anyone. So the idea of him going to jail is ridiculous.

1532 days ago


If this was a black man and he had done this stupid act, there would not be two people posting on this blog saying they like him. It is so amazing how different the posts are when the criminal is white. A black man doing this would not be a hero and have his smiling face all over the internet; instead, he would be called every name in the book and you same people would be demanding that he spend years in prison for endangering the lives of the passengers on the flight. Double standards in this country is amazing.

1532 days ago


My wife is a flight attendant and yes she does have to take a lot of verbal abuse from some very rude people. Yet other people and are very nice and write complimentary notes to her. There are all kinds of people that they have to deal with and it takes some very special people to do that job day in and day out.
She once told me the story of a male flight attendant receiving all kinds of abuse from an arab passenger shortly after 9/11 occurred. The arab passenger finally said, "sir in my country you would be considered a servant". Doug responded to him and said "in my country you would be considered a taxi driver". All passengers within earshot started laughing like crazy. The rude arab passenger shut up and never said another word.

1531 days ago


This time that lady treating a customer and with hurting someone on the crew! She is a psycho and she has been BANNED from Continental for LIFE!! Throw the wench in JAIL!!!

AND he NEVER took any BEER!!!

1531 days ago

Liam Bradshaw    

The slide costs $25 large to replace. Then there's the fines, criminal charges, Lawyers fees, restitution to inconvenienced fliers...the list goes on. Total co$t could easily be $100,000+.

The guy's a jerk.

1530 days ago
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