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Rodman's Wife -- The Worm Got Me Evicted ... TWICE

8/12/2010 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Rodman's estranged wife claims she just got evicted for the second time in two years -- and according to her, it's all because The Worm fell behind in child support ... to the tune of $500,000.

Dennis Rodman Wife
Michelle Rodman filed new docs in Orange County Superior Court last week -- obtained by TMZ -- claiming Dennis failed to pay her rent twice since 2009 ... and as a result, she has since been evicted from two separate apartments.

Michelle claims Dennis' child support bill has reached an all-time high of $527,745.10 -- because according to her, the former NBA star hasn't been keeping up with his monthly $50,000 payments.

As we previously reported, Dennis' child support was increased in March ... and he was ordered to ante up for every month starting last September -- but his reps tell TMZ, he can't afford it ... and he has been trying to get it lowered ever since.

Dennis' manager, Darren Prince, tells TMZ, "It's not a matter of Dennis not being able to afford it ... it's a matter of the court and Michelle thinking he makes $4 million a month ... which he doesn't."

Prince adds, "Michelle needs to learn to live within her means."

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Damn, Dennis' "snow bunny" is almost as ugly as he is, LOL. Well, at least she's blond, right??

1530 days ago


Why would ANYONE think that now, in 2010, Dennis Rodman made 4 million dollars a month?! Did he even make that much back before he was washed up? All he is now is an addict that is in denial and longing for the days when his name (maybe) meant something....to some people.

1530 days ago


Well maybe if Dennis would try to live within his means he could actually pay the COURT ORDERED child support. She didn't just pull a number out of the air and get it awarded, the court looked into his finances and felt it was a fair amount to award. I am so sick of these men who start crying poverty when they are ordered to pay child support. Hey s***bag, you made the kid now you can support the kid and it's mother. If you never wanted to face child support then figure out how to use a rubber jackass!

1530 days ago


Excuse me your children are not little babies, they are in grade school GET A JOB! Also try to move into something you can afford. Dennis was a flake when you met him did you expect you would make him sane?

1530 days ago


How the hell is he supposed to pay 50k mth/60...0k year when his NBA career has been over for 10 yrs?

1530 days ago


There is this thing some of us do. We go places and do things and other people give us money! And with that money, we pay for our OWN apartment. Quite the racket really. You should try it. I don't think Rodman makes anywhere that amount now.

1530 days ago


She may be living beyond her means, but that does not mean that Rodman does not have to pay child support. Yes, he may be trying to get it lowered, but is he giving her ANY MONEY AT ALL? And the courts do not just set $800 in child support a month without looking into finances, let alone $50,000.

1530 days ago


She is just as disgusting as he looks.

Any woman that would marry him is looking for MONEY!

1530 days ago


With $50K/month the rent should have been paid far in advance..She's living month to month on $60...0K a year? Please...
Child Supoort is saposed to be for the benefit of the child/children NOT so the mother can sit back and do nothing for the rest of her life. My CHILDREN'S SUpoort payments are for clothes, sports, extracurricular activities. If I didn't have kids I'd still have to pay for a place to live so my rent is always paid, whether I got chuild support or NOT. GET A JOB YOU LAZY GREEDY MONMEY GRUBBING TROLL.

1530 days ago


. . . . Hey s***bag, you made the kid now you can support the kid and it's mother.
Posted at 7:40 AM on Aug 12, 2010 by Gigi

Uh, Gigi, SHE helped make the kid too. But why does he have to pay to support his EX? She needs to get a job to support herself. Child support is for the CHILD. Now if she were complaining about alimony, that would be another story. Women use children all the time for their own monetary gain and it need to stop.

1530 days ago


Just another gold-digging whore. These are the star types that Congress uses in testifying in their committees on child support enforcement because it justifies their reason for passing bills--Even though real Americans don't make this kind of money.

1530 days ago


cringe. who would let this thing between their legs?!

1530 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Man what a "POS" she is!

1530 days ago

BIG MC    

#6 and #21, yes and it sound like 6 knows what I’m talking about. For 50,000 one would think they go to a good private school. No just a wonderful public school...with my kids. As for daycare expenses..they go to a "non-profit" after school program "practically free"...with my kids. She’s not rolling around in a fancy new ride. So one would ask, what does she need with $50,000 a month? Michelle, stand up, show your kids how to live life independently. And be nice to people. Being rude makes you ugly.

1530 days ago


What a dumb Bit**! What's the key word in CHILDsupport. The money isn't for HER! What a goldigger. Go get a job trick.

1530 days ago
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