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Rodman's Wife -- The Worm Got Me Evicted ... TWICE

8/12/2010 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Rodman's estranged wife claims she just got evicted for the second time in two years -- and according to her, it's all because The Worm fell behind in child support ... to the tune of $500,000.

Dennis Rodman Wife
Michelle Rodman filed new docs in Orange County Superior Court last week -- obtained by TMZ -- claiming Dennis failed to pay her rent twice since 2009 ... and as a result, she has since been evicted from two separate apartments.

Michelle claims Dennis' child support bill has reached an all-time high of $527,745.10 -- because according to her, the former NBA star hasn't been keeping up with his monthly $50,000 payments.

As we previously reported, Dennis' child support was increased in March ... and he was ordered to ante up for every month starting last September -- but his reps tell TMZ, he can't afford it ... and he has been trying to get it lowered ever since.

Dennis' manager, Darren Prince, tells TMZ, "It's not a matter of Dennis not being able to afford it ... it's a matter of the court and Michelle thinking he makes $4 million a month ... which he doesn't."

Prince adds, "Michelle needs to learn to live within her means."

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Oh yeah most of America doesn't make 50K in a year! And they live pretty healthy fun lifes. This trick needs to get a life!

1533 days ago


Hey Michelle - you really interested in taking care of your family? Get a job like the rest of us single working mothers and stop waiting on a handout from the ex. Oh, and you might want to take another look at your lifestyle...I live with my family in one of the most expensive cities in this country and we manage to do it on far less than that $10,000 you were getting before demanding $50k. $50k is robbery -- you, your lawyer, and the judge ought to all be ashamed.

1533 days ago


What kind of skank would have children with Dennis Rodman? Then she calls HIM a worm. Of course he's a piece of cr@p. It doesn't take a genius to see that. The question is, what was she thinking???

1533 days ago


Something is off here...why is she even living in an apartment rather than a house when she's raising kids!? Apartments in OC are small. There's no way she couldn't afford the rent. W/ that kind of money, she should be renting a house or buying one.

I wonder where the money went...

1533 days ago

Jill Conway    

Stupid gold-digging bitch - get a job like almost EVERY other mother in the world needs to. I don't know why these guys don't get smart and quit impregnating these whores. All they want is to pinch out a kid so they can live off these guys until the next stupid sucker comes along.

1533 days ago

Jill Conway    

Hey Jeepers, Worm is Rodman's nickname....Dumbass.

1533 days ago


Why is this woman living in Apartments? Didn't house prices drop in the US?
That's more dough than most folks make in a year nowadays. She could live comfortably if she spent it wisely and got a job. Whatever will she do when the child turns 18?

1533 days ago


She must have one massive drug habit to spend that much every month at the expense of paying her rent. Rodman should hire someone to investigate this and find some proof. Show the courts where this money actually goes.

1533 days ago

Give Me a Break     

OMG, are you fricken serious. Most people don’t even live on a third of that income a month. And you want to whine about 50 G's a month...

1533 days ago

Marianne Eichenbaum    

People, you have way too much time on your hands. Worry about your own lives first. After all, the situation is entirely between Rodman and his estranged wife.

1533 days ago


Im like everyone else how can you not be able to pay your rent off of 50k a month. How about paying what you need for the year(s)ahead; then within your means. She'a dumb gold digger; she provided for many time over with change to spare. Ladies please learn that his money not your money if you were not there in the beinning then you gets nuthing! Fellows find a lady that has your back when everything is down...but for some reason you don't that chic isn't that show piece that you're looking for. Ok I'm off my soap-box now in closing trick get a job!

1533 days ago

Mike D    

This ex is a retard. If he burned you once on your payments that should have been a clear indicator not to live from check to check. Additionally, I am pretty sure she knew what kind of jerk he was before he stiffed her. The only person that you can depend on is yourself

1532 days ago


Wow! These guys must be really really thirsty for beckies to get caught up paying anything like this kind of money.
I will put my life on the line that folks like Rodman and those other Becky hunters "ATE" these girls not only more than but before they screw/ screwed them.
That's the only explanation. "To taste a Becky" should be their motto because there is nothing else that would make a man put himself in a position to pay that kind of money for anything.

1532 days ago


The reason these stupid athletes keeping having kids and not supporting them is because as soon as their deeds become public the public attacks the woman!!!! Dennis is traveling, partying, drinking and boasts of all the money he makes only until he gets to child support court! He has attorneys talking for him who are minding the millions and most likely taking their cream off the top.

When Dennis is old...it wont be the long lost forgotten agents/attorneys he turns to for assistance it will be the children he had no time to parent and paid attorneys to not support. AND with these guys they keep you in court so much that the attorneys end up getting most of the money. She has an order of $50k a month? Okay so an attoreny will easily ask for $25k retainer and rack up bills at $450 an hour all because Dennis wont take care of his kids. Nevermind the foresnic accountants / attorneys needed to reveal the funds he is actually hiding. NOTE she is not living in a HOUSE but an apartment. Wake up you jealous misoygnistic fools...stop blaming the women and expecting the children to live in poverty because you do. Dennis needs to live within his budget and pay his child support. It is not an option it is your legal responsiblity.

Dennis' actions are abusive AND women please pay attention. Dennis has done this with every woman he has been with. Why do you think he will treat you any differently???

1532 days ago


she is a whore if she is trying to steal that much money from him she did not do anything

1532 days ago
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