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Fantasia 911 Call -- She 'Took a Bottle of Aspirin'

8/11/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made on Monday night from somebody concerned that "American Idol" champ Fantasia Barrino had just ingested a "bottle of aspirin."

Fantasia Barrino 911 Call Audio
The caller -- who was outside of Fantasia's North Carolina home at the time -- informed the 911 operator that Barrino was slowly losing consciousness ... and had been moved into the shower.

The operator instructed the caller to remove Fantasia from the shower.

Cops arrived to the scene a short time later -- and Fantasia was eventually transported to a North Carolina hospital.

Fantasia's rep announced yesterday that the singer was in stable condition.

UPDATE: Fantasia's rep says the singer has been released from the hospital.


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Off topic: Can anyone tell me if they got rid of the 30-45 minute TMZ live segment they used to have m-f? I used to come here a lot and really enjoyed it...but this site all of a sudden began leaving me with a bunch of adware/spyware/malware I have not been here in several months.

1532 days ago

Patricia Griffin    

Fantasia, keep up positive thoughts, and think about your daugther. She's a gift from God, and so are you! I love you, and God loves you also!

1532 days ago


She named her child Zion?! WTF!! She did NOT try to kill herself because IF she wanted to be dead, she would be. It's attention seeking.

1532 days ago


I DO NOT, Will NOT, feel sorry for this pathetic excuse from a chick thats attempting to play victim. YOU are not getting away with this one bit.. kill yourself.. yeah right.. like seriously is that serious
1) Fantasia made the decision to see this dude
2) Fantasia confronted and verbally assualted the wife of the dude
3) Fantasia spoke up for the dude! hence acknowledging their relationship and total knowledge of his on-going marriage
4) Considering how much she's tried to be a role model for single moms.. she has behaved exactly like most of them doing this.. talk about HYPOCRITE!
5) Every man ( including myself) looked at fantasia as a ghetto POA( piece of a$$ and lips) and knew what she's good at besides the singing after all that got her into the single mom kingdom in the 1st place.. Proof the girl makes bad choices .. lets see American Idol Winner,Actress, Broadway singer hooks up with T-mobile dude.. ummm did she give up the booty for free minutes?? fck you fantasia you are full of ****

1532 days ago


PUBLICITY STUNT! How in the hell Fantsia didn't know this man was married after a year of dating and having an exchang of words with his wife over the phone, she knew, she had to have known. Ladies this is why you shouldn't get involved with a man who is only seperated, seperated is not the same thing as being divorced.

1532 days ago

Timmy B    

She didn't want to kill herself......or she would have completed the job! Besides why kill yourself over a lover just get another one.........I see low selfesteem here!

1532 days ago


Sad! It's awful to say, but suicide is the most selfish thing a person can do!

1532 days ago


Sooo Sad for Tay. After hearing the 911 tape. See how errbody jumping on u and not the "cheater" husband. Lesson learned? GET WELL SOOOON.

1532 days ago


This sounds all like a publicity stunt. Stay away from married men and then you don't have to waste people's time with your fake drama!

1532 days ago


Don't this girl know that this sex tape will boost her sinking career

1532 days ago


Some people really are heartless. This is someone's child, mother and sister. It's astounding to read some of the racist comments on here as well. I mean are we really in 2010? No one knows boths sides of the story, for all we know he could had laid the "my wife treats me so bad" story on thick. I don't get how people think or feel nowadays. Its disgusting for people to say " take cyanide", or "not enough asprin." Wow if this is the world we live in I truly am terrified

1532 days ago


OK first nitwits, asprin can be dangerous. It causes EXTREME INTERNAL BLEEDING WHICH IS WHY THEY TELL HEART PATIENTS WITH CLOTS TO TAKE ONE A DAY...An entire bottle is very dangerous and if left untreated, she could have bled internally and DIED. Just because she didn't decide to blow her brains out instead doesn't mean that this young girl is SICK AND IN TROUBLE MENTALLY. Period. Probably O'd after reading some of these cruel comments, but this is the world we live in so she must deal. I hope she gets the emotional and mental help she needs, stop dealing with MARRIED MEN, PERIOD and get her life together. She has too much God given talent that rejects are begging to be blessed with to toss it all away ESPECIALLY ON A STANKAZZ CHEATING MAN. Next time, give HIM the pills (and a gun). How about that?

1532 days ago


am I the only one who doubts a serious suicide attempt here? I mean, if you really want to off yourself would take a bottle of aspirin, let at least one person know so you can be saved? Me thinks she knew just what she was doing with another woman's husband, is embarrassed she was called out and thought this drama would make her more sympathetic. Not saying she is calculating, just maybe having an "Oh, ****" moment.

1532 days ago


First of all, YOU have children who depend upon YOU! No man is worth losing your senses and destroying you and your children's lives. Hope she gets help and soon.

1532 days ago


Off topic: Can anyone tell me if they got rid of the 30-45 minute TMZ live segment they used to have m-f? I used to come here a lot and really enjoyed it...but this site all of a sudden began leaving me with a bunch of adware/spyware/malware I have not been here in several months.

Posted at 11:43 AM on Aug 11, 2010 by Wombat

it comes on at 1:30 pacific. there will be a thread up to post questions in just a little while.

1532 days ago
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