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Fantasia 911 Call -- She 'Took a Bottle of Aspirin'

8/11/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made on Monday night from somebody concerned that "American Idol" champ Fantasia Barrino had just ingested a "bottle of aspirin."

Fantasia Barrino 911 Call Audio
The caller -- who was outside of Fantasia's North Carolina home at the time -- informed the 911 operator that Barrino was slowly losing consciousness ... and had been moved into the shower.

The operator instructed the caller to remove Fantasia from the shower.

Cops arrived to the scene a short time later -- and Fantasia was eventually transported to a North Carolina hospital.

Fantasia's rep announced yesterday that the singer was in stable condition.

UPDATE: Fantasia's rep says the singer has been released from the hospital.


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What a LOSER. I can't have my man...I'm a gonna kill meself. I don't care if I have a precious daughter, or money up the wazoo. She better get herself to a therapist fast. Sorry, FAN, poeple have way worse problems than you!

1450 days ago


She is just a homewrecking Skank,just like Angelina, Julia and Tori. The guilt is what drover her to try and end her life which is a very selfish thing to do sinceshe has a little girl to take care of. SHAME ON YOU FANTASIA. She never should have won American Idol.

1450 days ago


I don't know why people think her sleeping with a married man is okay as long as he told her he isn't happy with his wife. He's still married. A smart woman knows that. But what can you expect from idiots like this? And don't worry about poor, pathetic Fantasia reading the comments here. Her dumb ass can't read or write.

1450 days ago

Doris Patterson    

tashia, you are fearfully,and wonderfully made, God's own treasure,precious to him, he made you for himself, look for love in him, for he is love and he loves you unconditionally. Turn to him, and use your gift for his glory and for a world that hates you and him.choose GOD TODAY

1450 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

First of all NOBODY should EVER try to take their life when they have a child in this world.

That being said, Fantasia got in way over her head with this married man. There are some women who think that grabbing a man from another woman is a rite of passage. Personally, I think that all it makes you is an immoral tramp.

The saddest thing on this tape is finding out that Fantasia's dumb GHETTO family were actually stupid enough to put her into the shower, instead of leaving her where they found her. They could have done more harm than good.

This young woman has way too much pressure in her life. First of all, her whole GHETTO family lives with her - they don't work and she supports them all. It should just be her and her daughter in her home. Period.

Fantasia needs to make a lot of life changes once she comes through this. Starting with getting rid of all of the excess family in her house.

And oh yeah, leave the married men alone! They are nothing but trouble.

1450 days ago

April H.    

Stay strong Girl. Nobody is worth this. Flip over in the bed and tell them both to "kiss it!"

1450 days ago


We all seem to have something to say about a situation we no very little/nothing about. Also, incase most of you on here are more wise than Fantasia, how about some human compassion.
Maybe then, your short comings will be dealt with more efficiently in your own lives.....

1450 days ago


can someone say attention whore!!! I thought only 12 year olds attempted suicide w/ aspirin!?!?!? What a pathetic loser lmao!

1450 days ago


Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. We have forgotten about the many others who walked this path before Fantasia....Angelina Jolie, Alicia Keys, LeAnn Rimes, and a host of others. We should be praying for Fantasia and not wishing her death. Some of the things that I have read here about Fantasia are so cruel and mean. I do not condone what she did and her involvement with this married man was not a good thing to do. There is sanctity in marriage and family. But, Fantasia is unmarried, young and her childhood environment may not have presented this fact to her BEFORE she became involved with this guy. Hopefully, she will learn now that love makes you do strange things, some of which are not smart. Who of us has never been there?

Fantasia, if you are reading this, please know that God loves you regardless of what you do. Please take care of yourself and put your focus back where it should be ... your health child first.

Last, know that before you can love someone else, you have to love yourself first.

Finally, consider and re-evaluate your role models around you.

1450 days ago


The caller was her manager

1450 days ago

Mama Campo    

Every wife in America is laughing her ass off! A few states allow the ho that interfered in your marriage to be held as responsible as the dumbass husband. Mr. & Mrs. Cook had planned an anniversary trip to New Orleans; Mrs. Cook appeared and Mr. didn't; he was with his money bag. She will lose most of what she's worked for because of her stupidity and smart ass comments to Mrs. Cook; those recorded comments are actionable in civil court, and the dumbass let herself be taped.

1450 days ago


As a wife and mother of a husband who left us to be with his 19yo mistress that just had a baby, I know SHE knew my husband was married with kids. She saw us together at the same gathering. However, having been thru this, I believe it is a self-respecting woman's job to find out just how married a man is. Just because a man tells you he's separated or not in his marriage doesn't mean it's true, therefore a woman needs/should have the self respect to back away from any married man unless she's spoken with the estranged/truly separated wife. In some cir***stances, some marriages are not what they seem but if a woman has any self respect at all, she will find out what is true and what isn't.

1450 days ago


How do some of you know these details? Are you being paid or sent to share this information? Surely you aren't doing it for free because that means you're not a good friend of you're sharing some of these comments. If what you say is true that Cook stood up his wife for their anniversary, then Mrs. Cook should be more angry with Mr. Cook. This should even be about Fantasia. Why are people focused on her and not him. I have long lost patience with Fantasia, but I don't get this freebie people are giving Cook. I don't see but a hand full of posts here criticizing his behavior. What in hell is up with that?

1450 days ago


HOW TRAGIC! HOPE AND PRAY FOR FANTASIA TO RECOVER COMPLETELY! To some of you who posted such vile comments, you are the ones who would observe someone lying by the wayside and not even offer that person a SIP OF WATER!!! You have no HEART, you have no SOUL and you have the ABSENCE OF GOD in your pathetic life. Regardless of all the rocks you throw at her, what she needs now is encouragement to live for herself and for her precious daughter!!! For a woman, NO MAN is worth taking your life for and, for a man, NO WOMAN is worth taking your life for. THINK ABOUT IT should such action cross your mind. NO ONE IS WORTH IT! NO ONE!!!

1450 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

wow someone that loves their child doesn't do this... She's selfish!!!! Killing yourself for a man? I mean are you for real?

1450 days ago
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