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Fantasia 911 Call -- She 'Took a Bottle of Aspirin'

8/11/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made on Monday night from somebody concerned that "American Idol" champ Fantasia Barrino had just ingested a "bottle of aspirin."

Fantasia Barrino 911 Call Audio
The caller -- who was outside of Fantasia's North Carolina home at the time -- informed the 911 operator that Barrino was slowly losing consciousness ... and had been moved into the shower.

The operator instructed the caller to remove Fantasia from the shower.

Cops arrived to the scene a short time later -- and Fantasia was eventually transported to a North Carolina hospital.

Fantasia's rep announced yesterday that the singer was in stable condition.

UPDATE: Fantasia's rep says the singer has been released from the hospital.


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Celebrities Suck    

77. R. don't worry karma will bite your ex right in his@$$, the same thing he did to you will be done to him.

As a wife and mother of a husband who left us to be with his 19yo mistress that just had a baby, I know SHE knew my husband was married with kids. She saw us together at the same gathering. However, having been thru this, I believe it is a self-respecting woman's job to find out just how married a man is. Just because a man tells you he's separated or not in his marriage doesn't mean it's true, therefore a woman needs/should have the self respect to back away from any married man unless she's spoken with the estranged/truly separated wife. In some cir***stances, some marriages are not what they seem but if a woman has any self respect at all, she will find out what is true and what isn't.

Posted at 2:03 PM on Aug 11, 2010 by R

1502 days ago


No ,am is worth it.
What would your daughter do without you and what would she think the rest of her life and do without her mom.

1502 days ago


Why are we assuming she tried to kill herself over a man? Again, we don't know what she was feeling at the time?? it amazes me, how fast we are to jump to bad conclusions & then instantly go into judgement mode! sad epidemic.....hopefully one day, we'll be more healed as a human race!! Then sad, lonely, confused, abused people won't feel so discusted with this world, thus finding themselves opting out, through suicide!

1502 days ago


#15) You are so wrong! Fantasia is a platinum recording artist and winner of numerous music industry and Broadway awards!

1502 days ago


I don't think she tried to kill herslef over the man,but maybe over all the hurt and pain from the media and being called a home wrecker, in all honesty it seemed the whole world turned against did seem like everyone was blaming her,but what if... she really didn't know he was still with his wife and again what if Antwain and his wife set the entire thing up, so in the end they sue, run with the money and live happy ever after:-)

1502 days ago


"no man is ever worth the Paridise Manifest"~Lauryn Hill

1502 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

a lot of these females singers are HOME WRECKERS......

1502 days ago


live like a "ho"mewrecker and the public is going to think you're a "ho"mewrecker.

choices have consequences.

1502 days ago


What a FOOL. Complete ugly Fool. Why didn't she use something to get rid of her completely and take those KarTrashian girls with her.

1502 days ago


She has an new CD to be released in a few weeks....HHHHMMMMM...Can we say Damage Control? She and her cheater don't care about their kids, someday her child will know she announced to the world she didn't think she was worth living for,to be forgiven for her own sins. PATHETIC

1502 days ago

karen harper    

we cannot judge anyone.and if she is catching heat so should the husband!

1502 days ago


How can she say she is not responsible for the breaking up of their marriage? Come on!!! She knew he was married, she still went around sleeping with him for 11 months, his wife has two small children, one of which is 18 months. Its appearant that he lied about a few details but the main thing she ignored was that he was still MARRIED! That man is a player and a user, but she was bold enough to tell his wife 'the next time you get a husband you will know how to keep him thats why he is with me', even make a couple of sex tapes then will try to overdose on aspirins either for attention (look at me it ain't my fault, I'm not responsible) or she really couldn't give a hoot about leaving her own 8 year old child motherless!

1502 days ago


who cares, its a damn shame that she didn't die.

1502 days ago


@85 Keisha, I totally agree with you, I also think the husband and wife set the whole thing up. Wifey will get paid and the two of them + the kids will run off into the sunset on her dime.

1502 days ago


The whole thing is sad to me. Anyway, who else here thinks fantasia could put a football sideways in that big pie hole?

1502 days ago
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